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Chapter 92: Dementors’ Feast

Chapter 92: Dementors’ Feast


Evan saw Ron panicking and turning as if he wanted to avoid eye contact.


“That’s not good. Is he hiding something from me?!” He looked at Ron thoughtfully.


Does it have anything to do with Peter Pettigrew?  But from Ron’s expression, that doesn’t seem to be the case, it looks like…


A moment later, thunder roared in the air, and Evan turned his head as a fork-shaped lightning bolt crossed the sky. He saw Harry flying over his head.


In the air, Harry was so cold and numb that he had to press himself down on his broom, directing it through the turbulent airstream and looking for the Snitch everywhere. As he avoided a Bludger coming from his right, he saw Diggory sneak down under him. Diggory was flying in the opposite direction. Did he spot the Snitch?!


They could no longer go on like this and the situation was becoming more and more dangerous.


Harry turned quickly and wanted to go back to the middle of the pitch. But just then, a flash of lightning lit up the stands. Harry saw something that completely distracted him: the silhouette of a huge black dog, which was clearly reflected in the sky above the empty seats of the Slytherin stand.


Harry’s numb hands slid on the broomstick, and his Nimbus 2000 fell several feet.


He moved his wet hair away from his eyes, and squinted to look up. The dog had disappeared.


“Harry!” Wood’s distressed cry came from Gryffindor’s goal. “Harry, behind you!”


Harry panicked and Diggory went down to the field. A small Golden Snitch flashed between them in the rain. Harry panicked on the broomstick and rushed towards it.


Everyone stopped straight away and looked at the two seekers who were approaching the Snitch. Diggory was closer to the snitch, but Harry was faster.


On the stands, Hermione’s cold little hand suddenly gripped Evan’s left arm and she screamed in horror. “Look, look!”.


Turning to where she was looking, Evan’s heart shook fiercely as he saw the sky behind Harry and Diggory turning pitch black.


Like ink spreading out in the water, more than a hundred Dementors were attracted by the cheerful atmosphere on the Quidditch pitch, and they came quickly with the terrible cold currents.


The Dementors seemed to be invited to a feast. They were dressed in dark gray, tattered cloaks, floating in the air. A pair of hand rotting with pus slowly shook both sides of their hoods, and the air got filled with the smell of rotten meat.


Along the strings of Ice being formed around the Dementors, Evan saw something flying out of the stands to be taken away by the Dementors above. It was their happiness.


The whole world instantly became black and white, and there was nothing left but silence on the stepped stands around the runway. Although the wind was still as strong as before, he couldn’t hear it howling anymore, as if someone had turned off the sound.


Evan saw Hermione shouting at him, but he couldn’t hear anything.


He yanked his wand out and aimed at the Dementors in the center of the field.


“Expecto Patronum!” he shouted, but he couldn’t hear his own voice.


His wand emitted a silver light, swaying like a flame in the wind and rain, bringing a moment of color to this black and white world of savagery.


But no, this filament dissipated instantly and turned into a faint green smoke.


“Damn, there are too many Dementors!” Evan uttered the spell again, and kept thinking about happy memories.


The surprise of receiving Hogwarts’ letter, the joy of learning his first spell, the happy times he had with his friends, and the light of the tip of his wand grew stronger and stronger.


A complete animal was gradually being formed.


But this wasn’t enough, and the dark fear brought by the Dementors came from all sides.


Evan tightened his wand and remembered the scene when he first released the complete patronus on the train. At the time, he also couldn’t hold on. Hermione gave him hope and he tried to recall that feeling.


Evan suddenly felt a quivering, weak body clinging to him; he turned to see Hermione staring at him nervously.


Yeah, that was the feeling!


The next second, a dazzling silver-white animal emerged from Evan’s wand.


The power of the Patronus Charm comes from the positive energy of one’s heart. Apart from the happy moments that one can remember, it comes also from hope, the desire to live and from the desire to protect.


When you want deep down in your heart to protect someone, you become able to send out a complete corporeal guardian.


The Patronus released is stronger as long as the determination to defend is stronger.


It was not a happy memory; it’s Evan’s determination to protect Hermione that inspired the spell.


His Patronus was a cat, but one that’s much stronger and more ferocious than an ordinary one. It was dotted with silver bands and it was like a tiger.


“Is that a cat or a tiger?”


All the young wizards in the stands exclaimed loudly, they have never seen such a strange, rare creature.


But Evan knew that his Patronus and Animagus had the same image and were all black cats.


Because at that moment, his desire to guard Hermione was deep inside, it made this guardian really powerful.


The Patronus represents that which is hidden, unknown but necessary within the personality. It is the awakened secret self that lies dormant until needed. Evan’s Patronus majestically took his determination to protect Hermione, fiercely rushing over to the Dementors in the center of the field, and chasing them away.


In the air, Harry quickly approached the Snitch.


He was only a little bit behind, but was faster than Diggory. But then, it seemed like time froze.


Harry felt like he had entered a black hole from which he could never fly out. He helplessly tried moving forward. The surrounding temperatures were getting lower and lower. His breathing began slowing down as if his lungs were freezing, and the frozen Rain drilled into his body cutting him up from the inside out.


He heard the voice that he heard that time on the train. Someone was  screaming in his head. It was the voice of a woman.


“Not Harry, Not Harry, Please, Not Harry!”


“Stand aside you silly girl, stand aside now…”


“Not Harry, please no! Take me! Kill me instead!”


Harry’s brain got numb. He didn’t what was going on or what he was doing; he didn’t know why he was flying. He getting closer and closer to the snitch, but his attention was focused on the woman in his mind.


He must help her. She’s going to die. No, she’s going to be murdered!


“Not harry, please! Have mercy! Have mercy!”


Answering her, there was only a sharp cold laughter. In face of her pleading voice, it sounded extremely cruel.


Harry felt lost. He couldn’t help the woman. He felt like he’s about to slide down from his broom. Just as he thought he was going to fall like this, a silver-white animal suddenly flew over from below.


It was Evan’s Patronus that was, just like his Animagus, a black cat.



As harry regained some vague awareness, he found himself surrounded by Dementors. Their faces hidden under their headscarfs were all facing him.


Behind their headscarves, the darkness looked like it had nothing within it.


No, Harry saw something in it. It was…


His eyes went wide open and he was full of horror. He wanted to pull out his wand, but he found himself falling off his broomstick. His Nimbus 2000 flew towards Forbidden Forest along its original trajectory.


The cold rain fell rapidly and slammed Harry’s pale face. He could not reach out to his broom with his right hand.


His efforts were in vain. More and more Dementors were approaching the place. The light of Evan’s Patronus was getting weaker and weaker. The woman’s plea and the harsh laughter were re-emerging in Harry’s mind. They are still talking, and the man seemed to have said something terrible.


Harry tried to recall what the man just said, but he couldn’t remember anything.


He was trying to withstand this, but his eyelids get heavier and heavier.


Then, all he saw was darkness.


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