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G.O.S.S Chapter 698: Finding the Truth

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“Let’s take a look.”

Roja waved his hand, and the scene on the screen changed to the fight between Renji and Byakuya.

Soi Fon looked at the screen with no interest even when Renji released his Bankai and forced Byakuya to use his Bankai.

On the other hand, Hinamori’s eyes were gleaming as she was pleasantly surprised with Renji’s improvement, but Byakuya was still Byakuya after all. He was the genius of the Kuchiki clan who mastered his Bankai many years ago. Naturally, Renji had no chance to defeat him.

Looking at the defeated Renji, Momo was startled. She tried to sense Renji’s vitality before she relaxed and said with pity.

“He just learned his Bankai. There is a huge gap between their powers.”

“No, his Bankai is incomplete.”

Roja shook his head and said: “His Spiritual pressure is weak compared to Byakuya, and he could only complete Half of his Bankai. If he fully completes it, even Byakuya won’t win. At best, they will both suffer injuries.”

“Is that so.”

Hinamori nodded and saw some people rescuing Renji. She relaxed and looked at Roja: “The execution is about to start, should we move?”

“You don’t need to worry; some people will rescue Rukia.”

Roja drank his tea leisurely and said: “You don’t need to rush. It looks like Hitsugaya is about to find the truth.” As he said this, Soi Fon’s expression remained the same.

After staying with Roja and Momo, they told her the truth about Central 46 and that they were killed by Aizen, and she was greatly shocked by hearing that.

This accident was something that never happened before, and it should be the worst thing to happen to the Soul Society.

At this time, Powerful spiritual pressures erupted from the Sookyoku Hill, which meant that captain level figures were fighting.

Similar to the original plot, Zaraki fought Tosen. Before long, Komamura joined, which helped them gain the upper hand. The rescue team was more advantageous than the original plot as Soi Fon wasn’t there to face Yoruichi.

In the end, Ichigo fought Byakuya, and the final result was Ichigo’s victory. At this time, Hitsugaya finally walked into central 46 and saw the tragic fate of those who were killed inside.

Although Soi Fon and Hinamori were mentally prepared for this, they couldn’t help stand up in shock.

Hinamori suddenly thought of something and said: “Aizen should be at the Central 46 currently, which means…”

“You finally got it.”

Roja pinched Hinamori’s face and smiled at how smart she was and remembered what she would’ve turned into if he didn’t spoil Aizen’s plans.

Soi Fon had the same thought as Hinamori, but she wasn’t close to Toshiro, so she didn’t plan to interfere currently.


“Everyone in the central 46 is killed?”

Looking at the Central 46 is such a state shocked Toshiro greatly. He couldn’t help criticize himself when he remembered the unreasonable order the central 46 gave a few days ago.

He immediately concluded that someone gave false orders before, which means that someone was actually controlling the Court of the Pure souls.

“Who is it? Ichimaru Gin? That’s impossible. He wouldn’t be able to kill everyone here in this kind of situation. Since he did deceive us before, it means he has an accomplice.”

Toshiro clenched his teeth. And could only order Matsumoto.

“Matsumoto, you inform the Gotei 13 of this situation quickly.”

Taking a deep breath, Hitsugaya drew his Zanpakuto and stepped into Central 46. Everything was deathly still inside, which made Toshiro extremely vigilant.

However, at this time, some footsteps were heard from behind him as someone spoke.

“You’re the one to find this place, Hitsugaya.”


Toshiro heard this voice and found it familiar. He quickly turned around and found the person he least suspected behind him.

The dead Aizen.

“Ai…zen? Why are you here? How can you be here?”

“Naturally, I’m not dead.”

Aizen fixed his glasses and said with a smile: “The time you found this place is really good, Hitsugaya.”

Toshiro’s face was filled with shock. He instantly concluded that Aizen’s death was fake. He appeared here now, which, without a doubt, meant that he was the one behind the slaughter of central 46. He was the one playing around with the Gotei 13.

Although he still found it hard to relate the current Aizen with the gentle Aizen he knew from before. This was the only explanation currently.

Gradually, Toshiro’s heart sunk as he held his Zanpakuto tightly. He was ready for combat in any second now.

Toshiro thought that Gin was the who killed Aizen before, but it seems that Aizen was the mastermind behind everything.

“Aizen… Gin… You two are working together?”

Toshiro took a deep breath to calm himself. Fortunately, Hinamoru wasn’t here as the original story, or Aizen would’ve cast an illusion making Toshiro think he was attacking Aizen only to attack Momo.

“From the start, and this is the end.”

Aizen showed a faint smile and slowly took his Zanpakuto and said: “It’s really regrettable, Hitsugaya.”

“Bankai! Daiguren Hyorinmaru.”

Aizen only took out his Zanpakuto, but Hitsugaya decisively released his Bankai. He knew that since Aizen was hiding so deeply before, his power should be terrifying already.

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