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G.O.S.S Chapter 679: This is High School life

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“it seems like the rain is too sudden, and most students weren’t expecting it.”

Inoue looked at the other students and smiled as she wasn’t the only one soaked by the rain.

Tatsuki’s mouth twitched slightly and said:” You can still laugh in this kind of situation? It’s hard to find an umbrella. I hope the rain stops when we finish school.”

The two girls finally reached the school gate and directly ran toward a corridor.

Tatsuki didn’t mind getting wet from the rain, by Inoue’s situation was not that good as her clothes stuck to her body.

They couldn’t undress here. The only thing to do was to wring the water out of their clothes and hope the boys won’t stare at Inoue.

Many students rushed past them, and only a few stopped.

“Class is about to start, let’s go.”

Inoue said to Tatsuki, who Nodded. Their clothes were already not as wet as before, but they were still wet.

But suddenly, they noticed something strange and could only look in astonishment at their classmate that didn’t have an umbrella.

That person was Roja, and they didn’t interact with each other so, Roja didn’t greet them. But what made them astonished was the fact that Roja didn’t seem wet at all even after walking under the rain.

Both of them thought that they were seeing things and didn’t take a good look, or else it’s impossible for someone to be dry after walking under the rain.

Staring blankly at Roja, who was about to pass by them, Inoue couldn’t help ask with a strange expression: “Roja-san… That, you…”

“Huh? What’s the matter?”

Roja looked at Inoue then glanced at Tatsuki that was looking at him the same way as Inoue.

“How are you…”

Looking at Roja, Inoue said with a puzzled look, examining Roja clothes, Inoue tried to ask but couldn’t form the words: “That, your clothes, how…”

Hearing Inoue’s words, Roja finally knew what’s wrong. He was in deep thought about the Hogyoku that he forgot to suppress his Sage body, which can stop rain from wetting his clothes.

An idea flashed in his mind, and he directly said to them as if he didn’t care: “It’s just a trick, I know.”

As he said this, Roja snapped his fingers and visible to the naked eyes. The water in Inoue and Tatsuki’s clothes floated in the air forming a small ball then moved toward Roja’s finger before he threw it outside.

“Well, that takes care of it.”

Roja said indifferently as he ignored Both girls’ expressions.

Inoue and Tatsuki stood in the same place looking silly, and their eyes widened.

Inoue touched her clothes stupidly and found out that they were dry and said: “Well, Tatsuki, I seem to be hallucinating, maybe I didn’t sleep well last night.”

“Me too.”

Tatsuki said dumbly.

The weather was very strange today, a violent storm in the morning and a clear sky at noon. Rukia, who was on her way, headed toward Urahara’s shop to get some pills before heading toward the school.

Just as she reached the school, her Hollow detector reacted.

“And I just got here…”

She quickly went to the classroom, looking for Ichigo.

“Ichigo, Come with me.”

“? Is there something you can say it directly… Puff!”

As Ichigo was about to finish his sentence, Rukia directly slapped him hard before saying: “Ichigo, are you okay? I need to take you to the Infirmary.”

Seeing the poor acting, their classmates almost fell down from their seats.

“Did she just…”

“She hit him right in the face, right…”

Roja saw this and didn’t’ react at all. He wasn’t going to interfere with this.

“Here, let’s eat lunch.”

“What are you so excited about; it’s just eating lunch.”

Tatsuki looked at the excited Inoue and felt like she had too much energy drink to be that energetic.

A fat girl said sadly to Inoue: “Orihime, why do you not get fat after eating so much, I’m envious…”

“Because nutrition is obviously concentrated in one place.”

Another student said as she stared at Orihime’s chest.


Roja, who was feigning to sleep in the corner, almost choked on his own saliva as he heard their conversation and finally remembered what school life was like.

When Roja looked at them, he found Chizuru getting a perverted look on her eyes before grabbing Orihime’s chest.

“I want to eat these instead of a bento…”

“Hey, Chizuru, what are you doing in broad daylight?”

Tatsuki directly roared at Chizuru.

Just as Chizuru was about to get hit, a soft voice came from the said: “Oh… then it’s okay at night.”


Tatsuki almost spurted blood as she stared angrily to see which bastard said this while Chizuru continued.

“Yes, yes, You mine tonight!”


Tatsuki once again looked at Chizuru and was about to punch her, but suddenly a gust of wind came out of the window, which made Inoue look strangely at it.

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