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G.O.S.S Chapter 673: Two Transfer Students

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In a room full of mechanical equipment in soul society, Aizen’s flashed as he murmured: “Finally, I located the Hogyoku’s exact location…” In front of him, a dim blue cube roughly bigger than a fist, which should be the thing that located the Hogyoku.

“It’s really in the human world, and in Karakura Town’s area.”

“So captain Aizen, what are you going to do now? Steal it directly by going to the human world?”

Gin stood behind Aizen with a dangerous expression in his eyes as he asked.

Aizen shook his head.


“Going to the human world and taking the Hogyoku will cause too much of a commotion right now, I need to find a way to make Urahara deliver it to my hand.”

Hearing Aizen’s words, Gin said with a smile: “But, what would make Urahara do so, he is an intelligent fellow. You seem to already have a plan.”

“I still must prepare many things…”

Aizen smiled as he started preparing.

Half a month later, in the human world.

A jet black light covered the entire sky as a strange aura covered Karakura town.

A figure wearing a black Shinigami uniform with a serious expression moved along the streets.

She was a Shinigami stationed in Kurakura Town, Rukia Kuchiki!

“It should be nearby.”

Rukia’s pupil flashed as she sensed the spiritual pressure nearby. Jumping on the roof a few times, Rukia entered the window of a nearby house.

“It’s close…”

Rukia disregarded the normal human, Kurosaki Ichigo, and continued searching for the Hollow’s Spiritual pressure that was concentrated in this place.

However, because her attention was on the Spiritual pressure of the Hollow, Ichigo’s kick directly sent her flying.

“What do you mean, ‘Close’ you idiot? Are thieves so arrogant these days?”

Ichigo said annoyedly as he looked at Rukia and concluded that she was a thief. Although he could see the Shinigami, he couldn’t tell the difference between them and a normal human.

Like the original story, the Hollow attacked Ichigo’s sisters, and Rukia wanted to help, but she was inexperienced, so she offered to make Ichigo a temporary Shinigami.

Ichigo directly defeated the Hollow, but Rukia no longer had her powers.

At this time, Isshin, the captain of the tenth division, was leaning on the window and looking like he had a headache.

In order to prevent the hollow infection from killing Masaki, he sacrificed his power, or else, if he even released 10% of the spiritual pressure he had before, he would kill such a hollow instantly.

“Sorry, I got you involved, Ichigo…”

Feeling Ichigo’s pressure, Isshin knew that he turned into a Shinigami, and couldn’t help force a smile.

“What? A Truck hit Ichigo’s home, and a big hole is left on the building? Is Ichigo injured?”

In the morning, the first high school, the story about Ichigo’s home getting hit by a track Reached Arisawa Tatsuki, Inoue Orihime, and the others, and the class started chattering dumbfoundedly.

This was a normal occurrence when a Hollow attack someone in the Human World, they would just use the memory replacement on witnesses and change it into a normal accident.


At this moment, a bag suddenly hit Tatsuki on the head.

“I’m good, and my family is good as well. Hey, don’t look so disappointed!”

“Kuro… Kurosaki-Kun… Morning!”

Seeing Ichigo, Inoue tried to say hello, but she was too nervous and ended stuttering, which made the atmosphere slightly awkward.

When Ichigo returned to his seat, he heard a familiar voice from the side.

“Hey, You’re Kurosaki Ichigo, please take care of me.”

Rukia sat beside him and was wearing Ichigo’s school uniform. Her acting skill almost got her 8 out of ten, which made Ichigo look at her with his mouth open.


Someone who saw Ichigo’s face directly started explaining to him: “This is a transfer student who joined us today, she was transferred in the middle of the year because of a family issue.”


Ichigo wanted to question them, but Rukia looked at him threateningly while the former’s mouth twitched.

Rukia pretended to be a new student, but she sighed secretly. She didn’t recover her powers yet and won’t be able to perform her duties as a Shinigami.

She didn’t want to report back to the Shinigami world… because this was her first mission and if she reported an issue just in the first few days, she wouldn’t be able to face Byakuya.

With a sigh, Rukia looked at Ichigo and secretly planned to let Ichigo replace her and do her duty as the Shinigami in Kurakara town until she recovers her powers.

When Rukia took the book handed to her by Ichigo, the other students were still talking about her.

“Coming at this time of the year is really strange, do you remember three days ago, Roja was transferred to our class as well, shouldn’t she be transferred to the class next to us?”

“It’s a little strange, but isn’t it because our grades are low, and we are only a few in this class.”

Rukia heard this and felt a little strange. Although the name was familiar, she thought that it would be impossible for it to be the same person.

The homeroom teacher quickly arrived at the classroom and closed the door behind him.

When half of the period passed, the door to the classroom was opened, and a student said: “Sorry, something comes up, so I was late.”

“All right, take a seat.”

The teacher didn’t look convinced but decided to investigate later.

As the student entered the classroom with a carefree attitude, Rukia put the book on the table and looked stunned by this new student.

“Why are there so many new faces?”


Rukia’s mouth was wide open as if she saw a ghost (T/L: Pun intended.), her eyes were about to fall off her face, and she couldn’t even form a sentence.

“You… You…”

Rukia was slightly shivering and thought that she was dreaming.

Looking at Rukia, Roja smiled slightly and said: “Um, I’m Roja, I just joined the school a few days ago, please take care of me.”

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