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G.O.S.S Chapter 706: Walking Leisurely

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Boom! Boom! Boom!

Light bullets fell on Aizen as Urahara used a full-powered Hado #91.

At the same time, Yamamoto swept his sword toward Aizen and shouted: “Ryujin Jakka… Ennetsu Higoku (Flames of Hell).”

Flames interweaved with the light causing a terrifying explosion that made even the captains and Arrancar to struggle to keep their balance.

Did it end with this attack?!

The Vice Captains looked at this and swallowed their saliva.

But in the next instant, terrifying Spiritual pressure above captain level shot to the sky.

“The Hogyoku finally fused with me. It finally understood my innermost feelings.”

Aizen went out of with an unscathed body.

Aizen looked at the field with an arrogant expression without even looking at Urahara and Yamamoto.

“What a meaningless fight. It’s time to stop it. I didn’t expect the Espada combine would be weaker than me alone.”


Aizen suddenly disappeared.

“Be careful!”


At this time, Aizen didn’t fight with Urahara or Yamamoto. Instead, he rushed toward the battlefield.

Aizen transformed into many forms as he passed through the battlefield with his sword.

Urahara and Yamamoto couldn’t move in time to intervene, and finally, Aizen already arrived at the backs of everyone.

All Arrancar, as well as all the captains, fell down in an instant as blood appeared on their body. Other than Soi Fon, Unohana and Hinamori, all the others collapsed.

All people were shocked by Aizen’s current power.

Aizen stood in front of Soi Fon, Hinamori, and the others but didn’t attack. Instead, he looked at them and said lightly.

“I will not kill you, with your power, you should be able to stay conscious even when you’re that injured… I will let you witness the end of this fight.”


Hinamori and Soi Fon’s bodies stiffened. They couldn’t make a move at all.

At this time, Unohana Retsu, who was the only one who wasn’t injured, looked at Aizen and said: “Hinamori, Captain Soi Fon, come here and help me treat them.”

Unohana’s voice grabbed Hinamori and Soi Fon’s attention. They knew that they were powerless in front of Aizen. They were able to remain uninjured because someone rescued them.

Although they were not injured, they could only treat the others as they couldn’t fight anymore.


The only people who were still standing were Ichigo, Urahara, and the others from Urahara Shop. The three looked at Aizen in the sky.

Aizen didn’t’ stop as he rushed over them.

“No matter how many tactics you have, I will defeat them one by one.”

Boom! Boom!

Ichigo teamed up with his father to launch a Getsuga Tensho at Aizen, but the latter easily blocked it.

Various attacks designed by Urahara failed to do anything to Aizen.

Aizen didn’t even bother to use Kyoka Suigetsu anymore.

Yamamoto didn’t want to use Zanka No Tachi, or else everyone will die without exception. In the end, he could only fall down.

Immediately after, Ichigo and Isshin fell down.

And last, Urahara, who used every method he could use but still couldn’t do anything to Aizen, was defeated as well.

Everyone on the battlefield was defeated by Aizen, whether it was the Espada, the Arrancar, or the Gotei 13.

His power almost made them desperate.

But, the Gotei 13 people, as well as Hinamori, weren’t desperate yet as they looked at the sky.

Aizen looked down and didn’t directly open a gate to Soul society. Instead, he said: “From now on, only you can be my opponent, now what will you do?!”

After that, everyone followed Aizen’s gaze and saw a figure floating in the air as he walked forward, step by step.

“Sure enough, it is his turn…”

Looking at this figure, Every Arrancar was frightened and couldn’t help but mutter.

All the Arrancar here had seen Roja, not only that, but they felt his Spiritual pressure as well. They could only tremble in fear right now.

“Captain Roja…”

Hinamori, who was assisting Unohana along with Soi Fon, took a deep breath as her eyes were filled with trust, but Soi Fon was slightly worried.

Aizen fused completely with the Hogyoku. His power is almost above everyone else in this world. Even Roja might have it hard to deal with him.

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