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G.O.S.S Chapter 690: Easy

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While most the Espada couldn’t think about what to do next, a figure suddenly flashed and appeared behind Roja.

“Enclose, Murciélago!”

Black wings suddenly opened as the Fourth Espada, Ulquiorra, stood like an evil god with his fingers stretched at Roja’s head.

Spiritual pressure quickly gathered around his finger as the sky’s color changed before he roared.

“Cero Oscuras!”

The special Cero of Ulquiorra was directly launched at Roja’s head and swallowed him completely.

Ulquiorra didn’t celebrate his win as he knew that couldn’t defeat Roja. Instead, he was focusing on the spot where Roja stood thoughtfully.

“That should at least injure him…”

However, as soon as he thought about it, Roja seemed to teleport before appearing right beside Ulquiorra.

“Don’t stand higher than me.”

Roja said indifferently before he grabbed Ulquiorra’s wings and tugged them fiercely.

With a cloth tearing sound, Ulquiorra’s wings separated from his back and blook sprinkled down before he directly fell like a wounded bat.

This once again blew away the Espada’s fighting spirit.

“Damn it!”

Nnoitra roared as he released his huge blade that was in the form of a double crescent-moon connection to each other and angrily shouted: “You bastard, do you think that the Espada are worthless.”

He rushed toward Roja maliciously.

However, Roja’s response was to grasp his hand and take his weapon out of his hand before flooding it with his Spiritual pressure, directly destroying it.

After that, Roja flung his hand back at Nnoitra, instantly sending him crashing down while spitting blood.

Roja took a step and directly appeared in front of the First Espada, Starrk, who was observing the situation from the start.

Starrk pupil shrank, but he already readied himself as he changed his subordinate, Lilynette, into the gun form and used his Resurrección.

“Cero Metralleta!”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

In an instant, numerous blue Cero were released out of Starrk’s gun like a machine gun.

“Cero can’t do anything to me, and it doesn’t matter if it were a few shots or more, it’s still the same.”

Roja didn’t flinch as his hand stretched out and held the Cero in his hand before pinching them.

As the Cero vanished, Roja pointed a golden light and said: “Ura Hado #7: Void Projection!”

Starrk was very vigilant and was even more vigilant when Roja pinched his Cero out of existence, but even so, he couldn’t avoid the next attack.

Blood spurted out of Starrk’s mouth as he flew upside down toward Las Noches.

Looking at the Espada falling one after the other, Braggan couldn’t suppress his anger as he roared.

“You dare be so imprudent here in Las Noches!!”

“I’m the ruler of Hueco Mundo, and nobody shall attack Hueco Mundo while I’m here.”

Even if he submitted to Aizen, Braggan was once the king of Hueco Mundo.

“Rot, Arrogante!”

Braggan roared as the double-edged axe was weld down before his body was turned into a skeleton and a purple cloak cover his body, making him resemble a lich. The Aura of death and decay poured out of his body in waves all around him.

Everything touching that Aura started rotting, be it the stand or the buildings, the other Espada quickly moved away as to avoid that Aura.

The Aura moved quickly and arrived in front of Roja.

Roja looking at this Aura with disdain and didn’t even bother staying away from it. Instead, he took a step forward into the Aura without any care.

Seeing Roja dare enter his ability, Braggan was satisfied at first before sneering as if he could already see Roja’s body rotting.

But his sneer ended as he looked in disbelief at Roja taking a stroll without any damage.

The Aura of death couldn’t even rot a single hair on Roja’s body.

Because in his Eternal realm, Roja already transcended life and death, and both lost their significance.

“Life and Death hold no significance to me because I’m already above such concepts.”

Roja stretched his hand toward Braggan, who instinctively wielded his double-edged axe to cut Roja. But Roja merely held it in his hand and pinched.

The double-edged axe vanished in Spirit particles while a giant hand made of Spiritual power emerged from the sky and fell down toward Braggan and Las Noches.

A Large part of Las Noches was destroyed with a palm imprint on the ground.

The Espada could do nothing as they watched more than half of Las Noches being destroyed with them in toe without having any power to resist.

The Espada of Hueco Mundo, vanished.

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