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H.P.S.T Chapter 296: A Disaster Waiting to Happen

Riding on the back of Buckbeak was not the same as riding a broom. 

Evan felt that everything around him was spinning fast, the figures on the ground were shrinking fast and disappearing, and the dividing line between the sky and the ground became blurred. He clung to Buckbeak’s neck and stuck his body on its feathers. 

Buckbeak’s wings beat uncomfortably on either side of him, catching him under his legs and making him feel he was about to be thrown off at any moment.

Because of the wind, Buckbeak’s glossy feathers slipped under his fingers. 

Evan didn’t dare try to get a stronger grip. The hindquarters of the Hippogriff rose and fell with its wings. He felt himself rocking backward and forward. This was much harder than riding a smooth broomstick. If he hadn’t overcome acrophobia in the last month or so, he couldn’t have guaranteed that he would have fallen unconscious.

However, Evan could be sure that even if he fell from high altitude, Buckbeak would be able to catch himself before he hit the ground. 

Thinking about it this way, there was nothing to worry about. 

He tried to peep out and look at the surrounding scenery. 

They were now flying fast over the huge lake in front of the castle, at an astonishing speed, faster than the Firebolt.

As Buckbeak spread his wings and white clouds floated by his side, Evan felt that he was dancing with the wind, which was a wonderful experience. 

Soon, he discovered the advantages of riding a Hippogriff. 

In addition to being extremely fast and flexible, it was also easy to hide. Looking up from below, one could only see a Hippogriff flying through the air, and couldn’t see Evan hiding under its thick feathers. 

Moreover, these thick feathers could help Evan withstand the cold winds of the sky and keep the temperature, so that he would not freeze and stiff because of flying. 

Not to mention, Buckbeak himself was capable of fighting.

During a fight, it could help Evan deal with Acromantulas and all kinds of potential dangers.

If comfort could be improved, it would be perfect.

“Let’s fly to the Forbidden Forest, to the territory of the Acromantulas.” Evan shouted. “Our destination is the slope, Aragog’s Lair!” 

Just when Evan and Buckbeak approached Aragog’s Lair, at the edge of the territory of the Acromantulas, Malfoy, Goyle and Crabbe also appeared in there. 

They passed under a huge fallen tree trunk covered with green vines. The ground was covered with gravel and unknown plants. The thick moss was very uncomfortable to step on and almost caused Goyle to slip. He hurried to hold Crabbe steady.

The two breathed fast and heavily. They looked at the scenery around them that was getting a bit strange, and their faces were full of fear and worry. 

Even if they were stupid, they knew that they could not cope with Acromantulas just with their bulging muscles.

“Draco, we,” Goyle’s voice trembled, his small, dull eyes wandering back and forth among the nearby bushes, for fear of something drilling out of it. 

“What?” Malfoy replied in a sullen manner, not even turning his head back. 

“I, I don’t think we can go any further.” Crabbe shoved Goyle, and the two exchanged glances. He said in an almost imploring tone, “All around here, there are those dangerous Acromantulas Professor Black told us about.”

“SHUT UP, GREGORY! Don’t mention Black to me. He and the Weasleys are the scum of pure blood wizards!” Malfoy said sharply, “Well, I can see that, the hateful Black, the hateful Potter, and the more hateful muddy Mason, they’re behind all of this.”

“Draco, the Acromantulas are dangerous. We are approaching their territory.” Crabbe swallowed and hurried to persuade him, “Gregory’s right. Let’s get back. They can come out at any moment.”

“YOU SHUT UP, TOO, VINCENT!” Malfoy said disgustedly, “I know what I am doing. We’re just out looking for those stupid spiders. Do you think that I will be defeated by them?! Well, you two just follow me.” 

Malfoy clutched his wand tightly, and furiously broke the branches on the ground. 


“On the edge of the Forbidden Forest, the only Acromantulas that can be seen are very weak. It’s only here that we could find larger spiders. The three of us can handle them.” Malfoy explained impatiently, “in the past few months, you have killed a lot.”

Seeing Malfoy’s angry face, Goyle and Crabbe did not dare to refute. 

They all knew that at this time they should not provoke Malfoy. In fact, after losing to Gryffindor, all Slytherin students questioned and picked on Malfoy’s performance on the pitch. They did not understand why Malfoy would join Harry to prevent other players from blocking Angelina.

Although Malfoy had explained many times that he was avoiding Harry’s physical collision, this explanation couldn’t be understood and sympathized with in the Slytherin House. 

For most people, it was because of Malfoy’s stupidity and cowardice that they lost the crucial finals. Although no one dared to blame and question Malfoy publicly because of his family’s status, the way they all glanced at him was very unpleasant to him. 

While Gryffindor was having a carnival, the mood in Slytherin’s Common Room was dull and tense, with awkwardness taking over all. 

While Flint and the rest of the team were preparing to review each other in turn, Malfoy led Goyle and Crabbe out of the room. 

He was so angry that if he could, he would rather have a duel with Harry. 

In fact, he couldn’t even find Harry’s shadow now. 

Malfoy wandered aimlessly around the castle, thinking of the recent series of unpleasant events: the Quidditch Final had just been lost, Buckbeak who hurt him and escaped due punishment, Harry had his reunion with his godfather Sirius Black, and the advice of his father and Professor Snape, etc.

The more he thought, the angrier he was, and the worse he felt his recent misfortunes. Everything started to reverse around Christmas, and things got worse and worse.

After hearing a few Hufflepuffs in the library talking about the Quidditch match and the grand carnival held in the Gryffindor Common Room, Malfoy left with a gloomy face. He decided to vent by killing Acromantulas in the Forbidden Forest. 

Through a few months of fighting the Acromantulas, the combat strength of all the young wizards had increased significantly. 

With the help of others, Malfoy also killed more than 30 Acromantulas, which ranked him second among all the young wizards in Hogwarts, surpassing most senior students, and that was enough to make him proud.

Although there was no professor to accompany him today, Malfoy didn’t think he would be in any danger. 

Although angry, he still had enough reason to know that as long as he did not go too deep into the territory of the Acromantulas, there would be no danger.

What he needed now was to vent his anger by taking lives. 

But strangely, today, he couldn’t figure out what was going on. Malfoy, Goyle and Crabbe have been searching for a long time outside the Forbidden Forest, and they didn’t even see the shadow of an Acromantula. These creatures, that were extremely common in the past, seemed to have suddenly disappeared.

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