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G.O.S.S Chapter 670: The power of Eternal realm and the Soul king!

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“Greetings, Lord!”

When Senjumaru landed along with Roja, all the soldiers knelt down and saluted them dully.

The soldiers were under the command of the squad Zero members, and each one is given soldiers that reside in their own cities.

“This is a new lord,” Senjumaru said and waved her hand. The soldiers got up while smiled at Roja and said: “Speaking of which, each city is named by its owner, do you have any good name?”

“A name?” Roja touched his chin for a moment as he thought about the names. Phoenix, Qilin, after thinking about a few names, he settled on one.

“The Eternal Palace!”

“A good name.”

Senjumaru praised him and led Su Xiao toward an altar-like building.

This building was very tall, but inside it, only a small pond exists.

It wasn’t spring water, but a cloud-like substance inside the small Pond, which is the reason why the Squad Zero members are stronger than normal Shinigami.

“Is this the power of the Soul king?”

Roja looked at the Pond and murmured. Without any fear, Roja directly stepped into the Pond.

As soon as he stepped in, a terrifying pressure crushed on Roja’s body, causing his Haori to disintegrate.

“So this is the power of the Soul king. This power is higher than Spiritual power. It’s like the difference between Nature Chakra and normal Chakra in Naruto’s world…”

This energy was trying to merge with Roja’s body, and even with his current state, Roja was only able to avoid the energy not defeat it.

This power indeed can create the entire Shinigami world. The quantity was enough for many words.

But still, Roja could tell that his power wasn’t that far away from reaching the power of the Soul king. But their paths were different.

Roja’s eternal state symbolizes invariability.

While the Soul king’s power symbolizes creation and change.

Roja lowered his defenses slightly and allowed some of the power of the soul king into his body, as soon as the power enters, his own energy would wrap around it and carefully analyze it.

“Although the essence is nearly the same, the change of shape is very difficult to grasp…”

Roja analyzed the power and profited from it. His own power was weaker, but after breaking it apart, he defeated it.

What he didn’t understand is how the rules transformed into Spiritual pressure and from Spiritual pressure to rules.

Roja didn’t try again to take a bit of the soul king’s power, but instead, he looked up toward the soul king’s palace with a pensive expression.

He finally had a clear understanding of the soul king’s power.

The Soul king’s power and the eternal realm, these two powers were mastered by the soul king, and he can freely change between the two.

The word mastery isn’t the best; in this case, instead, absolute control is better to describe it.

As far as Roja was concerned, he only possesses the power of the eternal realm. He is unable to transform that power into the power of the soul king, let alone switch between the two freely. This is where the gap between them lies.

“After obtaining the Hogyoku, I can master that power…”

Roja understood that he would obtain that power when he gets the Hogyoku.

He can even exceed the soul king at that time.

The Hogyoku and Sen Maboroshi are born in the Shinigami world, and after they evolve, the power they will contain is enough to reach the soul king’s power and surpass it, that’s why Aizen just with the Hogyoku wanted to take the Soul king’s place.

But that’s the limit of the Hogyoku.

It was created in the Shinigami world, the world that the soul king created, which means that it won’t be able to exceed the soul king.

But Roja wasn’t from the Shinigami’s world.

Aizen is unable to exceed the soul king, the Hogyoku and Sen Maboroshi can’t either, but Roja himself can achieve that.

Roja’s soul wasn’t created by the soul king, and he even had the Chakra fruit from Naruto’s world, which qualifies him to exceed the soul king.

The path he will take was clear to him.

“I only need to wait for the Hogyoku to be completed…”

Roja’s eyes glowed in anticipation.

This is the path he will take, the path to surpass all. No one could stop him from his goal, not Aizen, not Hyosube, and not even the soul king.

Taking a deep breath, Roja calmed down slowly before lifting his foot and coming out of the Pond.

But the next moment, his expression became awkward, as his mouth twitched.

He forgot that his clothes disintegrated as he entered the Pond.

He quickly concentrated and used his Spiritual pressure to create a Haori to cover himself then looked at Senjumaru.

Senjumaru looked at Roja and snickered, causing black lines to form above Roja’s head before she said.

“Actually, you didn’t need to cover yourself. This one is responsible for creating all Shinigami’s Haori, including the Zero Squad uniform. Now, I don’t need to take your size as I saw enough.”

The Pond wasn’t deep, but the pressure was too strong for any ordinary Shinigami to resist.

If a normal Shinigami falls in, even a captain, his body would quickly collapse and then be rebuild from the start.

But, Roja, who was in the Eternal Getsuga Tensho state, only felt the pressure, his body didn’t show any sign of collapse.

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