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G.O.S.S Chapter 688: Las Noches

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In the desert environment of Hueco Mundo, where Spiritual power became extremely chaotic, a being was suddenly flung down by a giant hand made of Spiritual power.

“Damn it!”

The bring who was flung under the desert’s sand flew out with enough force to make a small sand storm before he was startled as he saw a huge crack on the sky.

He was the seventh Espada, Zommari Rureaux.

The Espada made a move, way before they should have. It is well known to Roja that Aizen, along with Tosen and Gin, conquered Hueco Mundo dozens of years ago, and even though Aizen didn’t have the complete Hogyoku, he could still empower the Hollows and give them Shinigami powers or the other way around.

Zommari’s face was gloomy, he looked at the crack and wanted to rush back toward the human world to deal with the one who attacked him, but he knew that someone who could send an attack all the way from the human world to Hueco Mundo isn’t someone he can fight.

He raised both of his hands and directly used his hollow ability, Descorrer, to mend the crack in the sky.

But at this moment, a terrifying Spiritual power suddenly stopped his ability, and Space cracked like a Mirror.

Zommari was planning on closing the crack and returning to Las Noches, but he was startled when he saw a hand stretches out of the crack and directly shattered the Space, forcefully entering Hueco Mundo.

He instantly recognized him as the person who attacked him from the Human world.

“He unexpectedly dares to follow me to Hueco Mundo…”

Looking a Roja in the sky, Zommari’s face turned cold as he snorted without any fear and instead rushed in to face him.

Because, in Hueco Mundo, Hollows had the advantage.

Moreover, they were close to Las Noches, and if a fight breaks out, it will alarm the other Espada’s in Las Noches, and 7 of them are stronger than he was.

“You think if you hid in Hueco Mundo, you would be safe?” Roja slowly fell to the ground as he looked at Zommari.

“My senses can’t perceive your Spiritual pressure, but from your power, you should be a captain from Soul Society.”

Zommari looked at Roja as he released his Resurrección, which is the same as the Shikai for the Shinigami.

“Suppress, Brujería!”

Zommari levitates his Zanpakutō in front of him horizontally, then clasps his hands together. He then twists his head until it’s perpendicular to the rest of his body and takes a bracing stance. When he said the release command, his sword was bent into the shape of an edged spiral. Once in shape, a cloud of thick white smoke was emitted from the corners of the spiral and covered his body, transforming into a thick, white, foamy liquid that mixes with his Reiryoku.

In its release, Brujería covers Zommari’s entire body with fifty open eyes, and his legs (along with his lower body) are replaced by a pink pumpkin-like (or sea urchin-like) structure, surrounded by cyclopean faces which somewhat resemble his own face. His neck is covered in a skull-shaped neck brace with an open eye in the front. Black markings also appear on his face in the form of two downward triangles originating from his eyes. Another five triangular markings appear under his mouth, forming what looks like a beard.

In this state, Zommari can use an ability called Amor (means love) and can control any object or thing in his vision. So no matter if Roja is strong or not, one he uses his ability on him, he will become his captive.

All of his eyes directly gazed at Roja and marked him with his Ability.

“You didn’t even realize that I’m using my Amor on you? It seems like you’re not that strong.”

After saying this, Zommari grinned fiendishly and said: “Now, your body is under my control.”

“Are you talking about me?”


Zommari’s face changed as he scowled, his ability was already activated, but it seemed as if Roja’s body wasn’t under his control at all. He tried again to control Roja’s limbs and see his despair, but he was stunned.

He was actually unable to control Roja at all.

“This is impossible.”

Zommari looked in disbelief as his own ability couldn’t control Roja. His ability was sinking into Roja’s body as fast as a boulder sinking into the sea, without any effect on Roja.

“Weak! You’re too weak!”

While he was still not believing what happened, Roja already lifted his hand toward Zommari and said: “Mugetsu!”

A black, terrifying Aura instantly covered the entire sky and directly cut through Zommari’s body from his left shoulder to the right side of his abdomen.

An abyss was formed in the desert as the attack touched the sandy ground.

“Why… My Ability…”

Zommari was dying, and he still couldn’t believe that someone wasn’t affected by his ability.

After killing Zommari, Roja looked up toward Las Noches.

At this moment, all the Espada in Las Noches raised their heads as they felt Roja entering Hueco Mundo forcibly and knew that the seventh Espada, Zommori, was killed with one blow.

“Zommari… is dead?”

“So fast?”

“It seems that our enemy is very strong.”

Grimmjow and the other Espada were extremely excited by the notion of such a strong opponent.

The hollows under the Espada trembled as the Spiritual pressure released almost squashed them.

“This spiritual pressure…”

The Espada’s expression once again changed. They felt the Spiritual pressure a moment ago, but it was far away, and it wasn’t clear how strong it was, but once it was pressing down on them, they felt how fearsome it was.

Even the most powerful Espada felt a slight fear from the Spiritual pressure alone.

If they weren’t familiar with Aizen’s Spiritual pressure, they would suspect that it was his, because, beside Aizen, they weren’t aware of someone possessing such a terrifying Spiritual pressure.

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