Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures
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Chapter 9: Fly to Hogwarts

On the last day of the summer vacation, Mrs. Weasley conjured up a sumptuous dinner.

Everyone happily gathered around the dining table, tasting delicious honey pudding and watching Fred and George’s laborious fireworks display. These fireworks were obviously improved by them. They were all shapes not found in the leaflets. They filled the kitchen with orange, red and blue stars that bounced from ceiling to wall for at least half an hour.

At ten o’clock in the evening, after the last mug of hot chocolate, Mrs. Weasley drove everyone to bed.

Because he slept in the same bed with Harry, Evan could feel him turning over all the time, which made him sleep very uneasily.

The next morning, Harry got up early and looked very pale.

“Evan, I dreamt last night that I became a big snake, and then… in short, it was a terrible dream!”

“Harry, you’re just too nervous because you’re about to start school.” Evan gave a big puff.

“I hope so, I hope everything will be smooth today,” said Harry.

His wish obviously backfired. After breakfast, everyone rushed to pack things like headless flies. Mrs. Weasley dashed about looking for spare socks and quills, always bumping into twins on the stairs. Mr. Weasley nearly broke his neck, tripping over a stray chicken as he crossed the yard carrying Ginny’s trunk to the car.

As soon as everyone got on the bus, Mr. Weasley started up the engine and they trundled out of the yard. In less than half an hour, they turned back and forth three times. When Ginny finally climbed into the car, they were running very late, and tempers were running high.

When they arrived at King’s Cross Station, there were five minutes left before driving.

“Well, children, we don’t have much time, go through this wall as soon as possible. Be careful not to be noticed by Muggles.” Mrs. Weasley looked nervously at the wall clock overhead and ordered, “Percy first!”

After Percy entered platform nine and three quarters, Mr. Weasley took his luggage and passed, followed by Fred and George.

“I’ll take Ginny and you three come right after us,” Mrs. Weasley told Evan, Harry and Ron, grabbing Ginny’s hand and setting off. In the blink of an eye they were gone.

“Let’s go together, we’ve only got a minute,” said Ron.

“Okay, what should we do?” Evan hesitated a little. He had intended be the second to pass after Percy. He didn’t know that Mrs. Weasley had arranged the luggage on the trolleys so that he would be with Harry and Ron.

If he remembered correctly, the wall should now have been sealed by Dobby.

“Evan, you follow me. Don’t be nervous. As I told you before, the platform is behind this wall.” Harry explained, “If you’re scared, you can trot for a while.”

In fact, he and Ron did exactly so. When they were a few feet away from the wall, they broke into a run and slammed into the wall with great confidence.

Evan hurriedly closed his eyes and couldn’t bear to see the two people’s unlucky appearance. They hit the wall at their speed and it looked very painful.

The next second, no accident, the two trolleys hit the barrier and bounced backward.

Ron’s trunk fell off with a loud thump, Harry was knocked off his feet, and she rolled away, shrieking indignantly. People all around them stared and a guard nearby yelled, “What in blazes do you think you’re doing?”

“Lost control of the trolley,” Harry gasped, clutching his ribs as he got up.   

Evan ran to pick up Hedwig, who was causing such a scene that there was a lot of muttering about cruelty to animals from the surrounding crowd.

“Why can’t we get through?” Harry hissed to Ron.

“I don’t know!” Ron went over and quietly pushed the wall.

 “This has never happened before. We’re going to miss the train!”

“I don’t understand why the gateway has sealed itself…”

Harry looked up at the giant clock. He wheeled his trolley forward cautiously until it was right against the barrier and pushed with all his might. The metal remained solid.

“This wall has been cursed with obstacles, which is somewhat similar to many obstacles, but it is more advanced. Obviously someone did it on purpose.” Evan followed up and checked it. The three of them were still unable to crack it at their current magic level.

“Who would be so bored just to make us miss the train?!”

“I guess it’s Malfoy!” Ron said dully. “Well, the train’s left. What if Mom and Dad can’t get back through to us? Have you got any Muggle money?”

Harry gave a hollow laugh “The Dursleys haven’t given me pocket money for about six years!”

“Neither do I. I exchanged all my money for Gold-Galleons and spent it in Diagon Alley.” Evan took out his pocket and knew he should have left some.

“Well, I don’t know how long it will take my parents to get back to us. What are we going to do?” Ron looked nervously around, and as Hedwig kept shrieking, many people were still watching them.

“I think we should use Hedwig to write a letter to the school explaining why we are late.” Evan suggested.

“Evan is right, but before that, we’d better go and wait by the car.” Harry tried to calm Hedwig, so that it would be quiet. “We’re attracting too much attention.”

“Harry!” said Ron, his eyes gleaming. “The car! You know, that car was modified by my dad, we can fly to Hogwarts!”

“Ron, this is not a good idea, we can’t use magic outside school.” Evan hurriedly shook his head, trying to persuade him to give up the idea.

“Come on, Evan!” Ron’s eyes glowed brightly. “We’re stuck, right? We have to get back to school, don’t we? And even underage wizards are allowed to use magic if it’s a real emergency, section nineteen or something of the Restriction of Thingy…” 

“Can you fly it?” Hearing Ron’s explanation, Harry’s feeling of panic turned suddenly to excitement.

“No problem, I saw Fred and George drive many times!” said Ron, wheeling his trolley around to face the exit. “Come on, let’s go. If we hurry, we’ll be able to follow the Hogwarts Express. Especially you, Evan, you have to be sorted this year. This is the most important thing for the new wizards. We can’t be late!”

“Yeah, Avon,” Harry agreed. ” It’s scary enough to miss the Sorting ceremony.”

“Take a flying car to school, that’s a real terrible thing.” Looking at the excitement on their faces, Evan was unable to follow.

After Harry and Ron made up their minds, he found that he had no other choice but to cooperate. At this moment, Evan missed Hermione very much. If she were here, she would be able to stop them.

Evan did not have this ability. Especially in the depths of his heart, he also wanted to see the flying car, but he could not be happy when he thought about the result of this incident.

They would be seen by Muggles, and Mr. Weasley might lose his job, and for a first year who had just entered school, Evan was not sure what effect this unique appearance would have.

“Guys, I think we should…” Evan was making a final effort.

Evan, hurry up!” Ron didn’t wait for him to finish, and started the car with his wand. “Harry, check that no one is watching.”

“No, there’s nobody on this street.” Harry stretched out his arm and pulled in Evan, who was standing outside the Ford Anglia.

The next second, Ron pressed a tiny silver button on the dashboard. Their car vanished and so did they.

Evan could feel the seat vibrating beneath him. He could hear the sound of the engine, and then he found himself floating above the ground in a dingy street full of parked cars.

“Take off!” Ron yelled.

The ground and the dirty buildings on either side fell away, dropping out of sight as the car rose; in seconds, the whole of London lay, smoky and glittering, below them.