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G.O.S.S Chapter 694: Chaos in Soul Society

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Yoruichi brought Ichigo and the others to Shiba Kukaku, who was the one who can help them make it through the Protection Barrier of Soul society.

Kukaku will use the Cannon she used to launch the Zero Squad with, which usually was used to launch fireworks.

Since Isshin went missing in the human world, The Shiba Clan slowly weakened, and Kukaku couldn’t keep up, and in the end, she moved out of the Court of Pure Souls to the Rukongai.

Yoruichi was a good friend with Kukaku, and without much effort, she found the latter who, even when stood in front of Ichigo, she didn’t know he was her nephew. but she still was willing to help.

At this time, Court of Pure Souls, Kido Corps.

“Captain Roja!”

Hinamori, who was practicing Hado #90 as the official knew Grand Kido Chief, saw Roja and smiled excitedly at him.

Nobody was around, but Hinamori still blushed and hesitated timidly due to her excitement.

“It has only been one or two years. There is no need for such excitement.”

Roja looked at Hinamori and smiled. She didn’t grow taller. She was still just like a child. Roja patted her head like usual.

To a Shinigami’s long life, one or two years is mostly one or two months, so it’s naturally not a very long time.

Hinamori no longer acted with constraints: “Captain Roja, of course, I’m excited. You are here to visit me, why wouldn’t I be excited.”

She heard Roja arrived at the Gotei 13, but she didn’t know if he would visit her, which made her a little depressed, but now that he is here, she was extremely happy to see him.

Roja faintly smiled and said: “This time, I will stay here for a while, So I will live with you for now.”


Hinamori was taken, and her small face turned into a tomato.

Seeing Hinamori so red, Roja couldn’t help the smile that formed on his lips as he said: “I meant living in the Kido Corps building temporarily.”

Hinamori, who was still red bright and confused from the first sentence, said: “No, it’s alright, my house is quite big…”

However, after saying this, she suddenly caught what she was saying and thought: ‘Was I going to Invite him to live with me?’

She suddenly felt dizzy from all the blood rushing toward her head and almost lost her footing.

Roja looked at her weirdly. How did the small girl that was so innocent have such thought? Hinamori was currently about to cry from embarrassment and didn’t know how to explain herself at all.

“Some things may happen in the next few days, even to captains, so you need to be careful.”

“But you don’t need to worry much as I’m here.”

Roja said leisurely trying to change the subject to help Hinamori get past her embarrassment.

When Hinamori heard this, she was startled and extremely worried, but after Roja comforted her, she immediately relaxed.

Even though she was extremely strong compared to others and could go toe to toe with captains, Hinamori still had blind faith in Roja, the same way she trusted Aizen in the original story.

One day later, the alarm bells rang suddenly all-around the Court of Pure Souls.

Captains and ordinary Shinigami alike raised their heads as they heard the alarm. The captains were indifferent while the ordinary Shinigami were shocked.

The Court of Pure Souls was invaded, this didn’t happen in many years, and the most recent one was when Roja was still a Grand Kido Chief.

After nearly two decades, the Court of Pure Soul was once again invaded, and the Gotei 13 members, who didn’t fight for a long time, became a mess.

Various teams were dispatched to deal with the intruders, which resulted in conflict between many teams.

Inside the Kido Corps building, Hinamori was naturally alarmed, but she looked at the unmoving Roja and calmed down. The Kido Corps members didn’t participate and only defended the gates.

At the same time, Roja was using his senses to look throughout the Court of Pure Souls and the Shinigami’s movements.

“Look like if a formidable enemy was to actually invade Soul Society, the Gotei 13 would fall in a moment.”

Roja didn’t open his eyes, but he still ridiculed the current Gotei 13 and their laziness in the past few years.

If Aizen didn’t make his move and declared war on Soul Society, and instead, Yhwach took action first, Soul Society’s loss would’ve been even greater than what it was at the time. Aizen’s war made the Gotei 13 prepare for war and got back to shape.

Just like Yhwach said, the current Gotei 13 are nothing compared to the first generation, who were just a bunch of crazy ruffians that cared only to fight.

Hinamori’s senses were better than most, and she could tell how much conflict the Gotei 13 were having.

“Everything is a disorder; they don’t know how to work together.”

Hinamori, in the original story, was just a Vice-captain, getting sucked into the chaos was expected, but she is a Grand Kido chief now, she can carefully examine everything better and clearer.

She knew that even if she led the Kido corps now, things won’t get any better, but would get more chaotic instead.

She remembered Roja’s words as well, he said she didn’t have to participate, and she could only look at him secretly now.

Roja is really wise.

The small girl almost worshipped Roja, the time of piece in Soul Society caused the majority of the Shinigami to get lazy and discard training, which resulted in the current chaos.

A dazzling sphere of light falling from the sky gradually approached a few Shinigami on the ground who were looking up in a daze.


This was the cannonball, or more like Ichigo and the others who were launched by the Cannon into the Court of Pure Souls.

At this time, Aizen took a very drastic method, more so than he did in the story, to divert Roja’s attention from him. He brought many Menos Grande into the Court of Pure Souls, freed prisoners, and injured Komamura Sajin while using Kyoka Suigetsu to cover his tracks.

At the moment, Soul Society was a place where no one could trust the other. It was hell.

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