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G.O.S.S Chapter 672: Just before the Original Plot

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Soul kin’s Palace, Eternal Hall.

Roja’s palace was tranquil. The maids that occasionally passed by slowed down as to not disturb the subtle breathing sound.

From time to time, they could hear the sound of flipping pages.

Roja was sitting on a soft couch with a fourteen or fifteen years old girl sitting quietly on her knees next to him, waiting for any order he might give her. Roja didn’t speak, and she didn’t say anything either.

“The Ura Hado… It is a little interesting.”

After reading through the book, Roja gently closed it, and the title on the cover was Ura Hado.

In the Gotei 13 and Kido Corps, the #99 Kido is the highest level, but in the Soul King’s palace, there is another one which is the Ura kido.

Only someone with a special Spiritual pressure can use the Ura Kido, even someone like Zaraki won’t be able to do it unless he received the power of the Soul king like the Zero Squad members.

Of course, this didn’t include Roja, who had the eternal state.

Like the ordinary Kido, it’s divided into Bakudo and Hado, but unlike the former, which has 99 levels, this one only had nine.

Although they were only nine, the power behind each one is far above the ordinary Kido.

But they weren’t far superior to the #95 and above Kido. After all, the power behind #95 Kido and above is devastating.

The first Ura Hado is as strong as Hado #96, the second is comparable to Hado #97, while the fifth is far above the ordinary 99.

And the same could be said for the Bakudo.

In the original story, Hyosube used the 3rd Ura Hado to destroy Yhwach outer shell forcefully.

Putting down the Ura Hado book, Roja stood up and directly went to a courtyard.

Half a year already passed since Roja joined the Zero Squad, and in this time, he already understood everything in the Soul King’s palace, but he didn’t know of the current condition of the soul king.

In addition, he went to the Phoenix palace to see Nimaiya forging the Asuashi, but Roja wasn’t inspired by the process, but it still made Roja understood Sen Maboroshi’s development path.

Nimaiya forges the Asuashi that later are sent to Soul Society and given to the Shinigami hopefuls in the Academy.

But Urahara created the Hogyoku and studied the limits of the Shinigami and the Hollow using the Asaushi for the former, and one of these experiments was Sen Maboroshi, who was affected by the Hogyoku, but Urahara didn’t know that.

Roja understood Sen Maboroshi’s origin and felt like he was closer to his Zanpakuto, as he became one with it.

Other than that, Roja would just occasionally go to Tenjiro’s place for the hot spring or go down to sexually harass Soi Fon and come back.

Time passed quickly, and ten years went by, Roja’s name was less and less mentioned in Soul Society, and more batches of Shinigami graduated from the Academy.

Naturally, those who knew Roja well couldn’t forget his name. Like the Gotei 13 captains who got trashed by Roja single-handedly.

Inside the Eternal hall, Roja was standing in his courtyard and pointing a finger on a little girl.

“Ura Bakudo #9…”

The little girl was suddenly wrapped in a while thread and hang upside down in the air.

“Lord… Please…”

The young girl was scared and looked at Roja with fright.

Although she was an artificial soul, she wasn’t a puppet.

“Sorry, I just learned this move and wanted to try it.”

Roja waved his hand, and the silk thread scattered, dropping the girl down while she looked at Roja timidly. She heard Roja saying sorry and didn’t know what to do as no other lord would say sorry to mere attendants.

Looking at her current appearance, Roja shook his head.

His attendants were different from any other, as except for the Zanpakuto’s spirits, no other soul here would dare talk to his master.

Roja was indeed interested in the method of making artificial souls.

In the past ten years, Roja studied the method of making them with Kirio and discovered that the ones he tried to create aren’t perfect and always had some issues.

Naturally, this was a problem related to the Eternal State. If he can transform his current state to that of the soul king, he would be able to create a perfect soul, more perfect than the ones Kirio is making.

In addition to this, Roja was occasionally bored after learning the nine levels of the Ura Kido, which weren’t difficult for him to begin with.

Roja stretched his arms and looked at the sky before saying: “If I remember correctly, the plot is about to start…”

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