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G.O.S.S Chapter 669: Showing goodwill!

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After Roja passed the so-called test, Kirinji Tenjiro’s manners changed as he smiled at Roja.

“Congratulations on officially joining us, if you want, you can join me to soak in the hot spring.”

“Well, you also need to get him to soul pond.”

Kirio patted Tenjiro’s shoulder and laughed.

“Oh, oh, I almost forgot that. I was eager to hear his thoughts about my hot spring.”

Tenjiro laughed, he then pointed at the floating cities in the sky and said: “Each one of the Zero Squad would receive his own city to build as he sees fit.”

“I will take a look then.”

Tenjiro’s figure flashed as he took a step and directly appeared in the sky in front of his own city.

After Tenjiro left, Nimaiya arrived beside Roja and looked at his Zanpakuto earnestly.

He wanted to ask Roja to give him Sen Maboroshi so he could study it but decided against it: “I didn’t think that a Zanpakuto that I created could evolve to this degree, if you’re interested in Zanapkuto, you can visit me in the Phoenix palace.”

Nimaiya said and pointed at his own city.

“Of course.”

Roja shook his hand, and Sen Maboroshi disappeared. He wasn’t interested in the hot spring, but he was interested in the Zanpakuto forging process.

If the Asaushi was the essence that gets influenced by the soul to form Zanpakuto, then his Zanapkuto should be influenced by the Hogyoku in addition to Roja’s soul.

Nimaiya left as well, Hyosube, Kirio, and Senjumaru stayed behind. After a while, Hyosube said to them.

“You should go, I have to go see the soul king. I will leave reconstructing this place to you two, and also, don’t forget about the soul pond and the uniform…”


“These are but mere trivial things, we’ll take care of it.”

Senjumarua and Kirio responded, respectively.

Hyosube smiled honestly and nodded at Roja, then left before Roja could react.

Roja looked profoundly at Hyosube before turning around toward Kirio and Senjumaru.

“Well, I can repair this place alone, you can go ahead,” Kirio said with a sly smile as she looked at Senjumaru.

Senjumaru raised her hand to cover half of her face while her eyes shined brightly before turning around and looked at Roja with a slight smile and said:

“Then please come with me.” Senjumaru pointed her finger, and a wooden board rose under her and Roja’s feet before flying away.

They flew toward the outer city of the soul king’s palace; soldiers were lined neatly, and any member of the Zero squad could order them to fight directly.

This place was as big, if not bigger than Soul Society.

In the original story, Shunsui once said that the walls Kurosaki Ichigo and the others infiltrated are comparable to the walls protecting the soul king’s palace.

But the ones in front of him was bigger and seemed stronger as well as older than the ones in soul society.

After some time, Senjumaru looked at Roja, who was still somewhat indifferent and giggled slightly while putting a hand on her mouth and said:

“still angry about what just happened? I should apologize, the matter of the test should have been explained beforehand, but the monk instructed us not to.”

Hearing such words, Roja’s eyes flashed, as he was slightly surprised. Senjumaru wasn’t just apologizing to him. She was telling him a secret.

Although Roja already guessed that the test shouldn’t be started so suddenly and knew that Hyosube was behind this, it explained why the others showed goodwill after the test.

“It’s okay. It’s just a test after all.”

Roja waved his hand lightly.

Senjumaru smiled lightly and controlled the wooden board to slow down and descend from the sky. Senjumaru raised her hand delicately and pointed a finger toward the center of the city.

“That’s the soul pond.”

“Any member of the Zero Squad can enter and exit the Soul king’s palace because our bones are modified with the soul king’s power, also known as the King’s key. The main function of the soul pond is to reshape the bones…”

Hearing Senjumaru’s words, Roja immediately understood the use of the soul pond. Of course, he didn’t need the King’s key to enter and leave the soul king’s palace, but he wanted to carefully experience the power of the soul king.

As for reshaping his bones, it was a mere joke to him. With the eternal Getsuga Tensho state, even the soul king’s power won’t invade his body easily. It’s impossible for it to reshape his bones.

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