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G.O.S.S Chapter 674: Taking a Vacation

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“Do you know each other?”

Ichigo looked at Rukia and Roja strangely.

Roja is a legendary figure in soul society, in just 20 years, he jumped from being an academy student to joining the Royal Guards.

As a member of the Kuchiki clan, one of the four noble clans, she knew Roja’s clearer than ordinary Shinigami. He was above the Gotei 13 and at the pinnacle of the world when it comes to power.

And now, such an existence came to the human world and joined the school just like her.

This made Rukia confused. She didn’t know if the Roja in front of her was the Roja, the legendary figure in soul society or someone else.

“You two…”

Ichigo stared at Rukia and Roja and felt that there were some problems between them. But at this moment, the teacher couldn’t bear it anymore.

“Kurosaki!! you’re here to attend my class if you have something say to wait after class!!”


Ichigo’s mouth twitched, as he could only return one-word weakly.

For the remaining period, Rukia glanced toward Roja from time to time with doubt in her eyes.

If it was another Shinigami, they wouldn’t be sure that this was the legendary Roja, but as a member of the noble clans, she came in contact with the Zero squad quite often. Even now, she couldn’t feel a shred of Spiritual pressure coming from Roja, but she was 50% sure that he was the same person.

As the bell rang, Roja picked up the textbooks on the table and stretched a bit before turning to leave leisurely.

Rukia hesitated for a bit then said.

“Hey, wait a minute!”

Ichigo was about to question Rukia, but seeing that she walked toward Roja and ignored him, he stood up and followed.

Roja was walking slowly, but Rukia was running and couldn’t keep up with him. This convinced Rukia that even if he wasn’t that Roja, he had some connection with him.

Rukia chased after Roja and Ichigo chased after her until they reached a remote place.

Roja suddenly stopped and turned around, spreading his hands innocently and asked: “Hey, can I ask what are you two doing following me?”

“No… It’s just… I have something to say to her…”

Ichigo gasped while wondering about Roja’s speed.

However, Rukia ignored Ichigo. She looked timid as she bit her lips and looked at Roja, a little bit scared.

Passing power to a human without authorization is a serious crime, and she just did that the last night. Now that she was facing Roja, someone from the Zero Squad prevented her from remaining calm.

Moreover, she knew that trying to cover this up in front of Roja is meaningless, as Roja might already know about this.

Well, Roja had been here for three days, it would be impossible for him to not know about their little accident.

“Ichigo, Shut up for a bit…” Rukia was also afraid of involving Ichigo in this matter. After yelling at him, she looked at Roja carefully.

“Greetings, Captain Roja.”

“Who’s a captain? I’m not a captain anymore.”

Roja looked at Rukia, who was currently extremely afraid and didn’t bother to frighten her more or tease her, he directly smiled and said: “Don’t tell anyone I’m here. No one knows that I’m here as for your business, deal with it yourself; it has nothing to do with me. I’m just here for a vacation.”

After saying this, Roja just took a step and walked away.

Rukia’s heart was about to leap out of her chest at first until she heard Roja saying that it has nothing to do with him.

It seems like the mistake i made is nothing but a trivial matter in Roja’s eyes, Rukia thought.

She suddenly sighed. If she remembers correctly, Roja entered the Academy at the same time she did. But their status was worlds apart, she was just a Shinigami, while the latter was one of the Royal guard and the youngest one at that.

He even had the freedom to take a vacation in the human world as he pleases. Rukia muttered again, she didn’t know if the members of the Squad Zero had that much freedom, but she was sure she didn’t.

Even the central 46 is below the Zero Squad, and only one person could order the Zero Squad, and that is, the soul king.

“Hey, Rukia, who was that guy just now…”

Ichigo touched the back of his head as he looked at Roja walked away. Rukia’s expression just now scared him, and he didn’t want to interrupt anything.

However, after Roja left, he felt a little unhappy and didn’t understand why Rukia was so respectful to Roja and why she was scared as well.

“Shut up!”

When Rukia heard Ichigo call Roja ‘that guy,’ she was shocked and directly shouted at him while glancing nervously toward the direction Roja left from.

Ichigo didn’t obey this time but asked her instead: “By the way, you have completed your mission right, why aren’t you going back?”


Rukia touched her forehead as she felt a headache: “Only a Shinigami can return to Soul Society, and you almost stole all my powers last night, now I can only rely on this body.”

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