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G.O.S.S Chapter 677: Amenominaka!

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“Don’t be so hasty to refuse; let’s talk somewhere else.”

Roja stood up without showing any annoyance due to the refusal. Instead, he smiled faintly without any spiritual pressure around him. Suddenly his eyes deepened, and their surrounding changed.


When Urahara refused Roja, he was already prepared for a fight, along with Yoruichi, but he didn’t expect Roja’s to just stand until he saw their surrounding change.

An instant ago, they were in Urahara’s shop, and in the next one, they were inside a fast ice field, completely covered in snow and ice.

“Such a high-level technique, and here I’m using it easily after reaching the eternal realm.”

Roja looked at the dimension in appreciation as if it was a piece of art.

But Yoruichi, Urahara, and the others were beyond shocked at the moment.

With their powers, they can instantly tell if this was an illusion or not, and they weren’t moved by a Shunpo as well, and they could only guess that this was a teleportation technique.

What a scary technique.

Even in the Shinigami world, a teleportation technique was basically a cheat for most people, and the ability Roja used to take them to another world shocked them greatly.

Moving them through space, without them noticing or resisting, meant that Roja could theoretically throw them to Hueco Mundo or in a space rift, and they won’t be able to resist at all.

“Next, we should have a good talk, or should I knock you all down and then talk, I don’t know what you will choose.”

Roja turned around and looked at Urahara and the others as he felt like the villain boss of some kind, which made him smile slightly.

Yoruichi took a deep breath before looking at Roja in awe.

“Of course…”

Just after saying this, her body appeared beside Roja at extreme speed with a kick toward Roja’s neck.

“… After knocking you down, and make you send us back.”


Roja casually raised his hand and grabbed Yoruichi by her ankle and threw away with a flick of his wrist and state: “Your attacks are similar to little Soi Fon, but you’re better and more experienced.”


Listening to Roja talking about ‘Little Soi Fon,’ Yoruchi’s mouth twitched slightly before growling slightly and attacking Roja again.

But this time, Urahara and Tessai joined and attacked together.

“Bakudo #99, Kin!”

As Roja was a member of the Zero Squad, Tessai directly attacked in full power without holding back.


Spiritual fabric and iron shafts instantly surrounded Roja and bound him, making him unable to defend against Yoruichi’s next kick.

However, Roja smiled, his body swayed down, avoiding Yoruichi’s kick, and as she passed over his head, Roja directly straightened up again, caused Yoruichi to hiss and roll around in pain.

He actually responded to speed with an even faster movement.

“Bakudo #99: Bankin!”

Seeing Yoruichi’s attack failing, Tessai used the stronger version of Bakudo #99 without hesitation and shouted.

“Prologue – Halting Wraps”
“Refrain – Serial Hundred Bolts”
“Finale – Fully Prohibited Great Seal”

White fabric suddenly shot toward Roja, bounding him like a mummy while several metal rods nailed the fabric on Roja’s body.


Tessai bellows as a giant cube with a 卍 symbol appeared above Roja, ready to move down and crush Roja.

But, just when the huge cube fell on Roja’s head, it stopped out of thin air, and no matter how much Tessai tried, he couldn’t make it drop further.


With a thunderous sound, the cloth around Roja scattered around, and the iron rods disintegrated, and the huge cube above him exploded.

“This level of Kido doesn’t work on me.”

Roja moved slowly, and the snow under his feet cracked with each step he took.

Roja raised his hand gently in front of him and said: “Out of respect, I will Kido to counterattack!”

“Ura Bakudo #9… The first tune, Thousand Form!”

White silk-like thread suddenly charged toward Tessai, who was preparing to attack Roja with a Hado and directly made him look like a human dumpling.

Seeing the situation that Tessai was in, Yoruichi directly attacked Roja, who just casually waved his hand toward her.

The White silk suddenly spread toward Yoruichi and covered her as well.

Suddenly, the entire world seemed to be covered with white thread. Urahara, who was preparing to attack as soon as he finds an opening, was forced to defend himself as the thread was coming toward from all directions.

“Bankai: Kannonbiraki Benihime Aratame!”

Urahara directly used his Bankai, as he understood what the Kido Roja used was, although he didn’t see the ninth before.

Roja put his hands together in front of him and shook his head before saying.

“It’s useless… Second Tune, Great Light!”

Three Golden beams of light descended from the sky and directly covered Urahara and the others.

The pressure they felt from the light made them struggle to even lift a finger. Their struggle stopped as no one could move anymore.

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