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G.O.S.S Chapter 665: Assigning the successor

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In ruins, Roja looked at Yamamoto and noted: “If I join the Zero division, the tenth division captain and the Kido Grand Chief positions would become vacant, shouldn’t I assign a successor?” Roja looked at the distant officers and lieutenants as he said this.

Although Roja won’t necessarily join the Zero squad, because there is still the matter of the inspection or test, but since the soul king defined the qualification, there is no one in the history who got the qualification to join and didn’t pass the test.

Yamamoto looked deeply at Roja before he said: “Yes.”

“Then I propose that the tenth division should be handed to the third seated officer Toshiro Hitsugaya and the Kido Chief position should be handed to Officer Hinamori Momo.”

Roja didn’t even give it a though as he nominated them directly. Toshiro would help the plot progress as it was meant to be original.

As for Momo… because of Roja’s interference, she wasn’t the weak girl in the anime anymore. She already learned Hado #89 and Bakudo #87.

Although she was slightly inferior to the vice Kido chief, her age and talent cover that up completely.


Yamamoto nodded.

Hearing the conversation between Roja and Yamamoto, the officers not far away looked between themselves in awe.

Matsumoto clenched her fist and bit her teeth as she should’ve been named the captain after Roja.

“Isn’t the captain appointed from the next in rank, and that’s me, isn’t it?”

“It’s because you didn’t master your Bankai yet…”

Toshiro suddenly appeared by her side and said emotionlessly.

He was just stating a fact, but it caused Rangiku’s mouth to twitch.

He just pocked her in her sore spot.

“The Zero Division…”

Toshiro didn’t pay attention to anything else, as he felt the matter between Roja and the Zero squad wasn’t simple.

At this time, Hinamori, not far away, was stunned.

“Me… Succeed the Kido Corps?!!”

She was routed in her place due to her shock. She admired Roja above anything else but didn’t expect him to hand over the Kido corps like that.

When she heard Roja being promoted to the Zero squad, she wasn’t that affected; but hearing that Hitsugaya and her are going to succeed, Roja made her tremble.

If he is promoted to the Zero Squad, would he remain in soul society?

Obviously not.

It was the first time she heard about the Zero squad, and as soon as they arrived, the officers gossiped about where they were from.

But now she understood that the Zero squad is the royal guard of the soul king, and they live in the soul king’s palace. It means that it is almost impossible for them to always come to Soul society, and it will be difficult to see Roja again.

When she felt almost empty, Roja appeared beside her with his Haori flattering in the wind.

“I made you the successor of the Kido grand Chief because a captain and the Grand Kido chief are different. This way, you can directly take over without any problem…”

Roja gently patted her small head like an older brother and said with a smile: “If I remember correctly, your highest Kido is Hado #89, it’s slightly low, but you can master the advanced ones easily if you put your heart into it. Always carry the dignity of the Kido corps.”

“Captain Roja…”

Since Roja got his position as the tenth division captain, Hinamori would refer to him as captain Roja.

She finally gathered her courage and asked: “If you get into the Zero Division, you won’t be able to return to soul society…”

“Who told you that?”

Roja was slightly startled as he looked at Hinamori with a smile and turned around toward Hyosube and the others.

The Zero squad needed special transportation to move from the soul king’s palace to soul society; that’s why they can’t visit all the time.

But Roja already has the Eternal Getsuga Tensho, which allowed him to ignore the rules. Now he can use his long-distance space movement without any problem or restrictions.

Roja already left a space coordinate in soul society, so as long as he does the same in the soul king’s palace, he can come and go as he which.

He didn’t need to use the same transportation as the Zero squad or force his way out of the palace walls… which he couldn’t do.

“if you finished your current business, follow us.” Hyosube directly said to Roja.

Roja: “…”

That honest smile on Hyosube’s face made Roja feel a little strange.

However, Roja didn’t care about these details and followed the Zero Squad members. He followed them until they reached a strange place that was well known…

Shiba Kukaku’s place…

Seeing this, Roja’s mouth twitched as he understood how they would go back to the Soul king’s palace. They were gonna use Kukaku’s cannon.

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