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G.O.S.S Chapter 692: Intruders

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“It seems like I failed.”

Roja took Nel into his hand and put her in his lap. He thought for a while before he shook his head. Nel recovered completely.

Roja also felt that Nel’s switch was quite interesting.

“Uuu… I can’t look after Roja like this.”

Nel looked at Roja with grievance, because Roja rescued her, she wanted to return the favor. That’s her character, Friendly, Kind, and Innocent.

As for Aizen, she didn’t want to be under him but basically forced her to join him. In fact, none of the Espada wanted to be Aizen’s subordinates, but the latter was too strong, and they couldn’t disobey him.

“You don’t have to take care of me.”

Roja smiled and squeezed Nel’s face due to how cute she seemed. She can be compared to Yachiru, Zaraki’s vice-captain.

After a while, Roja stood up a he looked at the current situation of Hueco Mundo while he also knew what happened in the Human World.

In his Eternal realm state, nothing could limit his senses and vision.

So long as he wants, he can see every corner in this world, be it in Soul Society, Hueco Mundo, or the human world. He was superior to Hyosube, who knew every name and governed anything Black.

“The Plot now is on track, and it’s soul society’s time.”

“You, you want to abandon me?”

Nel hugged Roja’s arm with reluctance as her big cute eyes turned into puppy dog eyes with tears to reinforce the technique.

Roja smiled and said: “You don’t need to stay here; my place is very big. I will take you back with me.”

As his voice fell, Roja put his hand in the air and directly twisted it, making a tunnel toward the Soul King’s palace.

Although Sinjumaru and the others realized that Roja brought someone with him, when they looked into it, they just shook their heads and continued doing whatever they were doing.

Only Hyosube looked at Roja’s direction with a deep frown as his eyes flashed coldly.

“Death Sentence…?”

Rukia expected this, but as soon as she heard this, she felt bitter.

She was someone from the Kuchiki clan, and in soul society, families defend themselves by setting an example of the ones at fault. If it was another Shinigami in her place, she wouldn’t be put to death, but because she was from a noble clan, they wanted her to be an example.

Thinking that Maybe her brother may help her at first, Rukia was faced with the bitter reality, as Byakuya did nothing, and since the Central 46 issued the order, he won’t be able to do anything.

She suddenly thought of someone. She thought of what happened in the human world and remembered Roja, who had the ability to order the central 46 around.

However, whether Roja will save her or not, she didn’t know. Roja was an aloof person, even though he said he would help her when she needed, maybe he would forget about her later.

After all, how could the Zero Squad interfere with casual decisions in soul society?

As Rukia was sentenced to death, Ichigo was training under Urahara.

Inoue and Sado and the others, each was awakening and training his own ability to help Rukia.

After the training came to an end, four people and a cat waited for Urahara to open the gate to soul society.


After passing through the dangerous gate, Ichigo and the others fell from the sky to the western part of the Rukongai.

“So, the Shinigami lives there.”

Ichigo looked in the direction of the Gotei 13, and his face was filled with determination. He ignored the black cat shouting at him.

Suddenly, an alarm that was set by Aizen was triggered by the rushing Ichigo. Suddenly a huge fellow fell down, holding a big axe in his hand and said.

“It’s been a long time since someone wanted to invade Soul Society… I will be entertaining you brats.”

Soul king Palace.

Senjumaru was in her palace measuring Nel, who was stark naked, so she can make some clothes for her that wouldn’t tear when she is in her adult form or become too big when she is in her child form.

Roja was strolling in Senjumaru’s palace, and occasionally he would stretch a hand to touch a piece of cloth that interested him. When he turned around, he noticed that Nel changed from her child form to her adult one.

“Although it’s a bit difficult, I can still make the design.”

Senjumaru started taking Adult’s Nel’s measurement before nodding as she already thought of the design.

“Please do then.”

Roja smiled, and Senjumaru smiled back as she said: “You don’t need to say that with such a small matter, but I’m a little surprised you brought a hollow from Hueco Mundo. Do you see Hollow, Shinigami, and Humans as the same?”


Roja didn’t say anything first before suddenly noticed the expression on Senjumaru’s face. His mouth twitched as he caught her meaning but pretended that he didn’t understand with his expression saying, ‘I couldn’t understand what you mean’.

Senjumaru didn’t say anything but smiled at him before she proceeded to make Nel’s clothes, but suddenly, they felt something happen in Soul Society.

Roja, Senjumaru, and the others directly moved while looking down, each using their own means to investigate what happened.

After a while, Senjumaru shook her head and said: “It’s just a few intruders. Soul Society should have the ability to take care of them; it’s a trivial thing.”

“Maybe this group isn’t that simple?”

Roja’s expression didn’t reveal anything but a mystery as he suddenly turned around to walk outside the palace and said: “Something big is about to happen in Soul Society.”

Senjumaru looked at Roja’s back thoughtfully.

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