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G.O.S.S Chapter 653: Attending the Captain’s conference


Listening to Unohana’s words, Roja was lost in thought as he kept looking for a name.

Monkey. D. Kenpachi, Monkey. D. Roja Kenpachi, Kenpachi. D. Roja…

This is so hard!!

Roja shook his head and looked at Unohana with a smile and said: “Making me shoulder the name Kenpachi, do you really want me to kill Zaraki?”

Unohana looked at Roja as her Haori vibrated tranquilly before her lip opened lightly.


“… I knew that you would say that.”

Roja said with a soft tone: “Since you didn’t die with the fight against Zaraki, you should not think that you should die. You love fighting very much, so you should think about getting the title of Kenpachi back and get stronger.”


Unohana didn’t reply, but her eyes were suddenly determined.

“Perhaps you thought that even if you mastered all the swordsmanship styles in soul society, and with your Spiritual pressure reached the limit, you won’t be able to get stronger. The present, you still think you can’t face Zaraki?” Asked Roja profoundly.

“With your current strength, the outcome of fighting against Zaraki isn’t easily determined.”

Unohana is slightly weaker than Zaraki at his peak before, and now that she reached the Sword Grandmaster realm, she might be stronger than him.

The current her had the qualification to join the Zero squad without question, her current power is already at the top of soul society.

Unohana closed her eyes as she felt a shiver in her heart. Roja’s words sent countless ripples in her mindset.

Did she want to die?


She wasn’t that different from Zaraki. A millennium ago, she fought against every strong person in soul society, even Yamamoto.

Because she thought that her power couldn’t increase anymore, and Zaraki being stronger than her, she decided to lift Zaraki’s shackles and die. But now, with Roja’s help, she reached the Grandmaster realm, this broke her previous viewpoint. Even if she can’t reach a higher quality of Spiritual pressure, there is still a higher realm in pure swordsmanship.

“Moreover… Do you think that your current swordsmanship realm is the limit? Do you think that my swordsmanship reached the Apex?”

Roja looked at Unohana’s closed eyes with a serious expression, then he faintly smiled. He left these words behind and departed.

Roja didn’t want Unohana to die and kill herself. Roja was always dissatisfied by Unohana’s sacrifice to help Zaraki Kenpachi.

Because the current Gotei 13 are a bunch of wastes, and because of the pigs in the central 46, they couldn’t resist the invasion of Wandenreich, and that made Unohana sacrificed herself to bring more power to soul society. What kind of thick skin do all the people here have?

Roja was talking about Shunsui and the central 46, who gave the suggestion to Unohana… Roja always despised the Gotei 13 under Shunsui’s rule.

Even Yamamoto wasn’t that thick-skinned.

After the fight, Roja returned to the Kido Corps.

Or now as it’s known the tenth division building. Just after returning, he received an invitation to a captain’s conference held by Yamamoto. This is the first time after receiving the captain’s position that he was going to a captain’s conference. He didn’t want to go, but he still wanted to see if Unohana’s mentality changed after his speech.

He just silently walked into the conference hall.

Entering the hall, Roja saw Soi Fon, Kuchiki Byakuya, and other captains.

Seeing Roja coming so early, Soi Fon looked at Roja and snorted lightly: “Such an undisciplined fellow actually came early.”

Roja wasn’t in the mood for the bickering, so he directly replied: “Even when I came early, there is somebody looking for trouble.”


Soi Fon was mad, Roja directly said that she was looking for trouble with him?!

However, she suddenly thought about the past…

But still, she didn’t think she was wrong. She was always right.

Soi Fon was pondering whether she should continue this or not, but suddenly Unohana entered the hall with closed eyes and lowered head along with the usual gentle smile.

Nobody could feel the difference, but Roja could feel it, her mentality changed completely. She wasn’t Unohana Retsu, who lost to Zaraki Kenpachi.

Looking at Unohana, Roja raised his mouth in a happy smile.

However, because Soi Fon was looking at him, his expression didn’t escape her eyes. Soi Fon felt annoyed seeing Roja smiling because of Unohana.

Even if he rescued her before, won in their bet, was formidably strong, he was still a frivolous bastard.

She didn’t know why she was annoyed, but this wasn’t the place to vent her annoyance. She just smiled wickedly as she thought of a way for revenge.

Feeling Soi Fon’s eyes on him, Roja looked at her innocently.

Unohana, Byakuya, and Yamamoto saw what’s happening between the two, but didn’t say anything and just sat waiting for the other captains.

Soon, all the captains were in the conference room, except for Jushiro Ukitake, the captain of the 13th division.

Seeing all the captains, Yamamoto directly slammed his walking stick on the ground getting all their attention and said: “Everyone’s here; let’s start the conference.”

“There are two problems currently, the first one is investigating Hueco Mundo, after dispatching a few squads, we didn’t discover anything…”

Yamamoto narrated gently without getting angry, and the captains didn’t interrupt him.

He didn’t take long to finish everything about Hueco Mundo.

Aizen was in control of Hueco Mundo. If he didn’t plan to reveal anything, naturally, no Shinigami would know about his plan so easily.

This issue was put behind for now by Yamamoto.

After this, Yamamoto closed his eyes and breathed slowly before his eyes fiercely shone, and the atmosphere changed.

“The second problem is… The substitute Shinigami, Ginjo Kugo, disappeared after we lost contact with him, without leaving any trace.

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