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G.O.S.S Chapter 675: Catching The Cat Again

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While Rukia was explaining the situation to Ichigo, she thought about his recklessness and directly said: “By the way, don’t ask about that lord or try anything. Otherwise, you’re not the only one who would be in trouble.”


“Yes, there are many high and low status for humans, and the same can be said about the Shinigami. That lord just now is an existence standing on top of the world! I can’t say more than that. In short, don’t make trouble for him!”

Rukia looked at Ichigo with a serious face. She was afraid that this idiot would do something stupid and annoy Roja.

Roja ignored her and Ichigo because he was too lazy to care, but if Ichigo made trouble, he would only have himself to blame.


Seeing Rukia so serious, Ichigo became serious as well. He had various guesses about Roja’s identity, but he quickly thought about something else and asked Rukia for her reason in attending his school.

Rukia finally smiled and said: “Because you have to help me in my task as a Shinigami until I regain my powers.”

“What?! I refuse!!”

Ichigo’s mouth twitched. He wasn’t going to fight a bunch of monsters. Only a fool would fight hollows without any complaint.

“And isn’t that lord here? Go ask him for help.”


Rukia almost died from anger. She committed a crime and was lucky that Roja didn’t bother with her, but what if she went to ask for his help, she would definitively be looking to die.

Not far away, Roja sat beside a tree while watching Rukia and Ichigo’s conversation with a faint smile on his lips.

Roja didn’t use a ‘Gigai’ or an artificial body to come to the human world. After all, he had his own body, which is also the body of a sage. His own Spiritual pressure is undetectable. No one can notice him here.

The contact with Rukia now made him confirm that Urahara had already placed the Hogyoku in the Gigai she was using.

No one can detect the Hogyoku, but since Roja had a close connection with Sen Maboroshi, which was something close to the Hogyoku, he could detect it clearly.

However, Roja didn’t go and get the Hogyoku from the Gigai because it wasn’t a complete one yet.

In Roja’s current state, Roja could take both Hogyoku’s and fuse them himself, but after waiting for so long, he didn’t mind waiting more time.

“It seems like there is no change in the plot… Then I will just take a vacation here. I didn’t get to see the human world since I came here.”

Roja liked the human world more than Soul society. After all, he came from a similar world, after all.

Walking along the streets in Karakura town, Roja saw an Ice cream shop, directly casting an illusion on it. He took a few Ice creams and went to watch a movie. When the sun was about to set, Roja arrived before a shop.

This is a shop he went to before; it was Urahara’s shop.

At this time, inside the shop sat Urahara, Tsukabishi Tessai, and a middle-aged uncle, who is Kurosaki Isshin.

Urahara picked a cup of tea, took a sip before saying: “I didn’t think that Ichigo would awaken his Shinigami power, soul society may take action because of this…”

“They won’t, For now. They still didn’t discover this.”

Urahara covered his face with the small fan and said: “I covered Ichigo’s Spiritual pressure, and gave Rukia Kuchiki a Gigai.”

Roja heard Urahara’s words from outside the door and understood why Ichigo wasn’t discovered for so long. It was because of Urahara.

Otherwise, Soul society will discover a Shinigami’s spiritual pressure in the human world easily.

“This isn’t a long-term plan…”

Isshin shook his head and said: “Soul society will discover this sooner or later.”

“It should be long enough.” Kisuke said without a serious expression: “Moreover, your powers are recovering, it won’t take long for a full recovery.”

Isshin’s full power was used to contain the Hollow that invaded Masaki’s body and Ichigo’s body after that, but since Ichigo awakened his Shinigami powers, his Hollow would sooner or later be released.

Isshin knew this clearly and smiled forcefully: “I was missing for so many years, even if I regain my powers, I won’t be able to resist all of soul society because I would be exiled for helping a Quincy.”

“There will always be a way.”

Urahara poured another cup of tea for himself and suddenly heard a meow from outside. He turned around and said: “Yoruichi, came to drink a cup of tea!”


The door was pushed open, but the black cat wasn’t the one who entered. Instead, Roja was the one who entered with Yoruichi in his hands.

“It’s been a while, Captain Shiba, Urahara, Miss Yoruichi.”

Roja said with a smile while still hugging the black cat who was struggling to put up a smile.

“Let me go!”

Yoruichi struggled, but she still couldn’t let go. She could only look at Roja with annoyance. Now that many people are here, she can’t directly transform back, because she won’t have anything to cover herself if she did.

She didn’t expect to once again be caught by Roja, and this time due to bad luck.

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