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G.O.S.S Chapter 661: All Crushed

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However, Roja’s response was just a slash toward Aizen.

Others may not know Aizen’s tricks, but Roja was clear about it, and furthermore, he didn’t deal with Aizen for the previous tests.


Seeing Roja’s sword moving toward him and feeling the pressure behind it, Aizen didn’t dare to smile as he turned serious.

He used Shunpo to avoid Roja’s sword and grabbed his own, and said.

“Shatter, Kyoka Suigetsu!!”

Water vapor suddenly rose from Aizen’s Zanpakuto. The sunlight reflected on the water vapor creating a seven-colored butterfly dancing in the air.

This beautiful sight made the vice-captains and the officers in the distance feel slightly calm.

“Is that the illusion of captain Aizen’s Zanpakuto? It’s really beautiful…”

“I heard that this ability could make enemies kill each other due to the illusion.”

Aizen was almost the most popular captain in the soul society, as he was always kind and helped everyone. He even taught in the academy sometimes.

Releasing his Zanapkuto, Aizen’s smile almost split his face as he felt at ease before he said: “My Zanpakuto’s ability can disturb people’s senses with the aid of reflections, you must be careful, Captain Roja.”

Aizen seemed to be talking, but he actually controlled Kyoka Suigetsu and circled around Roja and placed his Zanpakuto at Roja’s neck.

However, at this time, Roja directly looked at Aizen’s actual body and disregarded the illusion of Kyoka Suigetsu.

“Reflecting Water? Interesting Ability, or should I say, an Interesting illusion.”


Aizen’s mind shook fiercely, even if Roja could deal with many captains one after the other, it wasn’t as shocking as this.

Although he says that he confuses his enemies with the reflection and that it was his Zanpakuto’s ability, he was clear about his actual ability, the ability to control the five senses of anyone who saw him release his Zanpakuto. If he wanted, he could do the same thing to the captains using this ability.

But, Roja actually saw through the illusion like it was nothing, which scared him greatly.

How was that possible?!

Roja saw his Shikai’s release and should have already fallen into the illusion. This made Aizen somewhat surprised and uncertain, he no longer played around and directly used Kyoka Suigetsu on everyone present before going at Roja and pierces him with his sword.

But in response, he received Roja’s tyrannical sword strike back.

Roja accurately blocked Aizen’s attack, and once again, Aizen’s arm was trembling from the force behind the strike.

He can really see through Kyoka Suigetsu!!

Aizen was completely shocked.

“How did you see through my Kyoka Suigetsu… How did you do it?!”

Aizen felt as if his little secret was seen through by Roja and couldn’t calm down. He was looking at Roja dangerously.

At this time, the captains and audience, along with Yamamoto, discovered that they were looking at the other direction and not toward Roja and Aizen.

“Saw through?”

Roja looked at Aizen and said with a commanding tone: “No, it seems like you are mistaken, I didn’t see through it, I simply disregarded it…”

“What do you mean?”

Light flashed in Aizen’s eyes.

Roja said lightly: “I mean… you should’ve already guessed my Zanpakuto’s ability by now, after all, weren’t you looking at it for so long?”

Aizen narrowed his eyes and walked toward the shadow, and his expression was hard to see through.

Roja looked at Aizen and ripped out all the illusions of Kyoka Suigetsu before pointing Sen Maboroshi at him.

Can he really disregard Kyoka Suigetsu’s illusion? No, in fact, Roja was actually caught in the illusion, but he didn’t need anything to get out of the illusion, after all, the fights between Shinigami depended greatly on Spiritual pressure.

In the original story, Aizen’s Spiritual pressure was extremely high after merging with the Hogyoku, which made him able to ignore many captain’s abilities.

The reason why Kyoka Suigetsu could interfere with Ywach’s ability was mainly due to his merging with the Hogyoku, which made his Spiritual pressure reach a level close to Ywach.

But the current Aizen didn’t do so, and his Spiritual pressure was still normal.

His Kyoka Suigetsu can trap Roja if his Spiritual pressure broke the boundary of Shinigami and Hollow, but currently, Roja didn’t even need to use Kenbunshoku Haki and his other powers, with just Spiritual pressure, he could disregard the illusion.

Facing Roja’s sword, Aizen couldn’t resist as expected and was directly thrown toward the far-away building before falling down.

Aizen spat blood as he held his chest with his hand. Although he didn’t exhaust himself, he knew he couldn’t beat Roja at the moment, as Kyoka Suoigetsu was useless against Roja.

Aizen used Kyoka Suigetsu’s ability to make it seem like Roja’s Spiritual pressure was so strong that it forcibly broke the reflection and defeated him.

“Even Captain Aizen’s ability wasn’t enough…”

Shunsui came out of the ground, and his mouth still had a trace of blood and smiled bitterly.

Mayuri frowned as he looked at Roja and the other captains and couldn’t understand what had happened.

“Why is it like this, all of these abilities didn’t have any effect on Roja…” Mayuri’s frown deepened as he looked Roja.

So many plans and abilities didn’t affect Roja in the slightest.

In the next second, Roja took a step and directly arrived beside Mayuri and split him in half.


Mayuri made a strange sound before blasting into a purple mist. The mist instantly moved toward Roja and covered him.

Mayuri appeared in the other direction as purple mist glittered around him and thought: “This poison can limit the Spiritual pressure, it’s a new product I made…”

Mayuri’s train of thought stopped suddenly.

Roja waved his sleeve, and the purple mist rippled and tried to corrode Roja’s spiritual pressure. This may have worked on an ordinary Shinigami, but Roja wasn’t one.

Roja directly stabbed his sword and penetrated Mayuri, who couldn’t avoid it this time.


Spatting blood, Mayuri held the wall and didn’t fall to the ground, but as if he thought of something, his body trembled fiercely from that thought.

As a crazy scientist, there are some things he fears, and now Roja was one of them, as even with his calculative mind, thousands of plans wouldn’t defeat Roja at all.

It’s like facing a god who is untouchable. He was like a completely higher being.

At this time, all eight captains were defeated.

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