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G.O.S.S Chapter 662: How it ends.

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Many captains seemed really pitiful right now as they were covered in blood and barely could stand up.

Their arrogance disappeared and replaced with shock and surprise at Roja’s power.

How did he gain so much power?

Whether it was Zanjutsu, Hoho, or Kido, he was a master in every aspect.

The two who were really bitter were Aizen and Shunsui, as Roja completely disregarded their Zanpakuto’s abilities.

Roja didn’t even use his Zanapkuto’s ability, and he still decimated them.

He defeated all these captains without even revealing his Bankai’s ability.

The audience could only speculate about Roja’s ability. They thought that he definitively used an ability, but they didn’t know what it was.

“Is it strange? Are you confused?”

Roja took a look around and proudly asked.

“The reason why I defeated all of you and why your abilities could do nothing to me is very simple, that’s my Zanapkuto’s ability…”

Roja put Sen Maboroshi in front of him and said: “It can disregard all rules and laws, which in turn disregard your Zanapkuto’s abilities, that’s my Zanpakuto.”

Hearing this, all of the captains and others looked at Roja in disbelief.

This time, Aizen was included. He already guessed this when Roja disregarded his Kyoka Suigetsu’s illusion, but hearing it was true was a completely different thing.

Ignore all Zanpakuto’s abilities?!

This ability is placed on a normal Shinigami. It wouldn’t be strong because even if this Shinigami ignored a captain’s Zanapakuto’s ability, he wouldn’t be able to fight against a captain.

But placed in Roja’s hands, with such a powerful spiritual pressure, Zanjutsu above everyone else and the strongest mastery of Kido, adding his mastery over Hoho would basically mean he was invincible.

“… Getting such an ability is unthinkable, ignore all Zanpakuto’s abilities, it was such a… fearful ability.”

Shunsui coughed fiercely as he spat blood once again before bitterly smiling.

Their fight was like a normal Shinigami fighting a captain; the disparity between the two was just too great.

Moreover, if his ability can ignore Old Man Yamamoto’s Ryujin Jakka and Zenka No Tachi, then perhaps even old man Yamamoto won’t necessarily win…

Shunsui felt really bitter at this time.

The other prided captains like Kuchiki Byakuya and the others were unwilling to accept this, but nonetheless, they knew that they were crushed under Roja’s power.

“Although I expected this result, I didn’t think the process would be like this.”

Unohana looked at the destroyed buildings with a light smile.

She fought Roja twice, and she concluded that Roja could deal with all the captains combined, but she didn’t think that he would do that so easily and effortlessly.

“He was that much stronger…”

Soi Fon looked at the ruins with awe and fright. She was slightly confused as she looked at Roja.

Yamamoto’s eyes were deep and, at the same time, seemed serious. Although he knew that if he and Roja fought, he wouldn’t be defeated the same way as the other captains. In his heart, he knew that the chances of him coming as the victor were small.

Moreover, he couldn’t know whether Roja was telling the truth about his Zanpakuto or not.

Although he saw it with his own eyes, he still asked a question, was that really his Zanpakuto’s ability?

If it wasn’t, then Roja is simply too terrifying.

Suddenly, Yamamoto didn’t know how to deal with this anymore. He said nothing as he looked at the other Shinigami.

Every one of them was shocked or stunned.

They didn’t know the cause of this fight, but the result was incredible. So many captains couldn’t defeat captain Roja.

This kind of power was extremely exaggerated.

“Ignoring others Zanpakuto’s abilities… does he really have that ability?”

The crowd was discussing this, and the one who said this was none other than Toshiro Hitsugaya, the little Genius who already could use Bankai.

At this time, the entire place was surrounded by Shinigami from Gotei 13, Omnitsukido, and Kido corps.

Many Shinigami rushed toward the ruins in confusion and couldn’t process what just happened.

This matter… How will it end?!

This thought passed through the head of almost everyone, be it captains or officers.

At this time, Yamamoto still couldn’t decide, Roja and the captains fought in soul society and destroyed many buildings.

Roja wasn’t the first person who attacked. It was Zaraki Kenpachi.

This incident can get big and remain small. If he wanted, Zaraki’s action could be seen as treason, and if he didn’t want such a thing, he could just make it seem like a conflict between captains that caused property damage.

This matter was hard to deal with, that’s why Yamamoto didn’t take action even when Unohana stopped him, otherwise, if it was a threat to soul society, Yamamoto would’ve taken action no matter who stopped him.

But Yamamoto didn’t expect this outcome at all.

He was hesitating whether he should end this matter now, or would he let the Central 46 deal with it.

At this time, a strange Aura suddenly appeared in the sky above Soul Society.

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