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G.O.S.S Chapter 667: Roja Vs. Zero Squad!

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After Blocking Nimaiya Oetsu, Roja faced the other four. The first one to make a move was Hikifune Kirio.

Kirio was an obese woman, the excess fat on her body held her Spiritual pressure, and once she consumes too much, she would turn into a beauty.

“Cage of life!”

Kirio silently said, and wood started to crawl out of the ground with a Ka Ka sound. This ability resembled Hashirama’s wood release. In a few instants, Roja was imprisoned in the center of a cage made of wood.

The wood fed on Kirio’s Spiritual power and vitality, which made it accustomed to eating Spiritual power and could swallow any attack made of it. It was even stronger than the #99 Bakudo.

Immediately after he was imprisoned, Senjumaru Shutara made a move.

The beautiful woman that chatted with Roja on their way here. Artificial Limbs suddenly emerged out of her back, and each arm was holding a sewing needle. She directly flicked the needles toward the Cage of life.

But the strange thing, none of the needles rushed toward Roja; instead, they were embedded into the Cage of life. As the needles landed, a strange connection was formed between them by various threads before they started pulling each other.

“Vacuum Thread!”

Senjumaru Shutara’s posture was calm and graceful. There was no killing intent in her eyes as if she was just making a piece of clothing. With a flick of her wrist, the silk threads directly pulled each other toward Roja in the hope of cutting him.

Seeing the silk thread, Roja’s expression didn’t change at all. He just took a step forward and said.

“This is meaningless.”

A terrifying aura burst out of Roja directly, causing the threads around him to fall down.

This wasn’t Roja’s aura (imposing manner), but actually, his Spiritual pressure that dominates every other Shinigami’s Spiritual pressure.

Even if the Zero Squad is stronger than other Shinigami, only Hyosube had Spiritual pressure above normal Shinigami in here.

Roja didn’t stop as he directly waved Sen Maboroshi in his hand and cut the Cage of life. Even if it was stronger than the #99 Bakudo, it meant nothing for his sword.

Seeing Roja easily breaking their blockade and attack, Kirio and Senjumaru took a deep breath each.

But at this time, Tenjiro already planned his next attack and rushed forward.

“White Bone Hell!”

“Blood Pond Hell!”

Tenjiro has already come to the conclusion that attacks with Spiritual pressure won’t work on Roja, so he attacked using other methods. His attack contained another element to it.

The attack fell on Roja and also came from his sides; he was completely surrounded.

The element added was healing water that could heal any injury really fast, and if the person hit by, it wasn’t wounded, it would accelerate their cell division and cause their body to fester.

But, Roja just lifted Sen Maboroshi and said one word.


In an instant, cold power spread over the place. It wasn’t a simple cold that could free water, but it was the kind that could even free space directly, forcing the healing water and blood to freeze into a block of ice.

With Sen Maboroshi’s evolution, Roja no longer needed to use other Zanpakuto’s names to use their skill. He could use various abilities without their activation command.

Even the double and triple Bankai can be used instantly.

“My Spring Water… was frozen?”

Seeing his spring water frozen, Tenjiro held his breath in shock. Although his spring water wasn’t as hot as Zanka No Tachi, it was extremely hot.

To freeze it in an instant, this Ice ability may be even stronger than Yamamoto’s Ryujin Jakka or even stronger.


Suddenly, the block of ice broke, revealing Roja sitting behind it with his sword stretched out.

“Senri Tsūtenshō!”

Hyosube lifted his hand, and a giant palm suddenly manifested above Roja’s head and came down to squash him. Roja’s Spiritual pressure erupted as he charged toward the palm with his sword.

As soon as the two collided, rocks flew, and thunder fell in the entrance to the Soul King’s palace.

“Take this!”

Tenjiro, Nimaiya, and Hyosube attacked Roja together in a triangular formation with a different weapon in each hand.

Roja didn’t move aside or retreat, he directly welcomed their attacks without fear.


The three attacks hit, and the ground under Roja cracked in all directions imitating a spider web.

As they were from the squad Zero, they are ultra-captain level, so if a normal captain was to receive the current attack, his skull would crack.

But, even like this, they weren’t able to even slightly injure Roja, because their Spiritual pressure may resemble water, but his spiritual pressure was already solid Ice.

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