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G.O.S.S Chapter 696: Even More Chaos

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Hearing Hinamori’s question, Roja smiled.

“You finally noticed the problem, Lil’ Shiro.”

Roja turned around as his eyes looked at Hinmori profoundly and said: “What if I tell you that everyone in Central 46 is dead.”

“This… how is that possible?!”

Hinamori’s face was filled with disbelief as she unconsciously wanted to refute, but seeing Roja’s eyes, she hesitated.

“Anything is possible. Why do you think I came down here.” Roja shrugged and said: “The Gotei 13 is laughable. They still couldn’t discover what happened and are just running around in a circle.”


If anyone else was here other than Hinamori and heard Roja’s words, he would dismiss it as nonsense directly, but Momo believed Roja.

She hesitated for a bit before she said: “Well, should I…”


Roja waved his hand and said: “It has already happened, even if you go and say it, you want to be able to save the Central 46. Let them find out about it themselves. If every small matter requires the Zero Squad, then what the use is the Gotei 13?”

Hinamori didn’t refute Roja’s decision. She was very clever, after all. Roja nodded and then tilted his head with a naughty smirk. He placed a hand on Hinamori’s shoulder and kneaded.

“Tsk, you are the Grand Kido Chief, you should pay attention to your image. If anyone saw you like this, your reputation will be gone.”

Roja said with a smile.

Hinamori made a ‘Hehe’ smile like a child and said: “How is that possible, even if they see me, they will understand, after all, you’re my predecessor and a member of the Zero Squad.”

Roja helplessly let her go.

At night, the Court of Pure Souls was shocked by the news of Aizen’s death, which he staged using his Kyoka Suigetsu.

Hinamori was shocked hearing that Aizen died. She wasn’t devastated like she was in the original story, but a captain dying was a serious matter.

She directly waved for her subordinate to go back before she returned to her room and asked Roja: “Captain Roja, Aizen died, is it the same person who killed the Central 46?”

“Yes, and no.”

Roja smiled as he stretched before he said: “Are you blaming me for just watching like this and not stopping the chaos?”

Hinamori bit her lips and walked toward Roja and whispered: “No… No, captain Roja, you must have your reasons…”

Roja laughed, then touched her little head and said: “In fact, no one died this time, the one who killed everyone in central 46 is Aizen himself.”


Roja’s statement made Hinamori’s mind go blanc for a second.

Although she wasn’t as attached to Aizen as in the original story, Aizen was still kind and loved by dozens of Shinigami. Even Hinamori found his personality likable.

However, hearing that he killed everyone in Central 46, her face changed greatly.

“This… How is that possible? Aizen…”

“It’s not impossible, his camouflage was good. He was a good actor. And don’t you find it weird that no one actually knew about Central 46 till now? It’s because of Aizen’s Zanpakuto, Kyoka Suigetsu, which is complete Hypnosis!”

Roja didn’t expose everything about Aizen, but he still told Hinamori enough about him.

Although she couldn’t believe it, her instinct believed each word Roja said. Therefore, when she looked back at everything that happened, she found something strange.

“Don’t worry, although Aizen is the one behind everything, there is no one who actually suffered yet do to this event. Let’s just wait and see.”

Roja pinched Hinamori’s cheek before he said: “How about you pour a cup of tea for me, Lil’ Shiro.”


Hinamori was still shocked, but she subconsciously replied. Her subconscious wanted to report what she found, but she took a deep breath and didn’t question Roja.

But after the Drama of Aizen’s death and the mess it brought, Ichigo and the other finally ran into the captains.

Because of Roja’s words a few days ago, Hinamori paid attention to Ichigo, and when he met Zaraki, she couldn’t but say: “He unexpectedly ran into Kenpachi…”

“Come, how about you guess who would win again.”

Roja sat beside her and stretched his hand before waving it, causing a few ripples in the air, and suddenly Hinamori found herself looking at Ichigo and Zaraki’s fight.

Hinamori was just a little bit surprised by this, but she knew that around Roja, this was something normal.

“Although he could win against a Vice-captain, he shouldn’t be able to defeat captain Zaraki.”

Hinamori didn’t like Zaraki very much because he always seemed crazy, but she knew that he was strong, and it’s almost impossible for Ichigo to defeat him.

Roja smiled again and said: “sometimes, strength isn’t everything in a fight. A certain aura can also surpass that power.”


Hinamori looked at Roja strangely. Seeing that Roja didn’t want to elaborate, she muttered again before she watched the fight intently.

The battle between Ichigo and Zaraki can be regarded as the most eye-catching fight between the Shinigami and the intruders since they entered the Court of Pure Souls. Many Shinigami could see Zaraki’s Spiritual pressure rushing toward the sky as the fight proceeded.

However, at first, Ichigo’s Spiritual pressure was completely covered by Zaraki’s, but along the fight, Ichigo’s Spiritual pressure kept erupted repeatedly, and finally, it was enough to shake even Zaraki.

The collision of the Spiritual pressure between these two made Many captains shocked.

In the end, Zaraki and Ichigo’s Spiritual pressure was about the same level, and no one knew that outcome.

But sitting beside Roja, Hinamori clearly thought that it was a draw after seeing the fight, or that Ichigo may win narrowly.

“Zaraki’s self-implied seals made it possible for Ichigo to win. Otherwise, even if Ichigo’s power was doubled, he wouldn’t have won.”

Roja commented lightly.

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