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G.O.S.S Chapter 664: Promotion to the Zero Squad

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“Promoted to… The Zero Division?”

Byakuya’s brows wrinkled as he couldn’t believe what Hyosube just said. Roja actually qualified to be a member of the Zero Squad?!

The captains who knew about the Zero squad were extremely shocked by this news.

The Zero Squad are the royal guards of the Soul King, only a few qualified to be part of this squad.

In the Zero Squad, Shutra Senjumaru was the person responsible for creating the Shihakusho (Shinigami uniform), while Nimaiya Oetsu is the one who makes the Zanpakuto.

Why can Roja join such a group?

Most of the captain couldn’t believe this, Aizen was shocked the most by this. He didn’t even expect the Zero Squad to appear here and even promote Roja.

“Is this accurate; the person being promoted is really Roja?”

Yamamoto’s brows wrinkled as he asked Hyosube and the others. This wasn’t a minor matter. Even if he knew that Hyosube wouldn’t joke about something like this, he still needed to make sure it right.

“The decree is from the Soul king. Naturally, we aren’t mistaken.”

Hyosube said with a smile like an old and honest monk.

Roja seemed astonished as he expected the Zero squad came to arrest him or stop the fight or even discovered Wandenreich, but to his surprise, they wanted him to join their group.

Roja didn’t think that the soul king would allow him to be a member of the Zero Squad, it was simply impossible, he may have revealed some of his strength, but that didn’t make him qualified to join Squad Zero.

Hyosube should be the one who knows most about Roja currently.

“So, captain Roja, what do you think?”

Hyosube directly ignored Yamamoto and looked at Roja.

He can also reject the promotion it seems.

In the history of soul society, three Shinigami qualified to join the Zero squad, the first one is Yamamoto, the second is Kenpachi Kuruyashiki, and the last one is Unohana Restu, but all three refused.

Hyosube seemed honest, and all, but his eyes were flashing as he looked at Roja along with the other members waiting for Roja’s reply.

The captains who knew about the Zero squad felt excited as they felt it was a great honor to be part of that group.

The captains of the Gotei 13 may be the strongest in all of Soul society, but the Zero squad is above soul society, and it contains only five people. They were directly under the soul king.

Eyes full of admiration and awe fell on Roja, who stood quietly thinking about this before his mouth raised into a smile as he said.

“Since you asked, do I have any reason to refuse?”


No matter what the Zero squad goal was, it doesn’t matter. The current him had enough power to control soul society, Hueco Mundo as well as the human world, what does he have to fear?

If the Zero squad wanted to deal with him and arranged a trap, can they do anything? Obviously, they won’t be able to do anything to him.

So he might directly face them if they wanted to do anything.

The present plot is greatly diverse from the original, but Roja believed that Aizen would still get the Hogyoku from Urahara and perfect his own.

Since Sen Maboroshi reached the ninth stage, it no longer evolved.

The ninth stage was completely different from the eighth. It was no longer a matter of 1+1. Instead, it’s a complete leap in power, and it made Roja a higher being beyond normal Shinigami.

Almost all abilities no longer work on him, and he can ignore them due to his powerful Spiritual pressure.

Even if Soi Fon struck him twice or even dozens of times with her Suzumebashi, Roja would remain completely fine because he ignored these rules.

He also had the ability of Eternal Getsuga Tensho, which had the word eternal for a reason.

It meant eternally unchanged, and rules no longer limited him in the slightest.

But If he wanted to break through the eternal stage and get to the next, he needed the Hogyoku!

Only with it can he reach an even higher realm and power. Roja felt that if he reached the next stage, he would be the same being as the soul king, and he would have the ability to create a large-scale world directly like this one.

At his current realm, Roja can’t create a large world or create rules, but he can disregard them.

If the world’s foundation is Reishi, then Roja’s is like oil, he can’t mix with it.

Seeing Roja accepting the offer, Hyosube smiled and said with the same honest expression on his face.

“Good, then we can return to the soul king’s palace now, as long as you pass the inspection, you will be the new member of the Zero Squad, you can call me Hyosube Ichibe.”

“This one is Shutara Senjumaru.”

“I’m Hikifune Kirio.”

“98,775, finally, four, three… Nimaiya Oetsu!”

“Kirinji Tenjiro”

One by one, the five of them introduced themselves while looking at Roja with different expression, but they were still smiling.

“Please take care of me.”

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