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G.O.S.S Chapter 660: Successive defeats

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“Captain Shunsui, Captain Ichimaru, Captain Tosen, and Captain komamura…”

“How come all of the captains can’t resist a single blow from Captain Roja.”

Numerous Vice-captains and officers didn’t understand Roja’s display of power, even though they couldn’t see anything, they could make out the silhouette of the captains ganging up on captain Roja and being defeated with a single strike each.

This is likely the first fight between captains, and it wasn’t a fight anymore. It was more like one-sided trashing, which made the audience tremble.

“Captain Roja’s power is unexpectedly this powerful?”

Rangiku, the Roja’s Vice-captain, was looking at Roja, which a shocked expression, her image of Roja completely changed.

On the side, Yachiru, Zaraki’s Vice-captain, looked at Zaraki not far away and said with faint worry.


Zaraki stood in his place as he looked at Roja, crushing the captain’s, each with one strike. His expression was extremely excited as if he became even crazier as his Spiritual pressure instinctively multiplied.

At the same time, Unohana, who was standing beside Yamamoto, felt this change and turned toward Zaraki.

“I didn’t see you for a long time, you strong little fellow.”


Zaraki’s body was shivering, but his face was devoid of fear, and he wasn’t trembling from fear, but from meeting such a formidable enemy.

His Spiritual pressure erupted like a volcano cracking the ground and making everyone nearby except for Yamamoto, Aizen, and Unohana sweat from the sheer power.

Zaraki took a step forward, looking like a devil and directly sped toward Roja.

The Spiritual pressure around his body even formed an illusion of a devil making the Vice-captains and Officers tremble in fear.

“Zaraki Kenpachi…”

Roja looked at Zaraki somewhat angrily as he said: “You unsealed your power? It’s a pity that even like this, you’re not my opponent at all.”

Roja’s Haori was fluttering around as he held Sen Maboroshi and swung it down. This was just a pure swing of his sword, which Zaraki will probably meet head-on.

Zaraki indeed struck back, and the sword collided. Zaraki’s arms trembled fiercely as another dent before he retreated back several steps.

Roja once again swung his sword.

Zaraki was directly sent flying, and the devil’s illusion disappeared under pressure Roja was releasing.

Zaraki’s mouth was full of blood, but he was still laughing and continued to step forward while swinging his sword.

Roja didn’t stop either as he sent the third strike.

The ground under Zaraki’s feet was cracked, but he didn’t retreat back, he stood in the same place while blood covered his body.


Zaraki still wanted to continue his fight, but his body couldn’t stand up again, and he could look at Roja reluctantly.

Roja moved past Zaraki without a single drop of blood on his body while still floating like an immortal. The current scene was close to Aizen toying with the captains.

In front of Roja, Cherry petals suddenly danced around.

Kuchiki Byakuya One again wanted to attack Roja.

Byakuya’s eyes were cold as he still stood up to Roja even though he saw him defeating captains left and right.

“You fought many captains who used Bankai for so long, even if your spiritual pressure is formidable, you would still be exhausted in the end!”

Cherry petals danced and suddenly covered Roja forming a ball.

Byakuya thought that this move would prevent Roja’s escape while the millions of petals shred Roja to pieces as the ball grows smaller.

Roja just stood in his place as he looked at the cherry petals around him and felt nostalgic. This skill was his most used one in One pIece’s world before he obtained Ryjin Jakka.

After reminiscing the past for a little bit, Roja swung his sword, creating several sword images around his body that stabbed the cherry petals around him.

With the absolute gap between their Spiritual pressure, each sword destroyed the petals, and the ball around him dispersed to reveal Roja once again without a scratch.

“Normally, anyone would have their spiritual pressure exhausted. This is a rule, but unfortunately… Such logic doesn’t work on me.”

After Senbonzakura dispersed, Roja looked at Byakuya with tranquility and struck down.

Byakuya tried to resist but to no avail as he was sent back dozens of meters away before falling down and cracking the ground under him.


Not far away, Rukia seeing this couldn’t help but scream in alarm.

She was someone who got into the school with Roja, but the disparity between them was actually that big already. When she was just recognized as Byakuya’s sister, and she became an officer, Roja was already a captain and someone who could fight several captains and still win.

Another sword was going toward Byakuya, who couldn’t’ fight back.

“Bakudo #81: Danku!”

As the Danku appeared in front of Byakuya to help him block the Roja strike, that strike arrived. The strike hit the Danku, and both canceled each other out.

The one who used the Danku was the captain of the fifth division… Aizen Sosuke!

“I’m sorry, although I don’t want to join this fight, this much is sufficient to stop already, Captain Roja!”

Aizen fixed his glassed and smile at Roja. His expression matched Ukitake’s good-hearted smile.

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