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G.O.S.S chapter 689: Roja Vs. Espada

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“Such a strong Spiritual pressure… A very strong fellow has arrived! Hahahahaha!!!”

In Las Noches, Gimmjow’s body trembled in excitement as he felt the Spiritual pressure coming from Roja.

A Ferocious smile appeared on his face as he flashed directly from Las Noches toward the source of his excitement, Roja.

He saw someone floating above Las Noches and directly went up toward him and said: “You can kill that Zommari fellow easily, which means you’re extremely strong. I will be your opponent. I’m Gimmjow, Espada Number Six!”

Grimmjow grinned and flashed toward Roja, but at this time, someone tried to stop him.

“Wait, Grimmjow!”

The other Espada rushed out of Las Noches and toward Roja, which made Tier Harribel shout for Grimmjow to wait.

However, Grimmjow turned a deaf ear toward her words as he pulled out his sword and slashed at Roja.

Roja saw Grimmjow wielding his sword at him and coldly: “Provoking me isn’t wise.”


Roja waved his sleeve, and a terrifying Spiritual pressure hit Grimmjow, forcing him down to the ground. He didn’t use any ability at all; just his Spiritual Pressure was enough.


Grimmjow’s body hit the palace with a loud boom causing the building to collapse, and the earth trembled.

“Damn it!”

Tier Harribel shouted as a shock wave passed under her feet. She readied her sword and already released her Resurrección.

“Destroy, Tiburón!”

Her hand grasped her giant sword as she looked at Roja before attacking.


An ocean-like body of water with a great rivers force surged out and moved toward Roja.

“You’re way over your head!”

Roja looked at Harribel a little before lifting his foot directly to touched the water, and suddenly, an extremely cold force surged out and immediately transformed the entire body of water into ice and started falling from the sky.

Harribel was startled and once again wanted to wield the water, but to her surprise, the ice that fell from the sky, once it touched the water she released, forcibly changed everything to ice, and she turned into an Ice Sculpture.


Grimmjow saw this and was startled, seeing that even Harribel, with her own Resurrección, couldn’t stand a chance against Roja.

The other Espada frowned, and their expression dropped as they saw Harribel defeated so easily even after using Resurrección.

Even Nnoitra shrank back with disbelief.

“Damn, this guy is too strong…”

Nnoitra didn’t lose his will to fight, and after taking a deep breath, he released his Spiritual pressure, but it didn’t rush toward the sky like anyone else. Instead, it gathered around him.

The spiritual pressure condensed and turned bright gold, making everyone feel a slight fear. This was a technique he was prohibited from using in Las Noches.

It’s the Espada’s strongest Cero (Hollow Flash) … Gran Rey Cero!


After gathering Spiritual pressure for a while, Nnoitra roared as he released his Gran Rey Cero at Roja.

At the same time, four other Espada aimed their Gran Rey Cero at Roja and fired at the same time.


The Cero of the Five Espada, each with a different color, gathered in the sky, causing a terrifying Rainbow which almost distorted the space and broke it.

However, Roja looked at the five Cero in contempt. He didn’t want to call Sen Maboroshi, nor did he want to use any ability. So, he simply raised both hands and clapped while the Cero reached between his hands.

The five Gran Rey Cero, the most terrifying attack each Espada had, was squashed between Roja’s hands like it was nothing.

“Flashy tricks!”

“With this kind of ability, you want to fight me? Kneel down!”

Roja coldly and arrogantly shouted and raised his hand at the and used the first technique since coming here.

Ura Hado #3: Teppūsatsu!

Wind Erupted from Roja’s palm and condensed into a large monster and roared as it moved down toward Las Noches.

All the Espada paled as they looked at the monster coming down toward the before immediately gave away resisting the attack and moved away.

But, only Grimmjow and the first five Espada were fast enough to escape. The other Espada were directly struck.


The two Espada who were struck started disintegrating inch by inch before they turned into Spirit Particles and vanished under Las Noches.

One Ura Hado, Two Espada fell.

Even Grimmjow and the others felt fear, although they were all prideful and didn’t lower their head to anyone, that was the reason for Aizen to Conquer them at first.

Now, it was clearly apparent the gap in strength between them and Roja. They couldn’t help the fear from creeping into their hearts.

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