Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures
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H.P.S.T Chapter 115: Darkness Falls

Before the Hogsmeade Owl Post Office, Evan successfully persuaded Hermione and told her about his plans for tomorrow night.


It was still too early to return to school. He had planned to take Hermione back to Madam Puddifoot’s Tea Shop and finish what he had started.


The atmosphere there is very good; perhaps he can also take the opportunity to make his declaration.


But Hermione didn’t give him any more chances, she kept avoiding going to that place. Whenever Evan mentioned it, she hurriedly opened another topic.


She was visibly very nervous.


She felt like there was a rush of boiling blood in her body, burning her, and getting her cheeks to sting in the cold.


She bit her lip gently; avoiding Evan’s scorching eyes that made her heart throb.


Things developed in a way that she had never imagined. When she first looked up on Animagus in the library, she had planned to teach Evan a good lesson if he turned out to be that wicked black cat.


Now she knows it for a fact. On the last day of the summer vacation, she was not just holding this naughty guy in her arms, she also… in front of him…


Her face blushed and she didn’t know what to do next. What happened in the Tea Shop and in the Post office made her afraid. She feared that Evan would make another move that would make her heart throb again, or maybe confess to her; she had never thought about an answer.


Although deep down in her heart she had feelings for him, isn’t all of this just too fast?


Also, how would she go about telling Harry and Ron about the matter? She felt weird and very embarrassed at the thought of this.


She really liked Evan, but she was not sure whether or not she should enter a relationship with him so quickly.


Maybe it would be more fitting to wait a year or two until forth or fifth grade.


She heard from Angelina and Alicia that girls in Hogwarts usually start having relationships at that age.


In short, she couldn’t get with Evan so quickly.


She took a deep breath, and clenched her fist.


She took a peek at his eyes and suddenly realized how clueless she was when it came to relationships.


If Evan was to ask her to be with him, she didn’t even have a clue how to reject his request.


Perhaps she should go to the library to look it up in the books that were there, or maybe she should ask Ginny.


In addition to Evan’s issue, the fact that Peter Pettigrew was Ron’s rat also made her worry.


Unbelievable, an evil murderer was lurking near them for so long.


For three whole years, nobody noticed anything!


From a sensible point of view, Hermione believed that this information should be reported to Professor Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall as soon as possible, to seek their help. This was the wisest choice.


However, she promised Evan that she would not do that.


She wasn’t sure that Evan and Black’s plan would succeed. She had a strong feeling of unease. Maybe things would not go as smoothly as they thought.


Seeing Hermione’s appearance, Evan, knew what she was worrying about.


He knew what he had to say to divert her attention and alleviate her nervousness.


As for the confession, there was no need to hurry, since the mood had been destroyed. He’ll look for opportunities later.


“Hermione, aren’t you going to buy Christmas presents? We can go to the store on the other side to take a look” said Evan. “By the way, what are you going to give me?”


“It’s a secret, Evan, and you’ll know when you get it.” Hermione was relieved when she saw Evan getting away from the topic of confessing. She looked happy and smiled. “I won’t be buying your gift here, I’ve been preparing it for a long time and I am sure you will be satisfied.”


When she saw Hermione’s look, Evan suddenly panicked. He remembered that he hadn’t thought about giving Hermione anything.


He had originally intended on sending her a “Spellbook of Practical Spells,” but now it seems to be unfitting.


Since she had to carefully prepare his gift for a long time, it was clearly too shabby to send an ordinary spell book.


Evan thought, what do girls like? Candy? Plush toys or something cute like that?


Knowing Hermione, she would love a book. If it’s going to be that, he just needs to find a better one.


Next, Evan and Hermione wandered through Hogsmeade and bought many things.


Time went by and night fell early.


After four o’clock in the afternoon, the sky began to dim. The young wizards returned to Hogwarts one after another, and the shops on both sides of the street lit up.


In the doorway of Gladrags Wizardwear far from the main road, Evan got out of the cloak.


There was only the two of them in this alley, they didn’t need to worry about him being caught.


“Evan, it’s about time. We should go back to school.” Hermione said satisfied. It was very pleasant to spend the day at Hogsmeade.


“Yeah, I’m really hungry. I really should go back for dinner.” Evan looked up and saw a huge full moon looming in the sky.


He didn’t know what happened to Harry and Ron, yes, and Professor Lupin. He must be hiding in his own office.


“See you in the Grand Hall. I’ll go through the secret passage of the Honeydukes…”


Evan suddenly stopped as he saw a ragged, fierce looking silhouette of a man appearing in the alley, about ten meters away from him and Hermione.


He was immediately alert and he felt a dangerous aura from this person.


Through the dim candlelight in the shop, Evan noticed that the man’s slender limbs were in front of him. His gray hair and beard were knotted together. A torn black robe was very uncomfortably tight on his body, and his dirty fingers had long yellow nails.


He looked extremely excited. He raised his hear and growled.


His voice was weird, and Evan never heard it before. In addition to that, he could smell the strange odor of that man’s body. He smelled like mud, sweat, and … and without a doubt, there was also a smell of blood!


“Delicious little children, what a great pleasure!” The man saw Evan and Hermione, and suddenly grinned and showed his sharp teeth.


Looking at his eyes, Evan saw danger. He and Hermione were his prey. He hurriedly pulled out his wand.


“Be careful, Hermione!” said Evan.


“What?!” Hermione blinked, not responding.


“This guy looks a bit off, just take out your wand quickly.” Evan put Hermione behind him and shouted, waving his wand. “Stupefy!”


A thick red light flew out of his wand, and the other person’s face was still in shock. He did not expect that Evan would attack so quickly.


The next second, he was knocked up in the air by Evan’s spell and fell to the ground.


He quickly Rose, evading Evan’s next spell, and a terrible roar in his mouth.


Seeing the man’s reflexes, Evan’s pupils shrunk. Not only did he not faint when hit with Evan’s Stupefy, he also still had enough strength to avoid his next one.


Evan was sure that his spell wasn’t weak at all.


This only means that the man’s body was just too resistant to it.


Strong beyond imagination, far more than ordinary people, and even beyond the limits of a human being!