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G.O.S.S Chapter 678: Hogyoku Making Method

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“Now, can you tell me the way to make the Hogyoku?”

Roja didn’t stop the Bakudo as he asked, while the thread covered Urahara and the others, leaving his head only.


Urahara didn’t reply, but his pupil flashed as if he was activating something.

Roja smiled, lifted his foot, and stumped down, making the entire world tremble. He disabled whatever Urahara wanted to do with this stump.

“I know every trick you want to use, Urahara Kisuke!”


Seeing Roja stopping his trap, Urahara was somewhat shocked, but he didn’t panic at all and moved his fingers slightly.

But at this time, Roja smiled again and said: “Space Freeze!”

The Space around them froze. Aizen fell into Urahara’s traps more than once, but Roja was stronger, and he had the ability to see a few seconds into the future, so he didn’t let Urahara use anything up his sleeve.

No matter how resourceful Urahara was, he is helpless against absolute power.


Urahara was inside the beam of light, so he wasn’t affected by the space freeze, but he could feel the effect on the surrounding.

He finally could do nothing but smile wryly.

Roja waved his hand gently, and the beam of light, along with the white silk thread, disappeared.

“You win.”

Urahara stretched a little before extending his hand and taking a notebook out from his arms. He wrote a few things on the book and tossed it to Roja.

“Very good!”

After getting what he wanted, Roja nodded slightly, and with a wave, all of them were sent back to Urahara’s shop while he stayed in the Ice world looking through the notes Urahara gave him.

Inside the Shop, Isshin felt something wrong when he saw them disappear, but he lost his Shinigami powers and could only sigh at the current situation.

When Urahara and the others appeared, he felt relieved and couldn’t help asking: “What happened just now? What did Roja do to you?”

“What did you do? Why give that thing to him?”

Yoruichi ignored Isshin as he questioned Urahara.

Urahara held his hat as he says with a wry smile: “What else can I do? You’ve seen how powerful he was. I wasn’t prepared for something like that, and even if I was, I might not be able to do anything at all.”

“I know that, but handing that thing to him…”

“It’s alright.”

Urahara interrupted Yoruichi and said sadly: “He may not be able to create it, and even if he could, he won’t threaten Soul Society, after all, he is a member of the Zero Squad.”

As soon as she heard the Zero Squad name mentioned, Yoruichi was silenced. As a member of the noble clans, she knew more about the Soul King and the Zero squad than Urahara, and she told him about these things before.

The Zero squad members are candidates selected by the soul king, and these selected are the ultimate protectors of the world.

“Since he is a person chosen by the soul king, then I’ll believe in him.”

Urahara’s dull words echoed around the shop.

In fact, Urahara wasn’t the type of person who would listen to the Soul king’s orders, but as the latter is the foundation of the world, and the one keeping the world from collapsing, he chose to protect him.

“That is, using the highly-dense Shinigami soul and a Hollow soul and constantly adjust them precisely to achieve balance for a fusion?”

Roja looked at the, not in his hand inside the Ice World. With his current state, it was easy for him to know if Urahara was telling the truth or lying to him.

Urahara is a clever man. He didn’t play any trick or lie to Roja about this. After reading the note, Roja confirmed that this was indeed the true method of making the Hogyoku. Using this method would get him close toward obtained the source power and the power of the soul king.

The fusion of opposite forces can lead to almost anything.

In the start, Urahara wanted to break the limit between the Shinigami and the Hollow, so he used the soul of a Shinigami and a Hollow for research. In the end, the essence of both come close to completely merge.

“This method, while true, it’s still created an unperfect Hogyoku. Aizen should’ve used another method, and with the two pieces, a perfect Hogyoku would be born.”

Roja shook his head before destroying the note and then stepped forward gently.

Space rippled, and he instantly disappeared from the Ice world and appeared in the human world.

In the human world, rain poured down on Karakura Town. People walked with their umbrellas, but a few could be seen running and getting wet by the rain.

“Quick, Orihime, the school is up ahead.”

Tatsuki ran forward while holding her bag above her head with one hand while her other hand was holding Orihime’s, pulling her forward toward the school.

Inoue, who was being dragged, said out of breath: “I-I can’t-ran-Anymore…”

“Such terrible weather, to rain so suddenly…”

Tatsuki looked at the sky angrily before she looked at Inoue and said: “We have to hurry or we’ll get sick.”

The two of them ran toward the school that was already in sight while few students held umbrellas, and the majority were running wildly toward the school under the rain.

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