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G.O.S.S Chapter 656: Pressure

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In the sky, Roja released his Conqueror’s Haki as he looked at the captains arrogantly. The first captain to take action wasn’t Shunsui, nor Mayuri. It was the indifferent Byakuya Kuchiki.

Byakuya drew his sword as his body exuded the aura of a noble before saying: “Someone as arrogant as you can become a captain? It seems like I need to teach you etiquette.”

“Scatter, Senbonzakura!”

Byakuya’s Zanpakuto turned into pink petals and dispersed with the wind before directly appearing above Roja.

“You want to fight me only with your Shikai?”

Roja sneered as Senbonzakura was one of the first abilities he gained, and he was extremely familiar with its power. It’s a sword that can turn into countless petals that overwhelm most people.

But inside Roja’s Sword domain, it didn’t hold any significance.

Roja grasped his sword and waved it, suddenly a path appeared in front of him that the pink petals couldn’t penetrate at all. With just one swing, it seemed like he made a thousand.

Byakuya wasn’t an idiot. He knew that he couldn’t hope to defeat Roja using his Shikai, but he didn’t think that just with a wave of his sword, Senbonzakura won’t be able to even come close to Roja which startled him.

“That’s impossible!”

Shunsui seeing this lowered his hat again and grabbed his Zanpakuto, pulling it out of the sheath, his spiritual pressure erupted like a volcano.

“The Flowery Winds Become Disturbed, The God Of Flowers Sings, The Heavenly Winds Become Disturbed, The Devil Of Heaven Sneers.”

“Katen Kyōkotsu!”

The moment Shunsui released his Shikai, he disappeared completely, as if the one standing there was an illusion.

In the next instant, Shunsui emerged from the shadow from the building under Roja and unleashed a sneak attack.

However, Roja already expected this; his eyes were cold and seemed to see through everything. Roja didn’t use his sword. Instead, he kicked.

Shunsui was launched back toward the building he emerged from.

Shunsui tried to resist the attack, but the power behind the attack forced him to fly back and collide with the building before being planted into the ground.

“Good! Let me try as well.”

Komamura Sajin looked at Roja, who just drove off Shunsui easily with some caution before he grabbed his Zanpakuto and said.

“Bankai!! Kokujo Tengen Myo’o!!”

Hence the first captain to use Bankai in this fight appeared. Powerful Spiritual pressure-filled the place and spread everywhere.

Under the pressure of a captain using Bankai, even the Shinigami far away trembled and looked at their direction in awe.

Reaching Bankai was high glory in soul society; not only does it represent absolute power, but it also represents the wielder is already at the peak of power in soul society. Even Shinigami, who aren’t captains, will have their names known for generations to come in soul society just by achieving Bankai.

A giant suddenly appeared out of nowhere. It held a sword and wore armor from the warring state era of Japan. The sudden appearance didn’t bother Roja, nor the sword that seemed to come closer toward his head.

Roja just grasped his sword with both hands and clashed with the giant’s sword.


The swords were completely different in size and weight, but the collision made people think that two giants were fighting.

Roja stood in his place in the sky without moving even so slightly, while the building under him seemed to collapse due to the force behind the strike.

“Exciting!! This is Exciting!!”

Suddenly a shadow from down below emerged and moved toward Roja. This was Zaraki Kenpachi, whose hair was disheveled, looking like a devil rushing toward Roja crazily.

Roja directly used Shunpo, and the sword he was holding with his own didn’t have anything on its way, so it fell down, but coincidently, Zaraki just got there, and the sword sent him once again toward the ground.

Seeing his power, the captains finally knew that Roja was indeed strong, extremely so as he fought two captains using Shikai and one who used Bankai.

“Indeed, he is arrogant, but he had reason to be if he is that strong.”

Byakuya looked at Roja while keeping his aloof persona. Finally, he let his sword into the ground and said.

“Bankai!! Senbonzakura Kageyoshi!”

Atfer komamura Sajin, Byakuya was the second to use his Bankai.

At this moment, the normal Shinigami were dazzled and trembling as they looked at the tigers fighting.

Byakuya’s eyes flashed coldly as he directed the petals to attack Roja as he thought that Roja was already using his full power.


Looking at the countless petals of cherry blossom moving toward himself, Roja coldly snorted and took a step forward.

Roja’s sword swept once in the air, causing spiritual pressure to surge forward from the edge of the sword, directly tearing through Senbonazku Kageyoshi’s petals and moved toward Byakuya’s body.

Seeing this, Byakuya was directly startled as he directly commanded the petals to form a sword in his hand so he can block the attack coming toward him.


The attack collided with Byakuya’s sword and directly hit his body. The Petals that were dancing in the air dispersed as Byakuya flew back dozens of meters before stopping.

“You’re Bankai, is weak!”

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