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G.O.S.S Chapter 663: Zero Squad

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A strange aura suddenly appeared above soul society; this aura made all the captain simultaneously lookup.

“This is…”

Yamamoto narrowed his eyes slightly as he recognized what’s happening but still doubt appeared on his face.

In the next moment, a giant pillar appeared out of nowhere as a gate was formed in the sky. Suddenly a loud bang was heard as something crushed on the ground not far away from everyone.

“They got down at this time unexpectedly…”

Unohana looked at the giant pillar of light with surprise.

As for Soi Fon and the other captains, they didn’t know what happened and looked at this in confusion.

Only a few knew about the Zero Division, and the captains from the noble clans are one of them.

The Zero Division made its appearance in soul society.

They were the royal guards of the soul king, protecting him directly. They were higher in rank than the Gotei 13, and central 46, and no one from soul society had any right to order them. Their appearance and orders are equivalent to the will of the soul king.

The will of the soul king was absolute and irrefutable in soul society.

Most of the audience didn’t even know about the Zero squad, only captain level characters had some qualification to contact them, and only the head of the noble clans knew about them.

For example, the Shiba clan can help and assist the Zero squad with anything and even receive some quest directly from them.

As the gate opened, five figures came out, in the front stood the Zero squad captain, Hyosube.

“The zero squad… Did they come for me?”

Roja narrowed his eyes slightly without flinching. If Sen Mabororshi didn’t evolve to the ninth stage yet, Roja might have to leave the Shinigami world temporarily.

But since it did evolve, he wasn’t afraid of them or even Ywach as he already has the eternal Getsuga Tensho.

Soi Fon looked at Hyosube and the others in doubt as she didn’t recognize any of them and knew they weren’t of this generation.

“Who are they?”

“Zero Squad, Royal guards.”

Unohana seemed calm and didn’t reveal any emotion, but she still continued: “Don’t worry, they are not enemies, you weren’t here for that long, so it’s normal that you don’t know them, you will know them slowly.”

Some old captains knew about the Zero squad, but the young ones didn’t like Soi Fon.

But Aizen’s eyes flashed before lowering his head slightly to calm down.

“Greeting to you all, May I know what the Zero Squad came here for?”

Yamamoto gradually welcomed the five members before asking them politely, but his expression remained the same as if he was talking with his peers.

In fact, he was right, because other than Hyosube, the others were inferior to Yamamoto.

Moreover, Yamamoto was the strongest Shinigami a millennium ago, and he got the chance to join the Zero Squad, but he refused and chose to be the head-captain for the Gotei 13.

“Long time no see, Genryusai.”

Hyosube greeted Yamamoto.

“Yo, your Gotei 13 rascals didn’t line up to greet the Zero Squad when they arrive in a hurry!!”

Kirinji Tenjiro glanced at the captains and said.

Black lines appeared over the audience’s faces as they suspected this person.

Nimaiya Oetsu’s body swayed along the music Shutara Senjumaru was playing as he looked at the injured and tattered captains and said.

“Don’t tell me that fellow made the Gotei 13 captains look like this.”

Nimaiya’s vision fell on Roja, who was clean and didn’t have any scratch on his body.

The audience captains looked at them but decided to stay silent.

Soi Fon looked at the crowd and felt a big difference between the Gotei 13 and the Zero squad, which made her mouth twitch.

“The Squad Zero seems really…”

However, before she could finish, another voice reached her ears and made her heartbeat quickly.

“You’re guilty of disrespecting the Zero Squad.”

Appearing behind Soi Fon, Kirinji Tenjiro, who was standing beside Hyosube and the other impressively flashed beside Soi Fon without her realizing.

Without paying attention to Soi Fon, who stiffened, Kirinji looked at Unohana and said: “Long time no see, Unohana, did you practice the healing techniques that I taught you?”

“Of course.”

Unohana didn’t even spare a glance toward Kirinji and replied while closing her eyes.

Seeing that Unohana didn’t talk to him, Kirinji lazily ignored her and instead turned his toward Soi Fon to ‘educate’ her.

But as soon as he was about to say something, Roja, who wasn’t far away, directly flashed and appeared beside Soi Fon out of thin air.

“Scaring children isn’t very good for the reputation of the Zero squad.”


Kirinji narrowed his eyes slightly as he looked at Roja. He couldn’t see Roja path before he appeared, so it wasn’t Shunpo but a type of space movement.

Soi Fon, who was stiff before, relaxed as soon as Roja appeared beside her, but hearing his words, she glared at him with anger.

You’re the child!!

Your whole family is the children!!

“You’re the new Kido Corps’ Grand Kido Chief, and also the captain of the tenth division, Roja. This is the first time we met. I’m Kirinji Tenjiro.”

Tenjiro suddenly greeted Roja.

This made Unohana slightly startled as her vision darted forth and back between Roja and the Zero Squad.

At this time, Hyosube looked at Roja beside Soi Fon and Unohana and said with a smiling face.

“We come following the Soul king’s decree to bring the Grand Kido Chief and the current captain fo the tenth Division Roja, to accept his promotion to the Zero Squad.”

Hearing this, no one said a word in shock.

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