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G.O.S.S Chapter 666: Zero Squad’s Test!

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“The four noble clans and soul society are closely linked, it the original story, the Shiba clan, and Shihoin clan were in decline, and that’s probably because of the people in the Central 46 who are controlling soul society.”

Roja looked at Kukaku, manipulating the cannon and couldn’t help think.

Who are the noble clans, and how was the central 46 made?

Roja directly ignored this. His goal was clear. He had to get the perfect Hogyoku, evolve to the tenth level, and finally, deal with Yhwach and surpass the soul king.

As the cannon was ready, Roja, Hyosube, and the others directly stepped in the Tenchūren that was placed inside the cannon. The Tenchūren seemed small from the outside, but a small villa was inside of it.

Various types of wine and food and even Nimaiya’s workshop was there.

Going to the soul king’s palace wasn’t simple, as they need to pierce through many layers of space that are extremely dense.

Naturally, for the current Roja, he could do so easily without any problem, even if the space was dense with Reishi.

After some time, the Tenchūren was expelled from the cannon and directly vanished from view.

“We arrived at the soul king’s palace.”

Senjumaru Shutara said gently after putting down the cup of tea that was in her hand, which made Roja’s mouth raised into a smile.

If Unohana seemed gentle on the surface but was a black-bellied girl deep down, then Senjumaru Shutara was black-bellied through and through.

“We’re finally there?”
Roja smiled. He chatted with Senjumaru Shutara all the way as for the others, they just asked him some questions, mostly about his spiritual pressure.

The captains maybe can’t sense Roja’s special spiritual pressure, but to the squad Zero who faced Yhwach and were close to the Soul king, they could feel it clearly.

They felt that they were facing the soul king, but it was slightly different.

Six people got out of the Tenchuren one after the other.

They were inside of a corridor in the soul king’s palace, which was greatly decorated that even Naruto and one piece’s worlds were far inferior to this.

The size of the palace wasn’t smaller than the entire soul society, but there were no inhabitants. At the edge of this place, you can only see darkness and nothing else.

If an ordinary Shinigami fell down from this place, he would very likely be burned to a crisp by the dense space around it.

In the air, six strange building was floating.

Five of them had a small circle around the last building, and each seemed to belong to someone. It was as if the building at the center was the sun, and the others were planets orbiting around it.

But while Roja appreciated the scenery, Hyosube’s said.

“Ordinary Shinigami never set their foot in this place without having the qualifications.”

“However, the people who are qualified are always people who made history in soul society. You are such a person with your sword Sen Maboroshi and your special spiritual pressure.”

Hyosube said, making Roja stop in his track.

“Is that so?”

Roja slowly turned around and looked at the five members of the Zero squad before his eyes fell on Hyosube.

Hyosube knew about his spiritual pressure and knew about Sen Maboroshi, which surprised Roja, but he still expected this.

After all, Hyosube was the one who named everything in this world. He even knows the names of every Zanpakuto there is.

When Roja was in other words, Hyosube didn’t know about Sen Maboroshi, but as he came to this world, its name directly appeared in his head.

Indeed, with Sen Maboroshi’s ability and Roja’s spiritual pressure, it could be said that he made history.

“Do you want to know what the Zero Squad test is?” Nimaiya suddenly smiled while looking at Roja.

Roja didn’t respond.

In the next moment, Nimaiya took out his Zanpakuto and stabbed at Roja directly.

The spiritual pressure of Nimaiya was easily above a captain’s level. His power was way above the captains.

But to deal with this, Roja directly held his sword and blocked.

Sen Maboroshi and Nimaiya’s Zanpakuto collided in mid-air and caused lightning to spark suddenly.

But this wasn’t the end, Nimaiya’s Zanpakuto suddenly shattered as the person himself retreated several steps.


Nimaiya looked at the Zanpakuto in his hand but didn’t yell in anger; instead, he was amazed.

Finally, all members got into their stances with Roja in the middle as the fight was about to start.

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