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G.O.S.S Chapter 658: sweeping Captains left away

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Everyone was shocked by Roja’s display of power. He just crushed five or six captains in one move while staying in his place.

Yamamoto narrowed his eyes slightly. He was shocked by Roja’s power. Even if he were in that position, he would need Zanka No Tachi to do the same. Ryujin jakka wouldn’t be enough to defend and, at the same time, attack all these captains simultaneously.

But until now, no one saw Roja use any of his Zanapkuto’s abilities.

At this time, Roja started moving.

He was ganged on by the captains before and didn’t move. Now he took the initiative to attack.

He took one step forward, and his whole person flashed. He just showed everyone how proficient he was using Shunpo, and directly appeared in front of Shunsui.

“Not good!”

Shunsui was startled, he had already felt Roja’s power, and he knew that he couldn’t stand a chance facing Roja directly.

Both swords were put together, resisting Roja’s slash as hard as he could.


Shunsui directly used one of the abilities of his Shikai, Lustrous Demon (Iron)

When a color is chosen, both sides won’t be able to attack any other color on their bodies, and if another one is attacked, it would be largely negated.

He tried to resist Roja’s attack using this ability, and then counter-attack, after all, he was the captain of the eighth division and Yamamoto’s disciple, he still wanted to win.

But, When Roja’s sword fell, his complexion completely changed.


The power behind the sword wasn’t reduced at all. He was put under enormous pressure as if he was facing a meteor’s weight coming down on him.

“This is impossible.”

Shunsui’s mouth overflowed with blood, and disbelief forced its way on his face. It was the first time that his Zanpakuto’s ability was disregarded.

“Anything is possible because you’re weak.”

Roja looked at Shunsui indifferently as Sen Maboroshi’s pressure increased on the latter that even the ground cracked open.

In front of the current Roja, only the almighty ability of Yhwach and Hyosube’s ability can stop him, other Rule (law) abilities would shatter with just a blow.

Roja can even use his transcendent Spiritual pressure to disregard the Rules directly.

With just one attack, Shunsui was deeply rooted in the ground like a nail. Roja was already looking at another person.

The third division’s captain, Ichimaru Gin.

Facing Roja, Ichimaru directly used Shunpo as soon as Roja appeared in front of him and put some distance between them, before pointing his dagger at Roja.

He narrowed his eyes and said.

“Bankai! Katen Kyōkotsu: Karamatsu Shinjū!”

His Zanpakuto directly changed into the light as it moved at the speed of light toward Roja’s chest.

But, Ichimaru was extremely shocked as the sword didn’t pierce Roja, instead it was directly blocked by him.

Everyone heard the sound of the collision because as soon as Katen Kyōkotsu: Karamatsu Shinjū arrived in front of Roja, Sen Maboroshi was there to block it without any difficulty.

In Ichimaru’s eyes, Roja’s speed was something no one could actually reach. It was as if the sword just teleported in front of his Katen Kyōkotsu: Karamatsu Shinjū.

“How can this be? This person actually…”

Gin was unable to maintain his calm state, as his narrowed eyes were opened wide in shock.

The current Roja gave him a feeling that it was impossible for anyone to be stronger than him; it was the kind of feeling Aizen gave.

No, although Aizen was terrifying, with his Zanpakuto’s frightening ability, Roja was even more terrifying current, because he didn’t also use his Zanpakuto’s ability which remained a mystery to them.

Ichimaru followed Aizen for many years, and knew Aizen’s power, he was indeed powerful, but compared to Roja, he wasn’t as powerful.

“Katen Kyōkotsu: Karamatsu Shinjū, Butō: Renjin!”

Gin whispered directly, and in the next moment, his sword was like a violent storm as it expended and retracted at light speed, making it almost impossible to defend against.

But, Roja didn’t make any exaggerated moves. Instead, he simply held his sword vertically and slashed down.

With one sword move, it would be impossible to block so many attacks, but when his sword fell, many swords flashed out to existence and blocked every attack coming toward Roja. It didn’t end there as just after his sword was down, Ichimaru let out a howl of pain.

His shoulder, calf, and abdomen were filled with slashes, and he was unable to stand anymore. He put his hand on the nearby wall to support himself as his eyes were filled with shock.

Why was an ordinary sword able to block his Butō: Renjin, was it his Zanapakuto’s ability, or is this just how powerful his swordsmanship was?

Ichimaru Gin wasn’t able to understand this at all.

One slash from Roja, and he’s already can’t stand up.

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