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G.O.S.S Chapter 687: Incredible!

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“Soul Society is taking its time; they are too slow.”

Rukia felt bitter as she didn’t know what to do anymore.

At this time, she heard a voice, and as she turned around, she was surprised to see Roja in casual sportswear with his hands in his pocket as he said: “The human world is facing such a threat, and they are holding a meeting to discuss things?”


Rukia didn’t even dare to say a word as she listened to him. He was making fun of the Gotei 13, and Rukia shut up and didn’t interrupt him.

At the same time, she sighed in relief since Karakura town shouldn’t be in trouble since Roja is here.

Ishida was almost close to reaching his limit at this time, but Ichigo still could continue fighting.

Seeing Ichigo still can fight, Ishida gritted his teeth and pulled his bow before releasing arrows repeatedly.

“… If the Shinigami were willing to accept Quincy’s suggestions and willing to acknowledge their ability, then my grandfather wouldn’t have died, all the other Quincy’s wouldn’t have died. We are stronger than the Shinigami.”


Ichigo looked at Ichigo with a look that said: ‘Are you an idiot?’. As he was about to get angry and start ranting at Ishida, both of them heard footsteps behind them.

Wait, Footsteps?! Both thought as they were startled, they thought beside Rukia, no one was near them.

Both turned around to look at the newcomer and saw a familiar silhouette.


Ichigo opened his mouth strangely as he planned to ask but suddenly noticed the ground under Roja’s feet crack with each step.

With the last step, Ichigo and Ishida were hit hard by the terrifying Spiritual pressure Roja was releasing.

The air became heavier as they felt as if a rock pressed them down, and it became greatly difficult to breathe.

Roja took another step. All the hollows froze in their place as they started exploding one after the other before they disappeared.

As he took the third step, his Spiritual pressure soared through the sky, and all the Hollows in the sky burst like fireworks.

After he took those three steps, Rukia didn’t show any shock as she already knew that Roja was that strong, but Ishida and Ichigo were more than shocked.

What kind of power was that?!

Ichigo knew that Roja’s position as a Shinigami was very high, but he didn’t know that Roja was that powerful. It was just incredible.

Ishida thought that Roja was just a normal Shinigami like Rukia or Ichigo, but seeing his power made him tremble.

“It seems that we are not needed here anymore.”

Not far away, Urahara caught up to Tessai and the others, and at the same time, he took pleasure in other’s misfortune and said: “The Gotei 13 sure took their time, perhaps they will be in a bad position later on.”

Yoruichi, in her black cat form, looked at Urahara and said: “Look whose talking after coming here late himself.”

Urahara: “…”

But at this time, it seems there is one thing that Roja didn’t deal with, The Menos Grande that was on the process of tearing down space. It’s giant head suddenly peeked at the world, making Ichigo and Ishida very scared.

“This… This is…”

Cold sweat Covered Ichigo and Ishida as they looked at that Hollow with panic.

They faced many Hollows before, but this was the first time they come face to face with such a big one. Even the biggest Hollow they fought before seemed like a Baby compared to this.

However, Roja wasn’t amused seeing this as his eyes narrowed and coldly said: “You know that I’m here, but you sent a Menos Grande?”

Roja suddenly disappeared and turned into light before he rushed into the sky, and with one strike, the Menos Grande cracked from head to toe.

After wiping it out, Roja didn’t go back down; instead, he looked at the crack and sneered before inserting both of his hand into the crack.

“Tricks don’t work against me!”

Two big hands condensed out of pure Spiritual power grabbed both sides of the space crack before they tore it violently, which made Hueco Mundo appear from the other side.

Immediately after, Roja pressed his palm in the depth of the crack.

His Spiritual pressure surged crazily as nothing stood in front of his palm.

Roja hit something, but he didn’t know what it was, but he wasn’t finished with this.

“Do you think I can’t go to Hueco Mundo?”

Looking at the crack, Roja sneered and ripped it and took a step forward before vanishing.

Looking at this, Urahara swallowed his Saliva as his mouth twitched, and the word savage reverberated in his mind.

Tessai was dumbfounded. His face was full of cold-sweat as he remembered that he was impolite in front of Roja before.

“This… Did he just go pursuing whatever that was to Hueco Mundo?”

Rukia finally could breathe normally before she looked at the sky and wondered.

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