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G.O.S.S Chapter 686: The gathering of the Hollows

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Because of the large quantity of Spiritual pressure due to the Hollows, glass in several buildings shattered. At this time, Inoue and the others were cleaning the broken glass.

“This is really troublesome. My hands will get scarred by the glasses.”

Chizuru was picking the broken glass pieces from the ground with a bored expression. Today is a weekend, and only the Karate club was in school, and by chance, the glass of the entire school broke.

Tatsuki squatted on the ground as she picked the pieces of the shattered glass while tilting her head in puzzlement: “As a member of the Karate club, you shouldn’t be concerned about something like that.”

At this time, Inoue felt something strange as she looked out of the window at the sky.

Neither Tatsuki nor Chizuru felt anything weird, but she felt a strange aura in the sky from the start and could perceive a threat as if someone was looking at her, but she couldn’t find the source.

Something must be happening. Suddenly Inoue looking on top of a building instinctively to see a huge shadow above it, which made her heart almost jump out of her throat.

She took a deep breath and calmed down before looking at her friends and said with a smile: “Tatsuki, Chizuru, there is a Tv show that I like today. I’m going home, so let’s go together.”


Tatsuki and Chizuru, who were almost fighting, looked at Inoue strangely. Inoue didn’t wait for them and grabbed both of them from their hands and ran quickly.

However, the Hollow already noticed Inoue; after all, her Spiritual pressure was stronger than normal people, and, in its eyes, Inoue was a delicious meal.


The Hollow suddenly appeared above Inoue and the others before they managed to escape far. It looked at Inoue and said: “You… can see me.”

Inoue’s body trembled as she felt the danger. Inoue was cover in cold-sweat from head to toe as she could only shout: “Quickly, Run away!!”

“Hehehehe, you want to run away while I’m watching? You should obediently become my food… Puff!” The Hollow smirked before stretching its claw toward Orihime. But suddenly, its whole body fell down in front of Inoue.

Chizuru and Tatsuki immediately turned around when they heard Inoue’s shout and were stunned.

In the air, Roja, who was dressed in casual clothes, stood. He was suspended in the air or somewhat floating. Their mind couldn’t process the current scene and almost shut down.

The two of them couldn’t see the Hollow that Roja was stepping on, but Inoue could. Unexpectedly the monster was stepped on by Roja.

“There are two idiots out there, making the city full of these things. They are making me work on my vacation, and it’s really annoying.”

Roja spread his hand in a bored manner before putting it down. As soon as he did, the Hollow under his foot disintegrated, along with every Hollow in the vicinity of the school.

Roja landed on the ground gracefully before wiping dirt off of your shoulder.

“Wait… Wait!”

Seeing Roja was about to leave, Inoue couldn’t hold back anymore and shouted toward Roja: “Roja, what was that just now…”

“Well, I will let him explain that to you.”

Roja glanced at Inoue and the others and noticed Urahara was not far away, so he dropped the ball toward Urahara.

Urahara had sweatdropped at this but still came out of the shadow. Inoue was one of the people deeply influenced by Ichigo, so he was here to see if she can awaken an ability just like Sado.

But Roja appearing here overturned his plans.

Urahara walked without expression, but he looked at Inoue and the others he showed an embarrassing smile.

“Well, Ladies, let me explain…!”


Before he could finish his words, Tatsuki directly sent him flying with a roundhouse kick.

“Come out with it, what the hell are you doing here?”

Urahara: ”…”

Roja couldn’t watch this anymore. His mouth twitched before he decisively left. This made Chizuru and Tatsuki rub their eyes in shock.

Urahara briefly explained to Inoue about the Hollow, then he touched his chin and looked at the sky.

“If it was just a hollow bait, it wouldn’t be able to gather so many hollows. It seems like there is something going in Hueco Mundo.”

“There is also the slow reaction from soul society.”

As time passed, the Hollows gathered in Karakura town were defeated, but many of them were surrounding Ichigo and Ishida at this time.

When they were about to defeat all of them, a sudden large crack appeared in the sky, a crack like no other before as if a giant was coming out of it.

Rukia, who didn’t have any power currently, was looking at the Hollow emerging from the crack with fright.

She very much wanted to help now, but she could only deal with one or two normal hollows, dealing with a large number of them or a strong one was impossible.

She was desperate when she looked at the large crack.

She didn’t hear from other Shinigami that guard duty will result in such big problems, but why does this keep on happening in Karakura town.

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