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G.O.S.S Chapter 695: Hinamori’s Doubt

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Inside the Kido Corpse building, Roja was cutting an apple while looking at the Chaos in the Court of Pure Souls before saying casually.

“Do you feel it, the strongest spiritual pressure?”


Hinamori nodded. If that person didn’t release his Spiritual pressure, she would be able to sense it, but now that he encountered a strong opponent, she was able to feel his Spiritual pressure.

“His name is Kurosaki Ichigo, you may not believe it, but his father is one of the previous captains, Isshin Shiba.” Roja smiled and put a piece of the apple into his mouth.

“Captain Isshin’s son?”

Hinamori was taken aback for a while before she said: “Didn’t captain Isshin disappeared a few years ago?”

Roja nodded and said: “Yes, he has more than one child now in the Human world.”


Hinamori felt that she couldn’t talk about this longer, so she directly said with red cheeks: “No wonder his Spiritual pressure is so strong, it’s almost at the level of a first seated officer, his opponent should be the third seated Officer of the 11th division.”

Although Hinamori was a Grand Kido Chief and didn’t know about the power of ordinary Shinigami, she was still well informed about the seated officers.

Feeling Ichigo’s Spiritual pressure wavering slightly, Hinamori said: “He should stop. After all, he is human. Even if he didn’t pass the academy and was probably taught by his father, his currently very good.”


Roja shook his head and said: “You’re are wrong about that. The final winner will be Ichigo.”


Hinamori looked at Roja with surprise. She always believed in Roja’s words, but hearing that a human would be able to defeat an officer of the eleventh division was hard to believe.

However, almost instantly, she could feel Ichigo reversing the situation and defeating Ikkaku.


Hinamori’s face was filled with disbelief, as Roja’s words came true. Ichigo didn’t really win.

She was stunned because Ichigo didn’t use any technique to win; instead, he depended on his Spiritual pressure to stop Ikkaku forcefully.

“Don’t underestimate that brat, although his control is messy. He has the combination of four powers coursing his body. Once he reaches his potential, even a captain won’t be able to stop him.”

Roja, who knew about the plot, smiled casually.

Hinamori was even more surprised as she asked: “Four powers?!”

“Yes, Hollow, Shinigami, Quincy, and Human…”

Roja sighed. Ichigo was really the protagonist of this world. Even if he doesn’t reach the eternal realm, he would be very close.

If Ichigo was the one who gets the Hogyoku, he could merge all four powers. He would either reach the eternal realm, the power of the Soul King, or even both.

Hearing Roja’s words, Hinamori was even more surprised. She couldn’t understand how Ichigo had four. She can guess the Human and the Shinigami, but Hollow and Quincy? In the end, she said.

“So because he had a combination of these four powers, his Spiritual Pressure is many times stronger than most people, and that is what helped him win.”

Roja smiled at Momo.

The plot continued the same way until Ichigo met Renji.

As a vice-captain, Renji was very strong, and he also learned Bankai, so his chance of winning is higher than Ichigo’s.

“He is at the Palace of Penitence!”

Sensing Ichigo’s Spiritual pressure erupts again, Hinamori directly knew his location before she said: “He met Abarai…”

Hinamori, Roja, and Renji, along with many others, were all in the same class in the Shinigami academy. Therefore, she was very familiar with Renji’s Spiritual pressure.

Hinamori hesitated a little before she asked: “Captain Roja, who do you think will win this time?”

Hinamori was currently like a small girl playing a game of guessing.

“Who do you think?”

“I think… Renji will win.”

Hinamori hesitated a little before she answered. She was familiar with Renji’s power, and furthermore, Ichigo was injured by Ikkaku.

But she still considered Roja’s words about Ichigo, and that’s why she hesitated.

“You’re mistaken again.”

Roja faintly smiled, and once again, Ichigo won the fight against Renji continued the events in the original plot.

“Abarai losing the fight was really unexpected.”

Although Hinamori believed Roja’s words, she was still surprised by Renji’s defeat. But as soon as she said that, her hand covered her mouth as she worriedly looked at Roja.

Roja looked at her and patted her head before he said: “You don’t need to worry about it.”


Hinamori hesitated a little before she said: “Captain Roja, You said that the Central 46 order to execute Rukia isn’t what it appears to be?”

If it was the Hinamori from the original story, she wouldn’t say such a thing, but she is now the Grand Kido Chief, and she had Roja with her, so her vision and foresight were naturally different.

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