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G.O.S.S Chapter 671: Living Contently

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“Do I need to be naked for you to take my measurement?”

Roja looked at Senjumaru with black lines over his head.

Senjumaru smiled happily and replied: “If you don’t want to, I can accurately estimate your size and the uniform be 99% fitting.”

Mentioning the estimate part, Roja’s black lines thickened as he didn’t know if she did it intentionally or not.

Roja didn’t suffer any loss, so he curled his lips into a smile and threw this accident to the back of his head.

But at this time, Senjumaru looked strangely at Roja, because Roja didn’t seem to change at all even after getting into the pond.

“Are you okay? Did some accident occur?”


Roja looked at Senjumaru before saying: “No, I feel great.”

Senjumaru looked at him strangely, but since he said that nothing was wrong, she smiled and said: “Please come with me.”

In the highest point of the soul king’s palace, nobody could enter as that place was the residence of the Soul king’s palace, even the Zero Squad can’t enter casually if not summoned.

Hyosube was standing alone, looking with an eagle eye view at Roja who came out of the pond.

“The power of Soul king can’t invade his body?”

Hyosube’s eyes weren’t the honest ones anymore. Instead, he looked gloomy and terrifying. The black in his eye disappeared as only the white remained.

The Soul pond contained the power of the soul king and was under his control.

“It’s really unable to enter his body, what a pity! I discovered him too late.”

After this, Hyosube’s eyes returned to normal after he closed his eyes and sighed.

As Roja and Senjumaru left, they directly went to get Roja’s uniform from Senjumaru’s own place.

The wardrobe she had was huge and contained very high-quality clothes.

Roja took a brand new Haori and put it on.

“Does it fit?”

Senjumaru walked from the side and gently asked Roja while condensing a Mirror for him to take a look.

Roja reorganized his collar before saying: “Perfect!”

The Zero’s Squad’s Uniform is different from the captain’s Haori, it was less luxurious and simpler.

But in the back, the letters weren’t 1,2 or three and the other digit of the Gotei 13. Instead, the symbol of the Royal Guards took that place.

“Hearing you say it was perfect really made this lady happy and flattered.” Senjumaru smiled slightly and said: “Your palace is already prepared.”

Going outside, Roja and Senjumaru looked to the Soul kIng’s palace and found six cities instead of five hovering in the sky.

Roja looked at his own city in the sky before looking toward the Soul King’s palace and saying to Senjumaru.

“Since I’m a new member of the Zero Squad, don’t I need to pay a visit to the soul king?”

“The new members cannot visit the soul king unless he summoned them the same as the others. We don’t have the right to go see the Soul king on our own.”

Senjumaru looked at the Soul king’s palace in Worship, but her words didn’t reveal any emotion.


Roja nodded before he was immersed in deep thought. Roja directly started flying toward his own city while Senjumaru didn’t return to her own but followed Roja on her wooden board.

When they reached the city, they found Kirio smiling at them.

“The basic construction is almost done; we need a name for this place and…”

Kirio started speaking, while Roja listened and took a look at the city, only to find over a hundred Young girls between 15 years old and 30 years old inside the recently completed city.

Roja felt strange at first, and he didn’t know where these came from before he remembered that Kirio was the one who invented the artificial souls as well as how to insert them into the body, also known as the GIkongan.

Senjumaru’s place only had soldiers, Nimaiya had the Zanpakuto’s spirits, and Hyosube’s Spiritual pressure was too great for normal souls to survive.

Only Kirio’s Palace and Tenjiro’s were different.

“What’s the matter, you’re not satisfied with this group of attendants?”

Kirio noticed Roja observing the city and smiled.

“I thought you would like this, but you can change them to male attendants instead, and you can also change their age.”

“They are fine products I made myself, and the quality of the Gikongan made in the Soul Society aren’t even close to these ones. They are no different than normal people.”

Roja listened to Kirio’s explanation and was speechless.

“There is no need, thank you.”

“Then I won’t bother you. You can come to look for me whenever you want.”

Kirio nodded before flying away.

Senjumaru walked up and looked at the building before saying: “The layout of the building can be changed. Tell me what you need to change, and I will change it.”

Roja naturally didn’t require any change to the city, and even if he did, he could change it himself, so he shook his head gently.

Senjumaru lowered her head and smiled: “I knew you’d say that, I won’t bother you then. By the way, except for the highest level of the soul king’s palace, where the Soul king resides, you can enter anywhere at will as there is no other restriction…”

After saying this, Senjumaru smiled deeply and left.

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