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G.O.S.S Chapter 707: Snatching The Hogyoku!

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“You’re finally out of hiding.”

Looking at Roja, Aizen started talking slowly. Even f he obtained the Hogyoku, he didn’t look down on Roja.

Even everyone here combined can’t compare to Roja’s power, so he wasn’t arrogant in front of him.


When was I hiding? I’m here because it’s almost done.”

Roja slowly shook his head while watching Aizen’s figure change. The Hogyoku was in his chest, giving off a faint blue light.

Aizen chuckled and said indifferently: “At our level if we don’t deliberately lower our spiritual pressure, ordinary Shinigami and even captains won’t be able to feel a thing. It’s like we are in a completely different dimension.”

“I’m very curious. I got to this level with the Hogyoku, but how did you reach such high?”

Roja smiled slightly as he looked at Aizen and reached out to grab his sword.

“I relied on this.”

“Your Zanpakuto?”

Aizen frowned slightly as he looked at Kyoka Suigetsu and said: “The Zanpakuto should have been surpassed by us right now. It’s impossible to reach that level with it.”

“That’s right. Of course, you can’t achieve this level with a Zanapkuto. Even if that Zanpakuto is affected by the Hogyoku, it can’t reach such a level.”

Roja looked at Sen Maboroshi with some emotion in his eyes and said: “it’s the result of combining many factors, and it’s something in a world you can’t even imagine.”

“A world?”

Aizen narrowed his eyes as he felt that Roja wasn’t talking about this world when he said that.

“Not bad.”

Roja shifted his gaze from his sword and looked at Aizen. Finally, his gaze rested on the Hogyoku as he said: “Do you know why I gave you the Hogyoku? Do you think that I want you to be my opponent? No, you’re wrong0. I just wanted to borrow your effort to make it perfect and then get it.”

“You and I were never the same kind of people. I don’t want opponents, nor some kind of throne in heaven that I sit on alone.”

Hearing Roja’s words, Aizen didn’t show any surprise on his face. In fact, he guessed something like this already.

After a moment, he chuckled and said: “Very well, you are very confident, but you may not know the real power of the Hogyoku. If you want it, you can try and get it from me…”


Aizen’s voice suddenly stopped.

He couldn’t see any movement before, but as he looked down, he saw Roja’s hand already passing through Aizen’s body and gasping the Hogyoku.

Aizen couldn’t utter any word. Even his spiritual pressure that should transcend both Shinigami and Hollow could do nothing. Well, he is halfway toward the Eternal realm, his far away from Roja’s power.

“Impossible… You…”

Aizen looked at Roja helplessly as his body was stripped off of the Hogyoku.

Even after getting the Hogyoku, he wasn’t Roja’s match at all.

How was this possible?!

Aizen wasn’t the only one astonished, the captains, Espada, Arrancar, everyone on the battlefield were astonished. They thought that the two were evenly matched, and an intense fight would break out, but it was that simple.

Originally, Aizen was already one of the strongest captains, and after getting the Hogyoku, he was even stronger, but that Aizen couldn’t resist even one move in front of Roja.

Roja was actually that strong!

Roja’s attack was it just an illusion?!

Nobody could explain what happened. Roja took the Hogyoku and stood in the sky and looked at Aizen.

“If you can draw support from the Hogyoku and reached the limit of your evolution, maybe you could’ve gained the qualification to fight me on equal grounds, but the current you… You’re not different from those Arrancars.”

Roja looked at Aizen one final time before Aizen’s consciousness darkened as he fell down. He reached out his hand as if he wanted to get the Hogyoku back from Roja, but he couldn’t do anything anymore.


Aizen’s corpse fell on the street and shattered it.

But at this time, the Hogyoku in Roja’s hand started struggling as if it wanted to get out of Roja’s control and rush to Aizen and resurrect him.


Roja coldly snorted. Ichimaru Gin may not be able to suppress it, but he wasn’t Gin.

Roja’s power instantly surged as terrifying energy suppressed the Hogyoku, making it shiver and got rid of the Mark Aizen put on it.

Finally, after some time, the Hogyoku stopped struggling and calmed down in Roja’s hand.


The Shinigami and Arrancar looked up at Roja and felt they were looking at a king.

But at this moment, the space in front of Roja opened widely as a form stepped forward and arrived in front of Roja.

This was Hyosube, who touched his head and stretched out his hand with a smile at Roja and said: “The Soul king gave his command, this thing is too dangerous, and he forbids bringing it back to the Soul King’s Palace, give it to me to destroy it.”

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