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G.O.S.S Chapter 668: Hyosube’s Brush!

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Blocking the joint attack of three people, Roja’s body didn’t tremble, and with a cold humph, Roja exerted his strength wielding Sen Maboroshi sending the three back.

Nimaiya and the others didn’t think that Roja would have such great power and could only retreat as they weren’t prepared for such an eruption of power.

“His power… It’s too odd.”

Senjumaru and Kirio looked at this and were shocked. They knew that Roja was strong, but not to this degree.

He wasn’t fighting the Gortei 13 captain. He was fighting the Zero Squad, the ones who are trusted to guard the Soul king. Their combat power was even higher than the entire Gotei 13.

One person and one sword were able to repel Hyosube and the other two.

“Your spiritual pressure really created history; besides the soul king, nobody has such a strong spiritual pressure.”

Hyosube looked at Roja elegantly, no emotion could be detected from his eyes, but it felt like he could see the depth of anyone.

As he said this, he held his giant Brush and continued: “Your sword can’t be cut…”

“by my brush, but what I cut is the name of your sword, and only the Maboroshi (Illusion or Imaginary).”

As Hyosube said this, he and Roja felt the power the world’s rule suppresses Sen Maboroshi.

This force suppressed Sen Maboroshi’s power and kept it at 50%, and Roja could no longer say Sen Maboroshi’s name, and could only call it Maboroshi.

Roja glanced at Hyosube indifferently and placed his sword in front of him.

“You indeed can cut names, but you can’t cut my own Zanapkuto’s. Even if you’re the oldest in the Zero squad… It’s useless in front of me.”

As soon as he said this, Roja’s spiritual pressure transcended the Shinigami boundaries into something that could discard the rules and forcibly shattered the force cutting Sen Maboroshi’s name in half.

If he was in the eighth stage, he might experience some difficulties in breaking this bind Hyosube placed, but in the ninth stage, it wasn’t even difficult.

Roja understood something as he broke Hyosube’s suppression; his Brush wasn’t a Zanpakuto.

Although in the original story it wasn’t mentioned where did it come from, Roja was sure that it was created before the Asaushi and Zanpakuto were created, and in this confrontation, Roja clearly felt that it didn’t belong to a Shinigami, but actually, it held the Soul king’s power.

Or more like, the Soul king gifted Hyosube with the power to govern anything in black.

Which meant his power was equal to the sum of all Shinigami.

He was indeed that strong.

But at present, Roja was above all Shinigami, and his power could dominate over all Shinigami, so long as the Soul King stays aloof as he is now, then no one can face him.

If Hyosube and the other didn’t hold some power from the soul king, they wouldn’t have the qualification to fight him.

“If you have any other tricks, you can use them!”

After smashing the shackles Hyosube put on his Zanpakuto, Roja faintly looked at the five as if he didn’t hold them in his eyes.

In this fight, most of Roja’s attention was on the Soul King’s palace or more like the Soul king himself.

However, he detected no change from the soul king.

“Well, well… You can even break out from the shackles of my Brush?”

Hyosube’s eyes flashed with surprise but didn’t say anymore.

Nimaiya and the others looked at each other and took a deep breath and held their respective weapons.

Senjumaru’s wooden arm suddenly vanished before she walked toward Roja and smiled: “Congratulations, you passed the test of the Zero Squad.”

“The Zero Squad’s test is just receiving one attack from all the members of the Zero Squad…”

Kirio explained.

Admiration was apparent in her eyes. Roja didn’t accept the power of the soul king yet, and yet he fought the five of them and still had the advantage.

This kind of power is really scary!

“Is that so?”

Roja looked at the Zero Squad members and didn’t see any deception, but even if there is, it won’t matter.

The fight was indeed just one attack each, and there wasn’t any killing intent in any of the blows.

Moreover, such a fight would let the new members experience the power of the others as well as get a feeling the soul king’s power.

But in the entire fight, Hyosube didn’t display his governance over anything black, which was one of his strongest powers.

If the Brush could actually suppress Sen Maboroshi, the fight may have turned into a bloody battle.

“Only five people in the Zero Squad, but they are hiding so many tricks… No wonder that Yhwach bodyguards struggled against them.”

Roja made a sarcastic remark.

Actually, Roja was wondering about Hyosube’s goal and the Soul king not appearing after this fight.

If Hyosube’s naming power and his governance over black do not work on Sen Maboroshi, he wasn’t as strong as Nimaiya and the others in Roja’s eyes.

As for the Soul king…

If the soul king was hostile to him and had confidence that he could defeat him, he would already jump right now to kill him, which means that either he isn’t hostile toward Roja, or the same as the original story, he was barely alive, or he wasn’t strong enough to deal with Roja.

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