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G.O.S.S Chapter 655: A Fight Broke out

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Inside the hall, Cracks filled the ground and the walls before Roja’s Spiritual pressure.

Yamamoto closed his eyes slowly.

“Get out!”

The other captains didn’t need Yamamoto’s order as they were already about to erupt like a volcano.

The captains were one of the strongest people in the history of soul society, and their names will always be known as they were the few who could use Bankai. They stood at the peak of soul society.

No one could tolerate Roja’s words, all the captains were angry.

Suddenly, Spiritual power rushed toward the sky as the captains let loose their powers.

From the battle with Quincy a Millennium ago, this is the second time so many captains released their powers.

“This… This…”

The Vice-captains who were not far away from the meeting hall felt the pressure, and their minds shook in fear.

“What’s going on?”


Under the huge pressure, even the vice-captains couldn’t stand straight as the air stagnated, and they felt as if they were pressed down by a mountain.

Including the vice-captains, many Shinigami knelt down due to the pressure as their bodies were covered in cold sweat.

The entirety of Soul Society trembled from the spiritual pressure released.

“Roja, what do you want to do?”

Soi Fon looked at Roja and couldn’t help asking.

“This doesn’t concern you, go away.”

Roja looked at her and then focused back on the other captains and said coldly: “What’s this? Are you guys trying to gang up on me? Or are you going to come one by one?”

“Captain Roja, this isn’t a good thing you’re currently doing.”

Shunsui said while his hands rested on his Zanpakuto. Although his expression didn’t reveal anything, his Spiritual pressure was going up every second.

Zaraki revealed a ferocious smile as he extended his Zanpakuto and said: “Naturally, we’re going one on one, and I come first, so I’m going first.”

As soon as he finished talking, Zaraki tore away his eye-patch, releasing his spiritual pressure. Even if a captain released a Bankai, their spiritual pressure wouldn’t as strong as Zaraki’s.

Zaraki directly shot up toward the sky before diving down toward Roja. He held his sword with both hands as he prepared to hack Roja down.

The captains expected that Roja would put a finger up and use Kido, but to their surprise, Roja simply grabbed the air as if he was grasping a Zanpakuto.

Sen Maboroshi directly appeared in Roja’s hand.

Roja swept the sword back directly.

With a clang, the two swords collided, but Zaraki could suddenly feel a terrifying pressure coming off Roja, and he could no longer move.

He didn’t think that Roja would use a sword, and adding the self-made seals he applied on his powers, he couldn’t resist Roja’s attack. A huge slash appeared on his chest as he fell in front of the Vice-captains’ audience.


“Captain Zaraki…”

The Vice-captains shouted as they saw Zaraki being cut by Roja’s sword, and their minds trembled. Even though they couldn’t move due to the Spiritual pressure, they still shouted.

But at this time, Roja, who just defeated Zaraki, directly waved his sword and arrogantly said to the other captains.

“Don’t make the same mistake, you can all attack together, you guys aren’t qualified to fight me one on one with your pathetic powers.”

His voice traveled across soul society like waves and directly caused many Shinigami to tremble.

At this time inside the Meeting hall, Yamamoto walked slowly with eyes closed before opening them slowly and said:

“This is not how captains should behave, stop now!”

However, it seems like no one actually paid attention to Yamamoto. In the past, they would obey him no matter what, but right now, they didn’t even look at him.

Each captain is arrogant, even the most amicable ones like Shunsui and Ukitake. So when someone actually insults them as Roja did, they won’t stand down.

Only Yamamoto could stop them right now, and he had to use absolute power to do it.

Yamamoto held the stick in his hand as he was about to release Ryujin Jakka, but at this time, someone’s hand directly stopped him.

This person was non-other than Unohana Retsu.

Yamamoto saw the change in Unohana’s eyes. He didn’t see so much passion in her eyes for nearly a thousand years now.


“Head-captain, why do you want to stop them. You should already know what kind of captains they are, and what we saw today isn’t a nice thing at all, they all threw the responsibility at each other, isn’t this kind of disappointing?”

Unohana said with a smile, but her body was like a sharp sword about to leave it sheath, which meant that she would stop Yamamoto herself if he intervened.

Felling Unohana’s intentions, Yamamoto’s eyes were full of anger. He took a deep breath to calm down before his eyes turned tranquil.

But by the time Unohana stopped Yamamoto, the first battle between captains already started.

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