Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures
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H.P.S.T Chapter 117: Evan’s Fear

Seeing that his companion wasn’t able to get time to undo Evan’s spell, Greyback, who had fallen to the ground, suddenly made a screeching roar. His voice was so loud that it shook the clouds in the sky. A huge full moon appeared from behind them.

In the moonlight, his body started to change.

The sturdy shoulders were hunching, and black hair was sprouting visibly on his face and hands, and the dirty fingers curled into sharp claws.

Crookshanks cried uneasily, and its hair was on end.

Evan and Hermione stopped attacking. They stepped back in horror and couldn’t believe the transformation the man was having.

No, it was a transformation of a monster.

Greyback’s chin was lengthening. His sharp fangs came out, and his black hair grew denser and denser, making him look like a true wolf.

He rose up from the ground as if he was not hit by a Full-Body bind curse.

Greyback’s resistance to magic is stronger than that of ordinary wizards. Now that he is transformed into a werewolf, his physical functions have reached a new level. With just brute strength, he was almost immune to all common low-level spells.

His odor became heavier and heavier. Through the gray dirty hair on Greyback’s face, Evan saw a pair of yellow crazy eyes. The smell of sweat and blood was over a hundred times more pronounced.

In the cold wind, vapor came through Fenrir’s throat.

He raised his dark paws and his neck, and howled to the full moon in the sky. That was followed by a burst of hoarse roars.

“Oh my..” Hermione gasped, looking in horror at the werewolf in front of her.

“Run, Hermione!” yelled Evan. “Run quickly, right now!”

Without hesitation, he grabbed Hermione’s little hand and turned to run.

If he was alone, Evan might have tried to stay and fight Greyback.

But he couldn’t take the risk of endangering Hermione’s life. If he didn’t go with her, Hermione, being the girl she was, would’ve not left him alone.

Faced with Greyback, who was transformed into a werewolf, Evan did not have any chance of winning.

What’s more, besides him, there was another dark wizard who was no weakling.

In his situation, escaping is the most sensible choice.

“Enough, idiot! Shut up! Do you want to bring all the Aurors and the Dementors?!” the man with the black mask snapped. “Hurry up and bite them, the two young wizards are fleeing. Go!”

Hearing his partner’s words, Greyback made once again a harsh horrific roar, and he rushed out at a terrific speed.

Evan could hear the sound of his enemy’s claws getting closer, and he and Hermione struggled to make their way through the snow.

The two leaned over each other, gasping heavily, and trying to bring out all the power they still had. But still, they were getting slower and slower.

“Damn, damn it!” Evan turned, gathering all the magical power of his body in the tip of his wand. He waved it and sent out a silvery light.

This was the most powerful spell he could think of under all that pressure. It was magic that he learned from Tom Riddle during the last semester.

It was a curse similar to Sectumsempra, but much more powerful than that.

As a bolt of lightning crossing the dark sky, the silver arrow- like spell flew over to Greyback with a dazzling light. The latter faced it head on running through. He had lost his mind in that state. Besides the urge to kill, he felt no emotions, not even pain.

Evan’s spell passed across his body, going from his chest to his shoulders and drawing a long wound.

Greyback took a step back, and his skin was split open as if cut by an invisible sword. A lot of blood gushed out.

Evan had a glimmer of joy in his heart, but it was extinguished once again.

Greyback was damaged, but that was useless. Before he knew it, his wound healed in the blink of an eye, leaving only a red scar behind. The wound’s pungent smell of blood further irritated Greyback, who picked up speed.

Evan remembered the description of werewolves that he read in the book “The Dark Forces: A Guide to Self-Protection” written by Quentin Trimble. It was known that werewolves have a strong physique: fast, powerful and explosive. Their attack power is far beyond that of ordinary people. But the thing they had that was most horrible and despair inducing was their amazing vitality. Wound created by ordinary spells and weapons were usually healed within no more of two seconds when it came to werewolves.

“No, no, we can’t both run off like this.” Evan turned and shouted at Hermione. “I’ll hold him back, run, RUN!”

“I’m not going Evan, I’m not!” tears flowed down her cheeks uncontrollably. “I’m staying to help you. There must be something we can do! Let me think, I know for sure, it was on Professor Snape’s paper “Identification and Killing Methods of Werewolves” I know…”

“We don’t have time, Hermione!”

Looking at Greyback who was closing in, Evan had a sense of powerlessness and fear that he never had before. Whether it was when facing young Voldemort, the Basilisk, or the Dementors, Evan never panicked like now.

It’s wasn’t fear for his own safety. It was induced by Hermione’s presence by his side.

Evan felt heartbroken. He had never despised his weakness as much as now. He hated that he could not protect Hermione, he could not protect his precious lover.

In the past, he had far exceeded the level of all young wizards of his age. He had read thousands of magic books and mastered dozens of black magic spells and even had theoretical knowledge of taboo magic. These seemingly powerful things were a joke in front of true power.

Evan originally thought he was fearless. Even when faced with the most evil black wizard, even when facing Voldemort, he could be calm, but now, looking at the werewolf rushing at him, he felt Hermione trembling behind, and he got scared for the first time.

He was afraid of what would come after his falling. He could not imagine it.

If Hermione was bitten by Greyback, she would become a werewolf herself.

If that happens, her only option would be to avoid society just like professor Lupin, avoiding the mainstream, living on the edge of the magic world, relying on stealing and killing to get food, and enduring the blind discrimination of this world. All of that, she would have to face it on her own, wandering on the streets alone.

At the thought of such an image, Evan felt a great pain.

No, he can never let this happen, no way!

“Evan, let’s go to that shop in there!” Hermione’s screams interrupted Evan’s thoughts. “Rescue should come soon. Let’s go to that place. There must be a way to stop him.”

Looking at where she was pointing, Evan saw a shop with an open door at the end of the alley. The place was empty and the staff inside had escaped more than ten seconds ago.

“Yes, Hermione, let’s go there!” Evan decided.

He blocked Greyback’s way with a Cursed Barrier, pulling Hermione forwards and rushing to the door of the shop.

He let Hermione and Crookshanks advance, then closed the shop’s door and waved his wand to lock it.

He turned quickly and resolutely looked at Greyback.

Even if he wasn’t that strong, even if he was far weaker than a werewolf, the thought that Hermione was behind him, and the responsibility upon his shoulder fired courage in his heart. He had no more fear.

Since we must fight, let’s fight!