Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures
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H.P.S.T Chapter 114: Lucius’ Christmas Gift

While that was happening, the atmosphere in Malfoy Manor in Wiltshire, England, was tense.
All the House-Elves in the manor were very careful. They looked at the master’s drawing room’s door in horror, and did not dare to make any sound; fearing that it would disturb their master.
The drawing room is a spacious circular room with a luxurious interior.
In it, there was luxurious furniture, dark green and silver-white in color. It was beautifully organized around a handsome ornate marble mantelpiece with a gilded mirror which has an intricately scrolled frame on top.
Just at the ceiling were two precious crystal chandeliers. The floor tiles were covered with gorgeous carpets. The huge bookshelf that surrounded half the room was full of magic books that were out of print. There were a dozen portraits hung next to them. They are all heads of the Malfoy family.
Beneath the portraits, Lucius Malfoy was looking gloomily at the roating fire in the fireplace. From the look on his face, it was obvious that he was in a bad mood.
He just received a letter. The contents of the letter were very simple. The old folks at the Committee for the Disposal of Dangerous Creatures said that they were returning all of the Galleons he had sent before, which meant they were refusing to support his official demand to kill the Hippogriff.
It was unbelievable that they actually rejected the demand of the Malfoy family!
Such a thing used to be unthinkable in the past.
Lucius had originally thought that the politicians of the Ministry of Magic had always been under his own control, relying on the prestige and financial influence of the Malfoy family, giving him the power to do whatever he wanted.
Even when the Dark Lord failed 12 years ago, the Malfoy family’s power was not affected at all.
But now, they are rejected?!
Lucius had a bitter smile on his face. He wanted to do something but found himself unable to do anything.
In recent years, the reputation of the Malfoy family was no longer as good as it used to be. And now, his influence is so weak that he cannot even get a Hippogriff killed.
“Damn, it’s that damned Dumbledore and those dirty mud-bloods!” Lucius said madly.
In his opinion, this was all schemed by Dumbledore.
Pure blood families were having a hard time and their status has been deteriorating. On the contrary, Muggle-born mud-bloods are increasingly occupying high positions.
Lucius found himself nostalgic to some of the days of the Dark Lord. Although he himself did not feel much affection for Voldemort, the latter’s idea was what the pure blood families really needed. They were the noblest, those damn mud-bloods and Muggles should naturally be enslaved by them.
Lucius took a deep breath. He knew he had to keep calm. Although he thought this way, he could not reveal those dangerous ideas.
Judging from the current situation, this does not benefit him at all.
The Malfoy family was able to survive for thousands of years, not relying on a short-term strength, but on unparalleled wisdom.
But he could do nothing, as he waited for his complaint to be rejected!
Since the beginning of this year, after being driven out of the board of governors of Hogwarts School of Magic, the Malfoy family had no face; if this time, he was to be defeated by the rude Hagrid and two mud-bloods, the Malfoy family would really become a laughing stock of everyone.
If they can’t reflect their own nobleness and status of power, what is the difference between the pure-blooded wizards and those despicable mud-bloods? !
If a few dumb Mud-bloods can bring the face of the Malfoy family to the ground, then the name Malfoy will soon become as worthless as the pure blood traitor Weasley!
No, no, he can’t let this happen! What must he do?
It may be possible to use some hidden power or more Galleons.
Just as Lucius Malfoy was considering the next move, a beautiful black long-eared owl suddenly flew in from the window and interrupted his thinking.
“Damn it!” Lucius yelled in disgust.
Did all the lazy house- Elves in the manor die? How did the owl fly directly into his drawing room?
Or do they all want to leave the Malfoy family like that traitor Dobby?
As soon as he remembered Dobby, Lucius’s anger grew at the thought of the hateful house-elf that dared to betray him and his family.
Because of that incident, he was mocked by his friends for a whole year.
Lucius pulled out his wand and he was up to make the reckless owl pay the bloody price. 
Yet, he suddenly stopped.
He saw a mark on this owl that meant it came from Hogwarts.
Lucius was a bit curious. Who would write to him?!
It was definitely not Draco. He has other channels to contact him.
Nor would it be Severus. Lucius had never seen him use an owl.
In addition to these two people, Lucius couldn’t really think of anyone who would be in Hogwarts and that would contact him at this time. And he didn’t know what would be in the letter?
He walked past, took the letter paper on the owl’s foot and unfolded it. The handwriting on it was ugly and sloppy and the words were very rude.
On the paper was written: “To Lucius Malfoy, my dear old friend, I am going to give you a big gift at Hogwarts for the approaching Christmas. I hope you will be satisfied and I beg you to help me…”
Lucius frowned, and he couldn’t remember when he had such an old friend in Hogwarts.
And what kind of a gift would he prepare for him?!
He continued reading, and a few seconds later, his brow stretched out.
Hogwarts Defence Against the Dark Arts Professor, Remus Lupin is actually a Werewolf!
Looking at the filthy paper in his hand, Lucius’s mouth suddenly showed a cold, contented smile.
That was really an unexpected Christmas gift. If all this is true, it is big news.
But this was not enough. If the fact that a tamed werewolf had become a teacher was the only thing making the cover of the Daily Prophet, that could not shake Dumbledore’s reputation,.
As the greatest white wizard recognized by the wizarding world in modern times, Dumbledore’s status and power are beyond imagination.
He is more than just a wizarding school’s Headmaster. As an example, last year, the Basilisk attacked students in Hogwarts Castle. After so many attacks, Lucius successfully persuaded other governors to agree to dismiss Dumbledore.
Of course, a Werewolf cannot be compared to a Basilisk; he should also add some oil on the fire. That’s the only way that he could make it burn Dumbledore.
But the most important thing is to write personally to the person that sent him this letter and see what he will do.
If both things are successful, then they have good enough odds to get Dumbledore out of Hogwarts.
Nothing is impossible if he prepares well. Even Dumbledore’s reputation could crumble.
After all, unlike the Chamber of Secrets’ incident, this one was entirely caused by Dumbledore. Compared to that, what’s the grief of that dumb Hagrid and the death of his stupid Hippogriff? Lucius’s thoughts are now completely revolving around the content of this letter. 
Although he didn’t know who the sender was, it didn’t matter.
All that mattered was the information he gave and what he was willing to do. That’s the most important!
As for the sender’s request, he could fulfill that with the flick of a finger. He only needs to pay attention to it in time.
Lucius looked at the wall clock, ten minutes to two in the afternoon.
Although he was in a hurry, he still had time to ponder for a moment, and make up his mind silently.
Afterall, despite the importance of this matter, it isn’t in line with the Malfoy family’s values to reveal oneself. He should stay hidden behind the scenes to fan the flames, and let others charge forward. 
“Bobby!” he shouted.
In a flash, a weak house-elf appeared in the room.
“I’m here, Master,” said Bobby in a sharp voice. He looked at Lucius Malfoy in horror, fearing that he was willing to punish him.
“Go get my robe ready, hurry up; I’m going to see the Minister of Magic.” Lucius paused and continued, “And, prepare Galleons, the more the better. Besides Fudge, the appetites of my greedy old friends are not small.”
He hurried to his desk. Before meeting with Fudge, Lucius was ready to write several letters for old friends who hadn’t seen him for a long time. At the same time, he also wanted to tell the news to other pure blood families who were willing to see Dumbledore’s collapse.