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G.O.S.S Chapter 697: Soi Fon And Yoruichi

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Hinamori nodded, and when a young girl suddenly rescued Ichigo, she was startled slightly.

The young girl was freely walked even though Zaraki’s Spiritual pressure was too much for anyone ordinary to walk. She had to be at least a captain level in strength.

“She is…”

“Yoruichi Shihōin, the flash goddess, probably the best Shinigami out there who use Shunpo and previously the second division’s captain and the head of the Onmitsukido.”

Roja talked about Yoruichi Shihōin with a smile before saying: “If Soi Fon saw her, she be really happy… Isn’t that right, little Soi Fon?”

Hinamori said nothing at first, but she was smart enough to look back when she heard the last question.


A figure flickered and fell into the room.

“You’re really here.”

Soi Fon looked at Roja and Hinamori sitting together before she felt irritated by the scene and directly hummed: “Hmm, So the dignified Zero Squad member isn’t guarding the soul king palace, but instead stayed here chatting and playing with Hinamori Momo, isn’t that serious neglect to your duty?”

“Captain Soi Fon…”

Momo’s face was scarlet red as she stood hastily: “What did you say?”


Roja looked at Soi Fon and laughed, waving his hand to erase the screen in front of him and said: “You’re so excited to the point that you don’t care about Yoruichi being here. Ah, this makes me feel so important.”

“Nonsense, I’m too lazy to care about you, wait… did you say Yoruichi? Where is she?!”

Soi Fon snorted at first before she caught up to Roja’s words, and her expression changed.

Roja smiled and waved at her: “If you want to know, then just come and sit down and listen to my story.”

Soi Fon was annoyed at first, but she could do nothing to Roja. She really didn’t want to sit beside Roja and listen to him. She really didn’t. After Soi Fon sat down with a huff, Hinamori got really curious about her and Yoruichi’s situation.

Roja slowly stretched out a finger and started talking: “Once upon a time, there is a person named Urahara Kisuke…”

Soi Fon wanted to kick Roja in the face as he started talking from too far away in the past. After listening to Roja’s mumbling for a while, she froze as he reached the part she wanted to hear.

“So that’s what happened?”

“That’s it, so what is your choice? You still want to go and find her?”

“Of course!”

Soi Fon took a deep breath before she looked at Roja and said: “I don’t believe in your words, and you’re not reliable at all, so I need to ask her in person.”


Roja almost spurted the tea all over the place and pointed at her viciously: “You dare say such a thing to my face? It seems like I need to refresh your memory. I will tie you up here today, and you won’t go anywhere.”

“Ura Bakudo #9…”

Although Soi Fon was prepared, she couldn’t avoid Roja’s Bakudo. Instantly numerous silk threads wrapped around her indecently as she fell down on the floor.

Soi Fon struggled while angrily looking at Roja.

“Release me!!”

“I won’t!!”

Roja didn’t pay attention to her threats. He waved his hand again, and the screen once again appeared in the room.

The current scene was of Ichigo and Byakuya’s small encounter in the Palace of Penitence.

At this time, when Byakuya released his Shikai, Yoruichi intervened and got Ichigo out of there.


Seeing Yoruichi, Soi Fon’s struggle stopped immediately as she silently watched the scene for a while before she said: “Release me, I must ask her to understand what happened.”


Roja showed a faint smile before he set Soi Fon loose.

Soi Fon got up and walked toward the door, and as she was about to leave, she turned around and said: “Thanks.”


Soi Fon immediately disappeared.

“Tsk, what do you mean by Thank you? just remember to come back here after asking.” Roja shook his head and smiled before he turned toward Hinamori and said: “Okay, now we can continue watching. What do you want to see?”

Hinamori hesitated a little before she said: “I want to see what Hitsugaya is doing.”


Roja snapped his fingers, and the scene on the screen changed to where Hitsugaya was. Currently, Hitsugaya was investigating Aizen’s cause of death.

Momo, who already knew that truth, wanted to inform Toshiro directly. But seeing him working so hard to know the truth, she didn’t want to interfere, and remembering what Roja said, she knew that she must let the Gotei 13 deal with this; otherwise, why would it exist if they need Roja to solve every problem.

“I don’t know if Hitsugaya can find the truth by himself or not.”

“It’s hard to tell.”

Roja curled his lips. In the Original story, Hitsugaya found a problem, but it was something Aizen planned, and he didn’t need to hide anymore at that time.

Now, the plot changed greatly, and without Hinamori there, Roja wasn’t sure if Hitsugaya can discover the massacre in the Central 46 or not.

Right now, Aizen once again used the Central 46 to issue an order, and that order is to advance Rukia’s execution. Although this made all the captains suspicious, no one doubted that all of the central 46 people died.

With the execution being pushed forward, Renji trained with everything he got to get his Bankai, and once he did, he chose to save Rukia, and on his way, he met Byakuya.

With Renji reaching the captain’s rank, the spiritual pressure caused by his fight with Byakuya made the Court of Pure Souls tremble.

Now, inside the Kido Corps building, Hinamori, along with Soi Fon, sat with Roja. Soi Fon already went to Yoruichi, and hearing the truth from her, she obediently returned back here.

Naturally, she knew that even if she didn’t return here after talking with Yoruichi, Roja would just go out and catch her and bring her here and punish her in the end because she wasn’t obedient.

“This Spiritual pressure… Abarai, his spiritual pressure got this powerful?”

Sensing the spiritual pressure that Renji released in his fight with Byakuya, Momo was astonished. His current spiritual pressure is enough for him to be a captain. Hinamori’s current spiritual pressure is enough for her to stand to captains, but it was with Roja’s help she got there.

But Renji achieved such a power on his own.

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