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G.O.S.S Chapter 708: Surpassing All

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“Ichibē Hyōsube…”

Roja looked at Hyosube and said: “Why do you still keep that useless and laughable act? For the past few years, you are well aware of the Soul King’s situation. You even want to substitute him, but you didn’t dare, and now you could no longer bear it?”

This remark made Hyosube’s expression change as he coldly said to Roja: “You haven’t seen the Soul King, how can you know about his situation?”

“I just know…”

Roja sighed.

The soul king was born millions of years ago, and all that time changed his mentality, making his conscious distracted, and finally, the soul king was like a soulless body right now.

Because of this, Yhwach had the power of the Almighty since the soul king’s power was dissipating. And this was also the reason why he can give his subordinates powers to master various rules of the world.

“Actually, you shouldn’t have come here. You couldn’t discover the power of Sen Maboroshi when I come here, and it already reached its present power, so everything is over… It’s all over.”

Roja raised his hand at Hyosube and swung his sword.


Hyosube wielded his Brush to block Roja’s attack, and instead of retreating, he rushed forward to grab the Hogyoku from Roja’s hand.

But just like Roja said, it’s already too late, the current Sen Maboroshi had the power of the Eternal realm, and that power is in Roja’s hand.

Even if Hyosube got back in time, entered Hueco Mundo to chase Aizen, and get the Hogyoku, Roja would still be able to get rid of him.

“This has no meaning.”

Roja shook his head as his left hand grasped the Hogyoku and his right-hand Grasped Sen Maboroshi. Then he lifted both hands up and put the Hogyoku on top of Sen Maboroshi’s blade.

At this moment, everything slowed down. Hyosube’s hand was stopped in midair.

The Human World, Hueco Mundo, and Soul Society all trembled.

All the rules that constructed this world appeared on top of Roja’s head in a flash and around Sen Maboroshi.

Something seemed to materialize around Sen Maboroshi as it started to collapse and all of its fragments seemed to merged with Hogyoku.

It started revolving before it moving down toward Roja’s head.

Suddenly, Roja’s could see every particle That made the world. Hyosube and the others in front of him seemed to turn into tiny Spiritual particles.

Roja’s vision was already transformed. He saw everything that happened, is happening, and will happen in the future.

As if he lived a million years just in a flash, Roja finally recovered from his trance as the world started moving again.

Hyosube still wanted to attack Roja, but the latter sighed and waved his hand.

Hyosube instantly disintegrated.

Without any blood or gore, he simply became tiny Spiritual particles and dissipated.

Roja’s transformation didn’t stop. He still could feel that he was on his way to the Tenth stage. He was constantly getting stronger.

He now had the ability to create rules and also destroy them as he wished.

“The power of the Soul King…”

Roja shook his head and took a step forward, directly appearing in the Soul King’s palace.

The Soldier of the Soul King Palace in a flash arrived in front of Roja, and then he directly waved his hand the same way he did to Hyosube, and they disappeared.

Roja gradually walked forward toward the Soul King.

“Your consciousness was destroyed after 1 million years?”

“1 million years later, I don’t know whether I can exist at that time or not…”

Roja was slightly disappointed before he shook his head and gently smiled.

He shouldn’t be thinking about a million years later. He must grasp the present before thinking about that kind of distant Future.

Roja took a step and touched the body of the Soul King, directly shattering it, and its power dispersed.

Before the power merged with the world, Roja sat cross-legged and absorbed the power into his body.

Soul Society, Half a month later.

The streets were shattered as blood covered every corner of the place.

Yhwach stood in front of the Gotei 13’s captain commander, who was in a pool of his blood, and said.

“You’ve become weak, Yamamoto!”

“This isn’t what the Gotei 13 was in the past, the Gotei 13 are just protectors in name, but initially they are just a bunch of killers and murderers.”

“But after defeating the Quincy, everything changed. Because of peace, you become merciful, and although Soul Society perished now, the Gotei 13 from a millennium ago would have won against me.”

As Yhwach’s voice fell, he lifted his hand, and thunder exploded in the sky before falling down on Soul Society.

He flew up and looked at the sky and felt faintly anxious.

“That guy… Has been going at it for a long time. He wants to speed his absorption pace.”

Yhwach took a deep breath and said: “Sternritter, completely destroy Soul Society, and not even a single Shinigami shall remain, and with all of them dead, we can make a key and reach the soul king’s palace.”

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