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G.O.S.S Chapter 659: Susanoo

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“Captain Shunsui, Captain Ichimaru…”

Sajin looked at Shunsui and Gin, who were struck down one after the other in shock. Roja revealed his might and took down two captains within two attacks, which frightened the audience.

This isn’t the power of a captain. It was like fighting Yamamoto himself.

Roja’s power was acknowledged by all, even Sajin, who was very prideful, accepted Roja’s strength. He held his sword and released his fighting intent.

But at the same time, several captains looked at Roja with fright and respect even as they released all of their spiritual pressure.


“Suzumushi Tsuishiki: Enma Kōrogi!”

Tosen directly used his Bankai after Roja took down Shunsui and Ichimaru one after another, he had to take the fight seriously now.

“Captain Tosen’s Bankai?”

Some captains could feel Tosen’s unusual power and narrowed their eyes slowly.

The captains didn’t understand each other’s Bankai’s ability.

“isolating the Senses completely along with Spiritual pressure senses?”

Kuchiki Byakuya felt the deathly silence that disbanded suddenly while his Senbonzakura was revolving around his body.

“This ability doesn’t affect me, my Senbonzakura are connected to me, and I can feel them all over the place, but it will be slightly hard.”

Byakuya was protecting himself with the cherry petals as he whispered. The cherry petals started moving toward the fight under his command.

However, before long, he heard a sound of tearing in the air.

He raised his head up, and impressively he could see the black curtain Tosen used was torn apart.

Roja still stood erect in his place while he hand just finished a slashing motion. He also saw Tosen’s face full of panic.

“This is impossible…”

If it was just getting out of his Bankai’s ability with some kind of method, Tosen wouldn’t be so shaken, but Roja actually dealt with it without using anything but his sword.

It was truly hard to believe, Roja just slashed randomly, and the black curtain was torn apart.

The black curtain made by his Bankai wasn’t something that could be touched, so cutting it by swinging a sword was impossible.

But Roja did it casually as if he was just taking a stroll.

“An ability to block senses.”

After Roja ripped Tosen’s Bankai apart, Roja directly swung back his sword, making Tosen tremble and try to resist the strike but to no avail. Tosen was directly sent through ten or more buildings before he stopped and spat blood from the impact.


Sajin got angry for seeing his friend being hit like that and roared. With his sword in hand, he crazily dashed forward and attacked.

The sword of the giant behind him fell toward Roja.

The momentum of the huge sword didn’t stop even though it passed through various buildings moving toward Roja.

“I already saw your ability enough times, and it’s insignificant.”

Roja looked at Sajin with despise and coldly snorted. Suddenly a huge wave of spiritual power surged forward in a purple glow.

“What is this?”

Sajin was extremely surprised, while Aizen and Yamamoto’s eyes flashed with light.

The Purple Spiritual power formed an impressed Giant compared to Sajin’s Kokujo Tengen Myo’o.

This ability made many people tremble in Naruto’s world, but it was the first this ability was used with Spiritual power.

This was… a complete Susanoo!

When the huge purple giant finally formed, Both Aizen’s mind and Yamamoto’s mind were filled with shock.

“Such a strong Spiritual power… how did he achieve such a thingµ?!”

Even Yamamoto and Aizen won’t be able to use their Spiritual power to such a degree and even make it into a corporal body.

Perhaps, this is Roja’s Zanpakuto ability?!

Aizen and Yamamoto were somewhat surprised and uncertain about this. After all, it didn’t seem like Roja exposed his Zanpakuto’s ability at all. And before the purple giant was used, Roja defeated Shunsui and the others without using any ability.


Sajin looked at this giant that was bigger than his Kokujo Tengen Myo’o in surprise. And the Spiritual power was actually solidified forcefully into a purple giant standing erect in front of everyone.

Sajin was unable to stop his strike, so he just forcefully pushed it down further toward the purple giant.

The Susanoo directly grasped his sword and met with Kokujo Tengen Myo’o’s sword.

The collision was deafening, saying the least, two giant swords clashed, and surprisingly, the Kokujo Tengen Myo’o’s hand was cut off and slammed several hundred meters away before disintegrating.

Once it was hit, Sajin himself looked pale as his mouth was filled with blood.

“It collapsed with just one strike.”

Roja’s eyes turned around as he looked at the audience coldly.

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