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G.O.S.S Chapter 680: Shūkurō Tsukishima!

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Inoue turned her head and looked at the window, and when the other girls noticed this, they turned around but didn’t see anything on the window.

Something strange suddenly happened, Ichigo suddenly flashed and jumped directly from the window.


Almost all the girls in class screamed in fright. After that passed, Tatsuki looked at Ichigo and said: “You… You… You… How did you come up here?”

“Of course, I jumped up.”

Ichigo spread his hands and smiled.

He is obviously not Ichigo. Instead, he was Kon, the one substituting Ichigo when the latter had to kill Hollows.

Tatsuki pointed at Ichigo while her forehead was full of cold sweat due to the fright that she just had. Suddenly she remembered what Roja did this morning and thought that she was going insane.

Kon, like the pervert he is, directly looked at Inoue’s chest and exclaimed.


His eyes shone, and he directly jumped in the air, trying to plunge on Inoue’s chest.


“Stop being noisy!”

Roja, who was sitting not far away from Inoue, stretched a hand and pinched Kon in the face before throwing him back out of the window.

Roja hated it when someone pretended to be young in front of him, let alone someone who is an artificial soul.

Inoue: “…”

Tatsuki: “…”

After that, the entire class was quiet for a second, before screams echoed throughout the building.

“Dark… Kurosaki-Kun!!!”

Inoue’s face was filled with Panic as she saw That Kurosaki Ichigo being thrown out of the window, but she could tell that he wasn’t the true Ichigo, as he didn’t have Ichigo’s aura around him.

Tatsuki directly looked at Roja and said: “How could you…”

“That fellow isn’t Kurosaki Ichigo.” Roja looked at Tatsuki before continuing: “Okay, it’s too troublesome to explain, you will find out later.”

“That’s Ichigo? What are you talking about?”

Tatsuki looked at Roja in bewilderment, but at this moment, Inoue interrupted their conversation and said: “Yes, that person isn’t Kurosaki-Kun…”

If what Roja said made Tatsuki bewildered, then what Inoue said made her shocked beyond belief. She may not be able to tell that another soul was inside that body, but she could feel something’s wrong.

“About before, Thank you very much!”

A happy smile returned to Inoue’s face as she thanked Roja.

Roja thought about Inoue’s big heart and her ability to laugh under any circumstances, and only one word appeared in his head: Ahogaru (Clueless girl)

“You’re welcome.”

Waving his hand, Roja continued to take a nap.

However, at this time, Inoue noticed that Roja didn’t seem to bring lunch and immediately put the finger on her lips and said: “Well, it seem like you didn’t bring lunch, you can have mine.”


Roja was unable to talk for a bit before he said: “Don’t worry, I’m not hungry.”


As Roja rejected her offer, she didn’t press on the matter, but instead, she looked pensive.

She wasn’t a stupid girl like most thought. At least she was smarter than Tatsuki. When she remembered what Roja did in the morning, she knew that it was something supernatural but knew better not to inquire further on the matter.

At night, Roja strolled the street of Karakura town, which reminded him of his own world. He planned to look for someplace fun to play, but as he looked to the side, he saw Rukia and Ichigo rushing forward.

“I really run across them everywhere.”

Roja shook his head and acted like he didn’t see them. He wasn’t interested in Ichigo, who is hunting and killing Hollows. Roja soon arrived at a bar and entered.

The atmosphere was very lively in the bar as young gangsters danced with the music while a few stripers stood on the stage.

Of course, these weren’t where Roja’s attention currently was. The reason he was here is that when he encountered Rukia before, he released his senses and found some interesting character here.

“I didn’t expect to mee these guys here.”

Roja smiled slightly with interest as he ordered: “A cup of the best wine, please.”


A handsome young man behind the bar smiled and nodded before taking the money Roja gave him for the wine.

While the youth was preparing the wine, Roja put his hand on the counter as he waited, but at the same time, he stared at the young man thoughtfully.

Roja was very familiar with this guy.

Shūkurō Tsukishima!

One of the most powerful abilities Roja saw in the series was this guy’s ability. It was like a cheat actually, as he had the ability to rewrite the past!

Because changing the past affects the future, and therefore, this ability is superior to Yhawch’s ability to change the future.

Of course, the reason why Yhwach was strong is that he was born from a part of the Soul King.

Like the soul king, Yhwach could bestow power to his subordinates, which is clearly the aspect of Creation, but he didn’t have the control the soul king had.

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