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G.O.S.S Chapter 654: Everyone here is a waste!

Ginjo Kugo was missing?

Hearing Yamamoto’s words, Roja’s eyes flashed unusually.

Roja wasn’t actually interested in Ginjo, but Tsukishima Shukuro.

He was interested in his ability, the power to change the past.

Although it had a huge limitation, it was still interesting.

Because, with that kind of ability, Yhwach’s Almighty would be ineffective… he won’t be able to see the future while past changes.

Because if the past is interrupted, the future won’t exist.

It’s a pity that Tsukishima wasn’t a main character in the original story. His ability can only insert certain events into someone’s mind. The change isn’t big, and the limits of this ability were too many.

When Roja was thinking about this, the discussion about Ginjo already started.

“Ginjo is missing? How can the intelligent eighth division’s captain let this happen? How can such a person disappear from your sight, do you know his ability?!”

Mayuri was annoyed, he wanted to finish his research, but now he won’t be able to do it. He directly looked at Shunsui.

Shunsui tilted his head and said: “He isn’t much intelligent than normal humans. Even if he did throw away his substitute badge, you should ask which division’s jurisdictions did he disappear on.”

“Oh, you can’t say that.”

Ichimaru Gin narrowed his eyes and said: “Although that person is missing in our area, our responsibility is hunting known fugitives and hollows. Shouldn’t the Omnitsukido have kept a few eyes on him in secret?”


Soi Fon coldly snorted and said: “The Omnitsukido is only responsible for aiding the eighth division in special circumstances, this isn’t my responsibility.”

The captain’s shrunk from the responsibility one after the other.

“You might as well let me deal with him and finish him up. I heard that this fellow is strong.” Zaraki said directly.

Yamamoto’s eyes darkened when he heard the captain shirk from the responsibility.

However, at this time, someone sneered.

“Interesting, you all are arrogant, but once something goes wrong, no one will take responsibility. Do I need to do the same and change my attitude?”

Roja sneered and said. As soon as his attention was brought back to the meeting, he could only hear captains accusing each other and shirking from the responsibility. He was originally unhappy about Unohana’s matter, and now he couldn’t stay silent any longer.

Hearing Roja’s words, several captains looked at Roja and chocked.

“Haha, it seems like the tenth division’s captain has the same opinion as me. But I don’t think anyone appreciates hearing your opinion,” Mayuri sneered as he tilted his head toward Roja.

Ichimaru said with a smile: “The attitude doesn’t matter, but this isn’t my responsibility, don’t you think so captain Shunsui?”

Shunsui said with a sad face: “Each person is responsible for his words, the current dispute doesn’t have any significance, we should think about how to deal with Ginjo.”

“Then, we should put this matter to the side, right?”

Shunsui’s brows wrinkled as he felt that Roja was intentionally looking for trouble, and couldn’t help but ask: “Does Captain Roja has anything to do with Ginjo?”

Roja didn’t pay attention to Shunsui as he looked at Mayuri instead, and coldly said: “My opinion belongs to me, so shut up.”

Mayuri’s eyes narrowed dangerously.

At this time, the atmosphere changed, and all captain looked at Roja, even Unohana.

Roja looked at Shunsui and coldly said: “I don’t know anything about this Ginjo Kugo person.”

“Then you shouldn’t talk about things you don’t understand.”

Shunsui said coldly.


Roja chuckled with a smile and disdainfully said: “I want to express my opinion, does that have anything to do with you? As soon as something rise, all of you shirk from the responsibility, are you, the Gotei 13, really trying to keep Soul Society safe? It seems like the current Gotei 13 is just the 13 waste teams.”

Roja was still thinking about how Unohana had to sacrifice herself just to help Zaraki against the Wandenreich.

Shunsui’s face was cold, and he didn’t speak.

Mayuri nearby sneered and said: “Waste? Interesting, are you saying that I’m a waste?”

Roja directly said: “Excuse me, I wasn’t saying that you’re a waste… I was saying that everyone here is a waste.”

His words reverberated in the room as everyone stayed silent.

Soi Fon was stunned by Roja’s words, while Yamamoto’s brows wrinkled, and Aizen’s eyes flashed with a happy color.

As for the other captains.

“Interesting, really interesting!! After saying so much, you should be ready to fight, right? Come, I was waiting for this for a long time!” Zaraki directly opened his mouth, and he was really excited.

Byakuya coldly looked at Roja and said: “You should take back your words. Otherwise, i can’t treat this as nothing.”

Ichimaru Gin narrowed his eyes dangerously and said: “Hey, Captain Roja, you called us wastes, you should explain your point of view, no?”


Mayuri’s smiled, and fiercely said: “I happen to lack test subjects currently, it seems like the tenth division’s captain plan to help me in that aspect…”

Suddenly everything stops.


Without waiting for more captains to talk, Roja released his Spiritual pressure. The floor under his feet cracked along with the walls.

The ceiling seemed to blast away as Roja roared thunderously.

“If you can’t accept it, get lost!”

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