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G.O.S.S Chapter 693: The Welcoming of a Captain

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Outside Soul Society.

The Guard outside was indeed strong compared to the previous Ichigo, but the current Ichigo, who trained under Urahara, easily defeated him. The Guard’s name is Jidanbō, who, after admitting his defeat, proceeded to open the gate for Ichigo and the others.

but suddenly a radiant white sword so fast, they couldn’t react.

Jidanbō’s pace stopped as his blood was spilled on the ground.

Yoruichi looked at this in shock.

“We actually run into him… So unlucky.”

Ichigo and the others stiffened, looking at the large abyss in front of them and felt their hair stand from fright while feeling as if a snake was staring at them.

Ichigo and the others suddenly noticed something else. They turned around and looked at the wall behind them.

“The damage is quite serious.”

Roja was sitting on top of the wall as he touched the now broken gate and shook his head while saying to Jidanbō.

“Jidanbō, you’re not doing a good job at defending this gate.”


Jidanbō’s expression changed. He was even more afraid then Ichigo and the others as he saw Roja.

He certainly knows who Roja is.

Once a Grand Kido Chief, after that, he was the Tenth Division’s captain.

He once fought eight captains simultaneously and came victorious, and on the same day, the Zero Squad extended an invitation to him.

“Ro… Captain Roja, why are you…”

Nobody paid attention to the downed Jidanbō as they looked at Roja, who jumped down and fell in front of the somewhat stunned Gin.

Gin didn’t expect Roja to be here, and couldn’t help ask him with an unnatural expression.

“I didn’t think a minor thing like this would alarm the Zero squad. I wonder why are you in Soul Society?”

“What I’m here for, I think you know exactly why in your heart, no?”

Roja narrowed his eyes, making Gin’s heart almost stop. He wanted to expose Aizen, making Roja deal with him.

But thinking about it, Gin was also under Kyoka Suigetsu’s control, if perhaps he wouldn’t be able to expose Aizen now, he can’t hesitate now, or else everything he worked for would be for nothing.

“Are you insane? Come here!”

Yoruichi almost clawed Ichigo’s face as she said angrily: “If he didn’t save you life, you would be dead, you’re extremely lucky, and now you want to rush forward again. What is your brain made of, Stones?”

“Don’t think about the friendship you had with him in the human world even if you had one, don’t you know who that is?”

Yoruichi’s words finally made Ichigo’s hot blood cool down as he asked in a barely audible voice: “What should I do then?”

“It’s simply impossible to rush now. I didn’t approve of you rushing previously. You should plan ahead.”

“Moreover, Roja is in Soul Society. He has a tremendous influence here, all the captains will welcome him, and that will create time for us.”

Hearing these words, Inoue and the others were extremely shocked. They didn’t think that Roja had such a high status in soul society.

“All the captains will welcome him…”

Ichigo swallowed his saliva and finally couldn’t bear to ask: “Who exactly is that guy?”

“It’s a long story. Shortly, you only need to know that Byakuya and Renji, the two you met before, are far below him in status and power.”

Yoruichi then continued: “If he wanted, just one word from him is enough to stop Rukia’s execution, but it’s impossible for us to depend on him or ask him to do that.”

Roja strolled near the Gotei 13’s meeting hall before entering.

Yamamoto and the others were in a meeting with the former standing alone at the front while the others stood in lines on both sides.

And in front of the captains, Roja suddenly walked slowly.


Aizen’s expression didn’t change much, but he was extremely restless. His Kyoka Suigetsu worked on everyone except Roja.

However, Aizen knew that Roja was like him. He was someone who wanted to stand above anyone else. He wanted to be the soul king, so he must be here for something else not to expose him.

Other than Aizen, the other captains who saw Roja stiffened a little. They still remembered the day they suffered a shameful defeat at his hands.

Soi Fon seemed bitter at this time, while Unohana looked with her usual gentle expression.

“May I know why is Captain Roja is here?”

Yamamoto opened his eyes as he asked Roja, who was calmly walking aside.

The Zero Squad members are above all captains; therefore, all the captains would have to call Roja captain.

“The Karakura town matter, you were too slow to react, if not for the special people living there, such as Tessai and Urahara, and coincidently myself being there, the entire city would’ve been destroyed.”


Yamamoto’s eyebrows twitched as he said solemnly: “This matter is really the Gotei 13’s fault. However, captain Roja, I just listened to a report, you just let the intruders go?”

Roja glanced at Yamamoto and said lightly: “I’m not obliged to help you protect Soul Society. That’s your job. I just come here just because to see why you mobilized the protection so easily.”


Yamamoto lowered his head and couldn’t refute Roja’s words.

The Captain looked at Roja standing in front of them and scolding them like a teacher scolding a student suspiciously.

They can’t beat him, and his status is much higher than theirs, what can they do?

All they can do is listen and shut up.

Shunsui pressed his hat down as he was about to have a headache, while Byakuya simply closed his eyes as for Soi Fon, she smiled contrary to the other captains.

“In short, the Soul society’s matter isn’t under the Zero Squad jurisdiction. I will not intervene casually. You solve your problems by yourself.”

Roja said casually as he turned around and left. All the captains were depressed by the scolding, and Yamamoto could only take a deep breath to calm himself before adjourning the meeting.

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