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Chapter 91: Strange thoughts

Chapter 91: Strange thoughts


After breakfast, Evan walked out of the castle under the heavy rain.


The cold rain made him shiver. He saw Hermione, Colin, and Ginny beside him trembling.


Even so, they did not lose their enthusiasm.


As a pseudo-fan with a severe fear of heights and not much enthusiasm about Quidditch, Evan did not understand why the sport was so popular.


The weather outside the castle was raging with winds and heavy rain, but in order to watch this game, the teachers and students of the school rushed outside as usual. They ran across the lawn to the Quidditch pitch, sat down in the wet stands, and lowered their heads to resist the strong winds.


He felt bad. Half an hour earlier, Evan intended to spend the day in the comfortable, warm library.


He had already made up his mind that no matter what Colin would say, he would never take a step outside of the castle under such weather conditions, it was out of the question!


But Colin did not even come to call him; he actually went to Hermione and Ginny directly. Evan was pulled out by both of them, saying that he should go out to support the team, because this game was very important to Gryffindor.


Looking at their faces, Evan felt that if he would not agree to come out, and Gryffindor lost, then he would be held responsible by the two of them.


With no way out, he sighed and followed them out of the castle.


Unlike him, Colin, Hermione and Ginny were all smiling.


Needless to say, Colin’s smile was honest. Over the past two years, he knew Evan well enough to know how to pressure him.


Ginny smiled because she found Evan’s appearance funny. After all, his usual image, that of one who’s too mature, calm, and omniscient, is nothing like the twelve-year-old boy that he looks like now.


As for Hermione’s smile, it was relatively more complex. Sure, she shared the same reasons as Colin and Ginny, but that wasn’t the main factor that created her smile. Pulling Even out of the castle, she felt like laughing. She didn’t know the source of that laughter, but deep down in her heart, she felt happy. Could it be “that kind of laughter”?


The four of them had different expressions as they went to the stands.


Ron had already kept places for them. Even didn’t know if this was just in his mind, but he felt that Ron was staring strangely at his eyes. It’s hard to say, but it actually reminded him of the way Snape stares at him.


Evan shook his head. It must’ve been a wrong impression!


In fact, Evan’s conjecture was right. Looking at Hermione and Ginny, who were laughing and walking with Evan behind them, Ron didn’t know why he had a weird feeling; constituted mostly out of envy and jealousy.


These two emotions, he has been very familiar with, in the past few years, he had this feeling for his brother, and for his best friend Harry.


But he is now looking at Evan. Apart from jealousy; there was a strange sense of distaste in his heart that he had never felt before.


Ron suddenly remembered the dream he had been repeatedly having in the few past nights and the girl who appeared frequently in them. She looked a bit like Hermione… He shook his head ruthlessly. Hermione appeared in his dreams. Could it be just a coincidence?


Besides, why did he dream of doing that kind of thing with Hermione…?


Hermione was just his friend, but when he saw her with Evan sitting together, Ron felt very uncomfortable inside.


Intuition told him that there must be something he did not know between the two of them.


These things make up the main source of this unfamiliar hatred in his heart.


Under the influence of this sentiment, Ron’s attention shifted from the Quidditch match to people beside him.


He found that the more he looked at Evan, the worse he felt.


He was obviously one year younger than him. What makes him any better?


Ron forced himself to not think about it. After all Evan managed to save him last year. The thoughts in his mind were definitely bad. He took a deep breath and suddenly it came back to his mind: what happened last year, the black diary, and what was written in it for him by Tom Riddle.


Although it was the incarnation of Voldemort as a Student, although he was evil, deep down inside, Ron had to admit that he found some truth in his words. Against Malfoy’s bad treatment, he stepped up to protect her, causing him to spend a week vomiting disgusting slugs. In face of Snape’s unreasonable manners, he stood up for her, and was punished by being obliged to spend full night cleaning urinals. Faced with…


He clearly, did all of this for her. But now, the one by her side, is Evan. It’s really like Tom Riddle said.


No, no! There must something wrong with him to have such dangerous ideas.


Ron forced his eyes away from Evan and Hermione, looking in the center of the court. Gryffindor and Hufflepuff Quidditch teams began to appear.


Under the cheers of the audience, Evan saw the Gryffindor Quidditch players walking out of the locker room; the wind blew badly, and when they walked into the stadium, they all staggered. He could not even see clearly Harry’s thin silhouette.


It was the same for Hufflepuff, and Evan could only vaguely see seven people dressed in canary yellow robes standing on the court. The guy who was shaking hands with Wood was supposed to be Cedric Diggory.


Although he had never met him, Evan was very impressed by the name.


In addition to remembering that he was in the next year’s Triwizard Tournament, which ended up by getting him killed by Voldemort, Diggory made many contributions to the Hogwarts Magical News this year.


From his submissions, it could be seen that Diggori was an excellent Wizard, and had very in-depth research on Metamorphosis.


But Evan didn’t know how good he would be in Quidditch, especially in such a bad weather. If he and Harry couldn’t see the Snitch, it would be very bad for everyone to sit all day in the cold rain.


A few seconds later, with the whistle of Mrs. Hooch, the game began!


A blur of red and yellow figures leaped up and down the pitch. Evan couldn’t know how the game was progressing, and couldn’t even hear the commentary in the wind.


Although he had a raincoat on, he became soaked in water. He felt like he was freezing. Through the intensive rain, he saw Harry moving at top of the pitch, and his condition was much worse than his.


Evan saw Hermione sitting beside him cold and shivering, but she seemed to be in high spirits, as if someone had given her a Potion of Happiness!


It was strange to him that Hermione liked Quidditch so much. How did it not show before? He remembered that when Gryffindor played against Hufflepuff last year, Hermione chose to not come see the game in order to speed up the making of the Polyjuice potion.


If there was any difference between this year and the previous one, it was that Cedric Diggori became Hufflepuff’s captain.


He also remembered that Angelina said yesterday that the guy was very handsome. Evan suddenly became inexplicably nervous, and he unconsciously looked up and searched for Diggori’s presence. Then he saw that Ron was still looking at him and his expression was becoming more and more bizarre.


What’s going on today? What is it with these two?


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