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H.P.S.T Chapter 133: Wings of a Butterfly

Ron’s behavior this evening has been extremely bizarre. Evan has had this feeling about him before.

In the Gryffindor Common room last year, something similar happened!

Evan was almost certain that Ron must be under the Imperius Curse, he was controlled to frame Professor Lupin.

Evan intended to tell the matter out. Dumbledore was there. He could check it and find out whether what Ron said was from his own will or not.

He didn’t expect that his exposure of the possible plot would be interrupted by Dumbledore.

What the Headmaster meant was obvious. He did not want Evan to expose this matter, and he wanted to talk to him about it alone.

Evan wondered what Dumbledore really wanted.

What was he going to talk to him about? Did he know that Ron had been controlled? Or did he have any other plans?

Evan looked at Dumbledore whose eyes were on Ron and he didn’t know what was going through his mind.

Seeing Dumbledore’s appearance, Evan did not have the heart to pay attention to what Harry, Hermione, Fudge, Snape, and Lucius were saying. His thoughts drifted further and further.

If Ron was really being controlled, who would be the one pulling the strings?!

Lucius Malfoy? Evan shook his head. Lucius did not have a chance to contact Ron. Besides, with Malfoy’s character, he might be the type to hide behind the scenes to fan up the flames of trouble and make the plot, but he would certainly not charge into the scene himself in any case.

As for Snape, it couldn’t be him. Yes, he did hate professor Lupin because of their student years; but he was never the type of person who would control a student.

Evan squinted, who would it be? Who would be able to get in touch with Ron and use the forbidden Imperius Curse?!

“Hold on a second, can’t Peter Pettigrew be the one behind the scenes?!” Evan suddenly realized that he didn’t know much about Peter.

After all, he had an image of him as a very timid, cowardly, humble, inferior and stupid man.

But is that really the case?

After all, his deeds speak for themselves. For the sake of strength and status, he sold his best friend out to Voldemort. He hid his renegade status for many years, not to be found by Dumbledore until it was too late. He had escaped from Sirius Black’s hunt. He was able of bearing humiliation hiding as a rat for as long as twelve years. He came back to find the lost Voldemort by himself alone; and to help him resurrect, he had the guts to cut off his own hand as tribute.

While he was thinking about what Peter did, Evan suddenly noticed that all his back was soaked by cold sweat.

It all proved that Peter was not as weak as he looked. He was a tough, sly and very cruel opponent.

Not only to others, but also to his best friend; and furthermore, he was even cruel to himself.

Evan had a bad hunch. He actually realized that he had been relying too much on his prejudices and wasn’t being careful enough with Peter Pettigrew. He never thought of how he would react.

What he was facing is not the plot that has been set in the book, but a living person that has his own thoughts.

Evan concluded that he really needed to talk to Dumbledore.

Although Black did not allow him to tell the professors about this matter, he thought that he should at least tell the Headmaster.

In his original plan, once he had contact with Black, he would immediately tell Dumbledore about Peter being an Animagus.

This was the safest way. As long as Dumbledore gets involved, there should be no bad incidents.

It’s true that he knew the plot, but the enemy was not a fool who didn’t know how to react.

Whether they were Voldemort, Malfoy or Peter, all of them were tough opponents and evil Dark wizards.

“This is harder to deal with than I originally thought.”

He remembered the Chamber of Secrets incident of the previous year. In the book, Tom Riddle controlled Ginny. He was bent on contacting Harry and wanted so bad to know how he had defeated his older self, Voldemort. However, due to Evan’s arrival, Ron was the one to receive the diary. With that, Tom Riddle had more knowledge on Harry, and things went really different.

And it wasn’t just that. Evan himself tried to use all ways possible to get rid of Riddle and purify Hogwarts as a whole. Indeed, it seemed that the problem was solved. But that made the changes happening to the timeline become more prominent.

Evan realized that he had always ignored that in order to be able to predict how things go, his plans should not interfere with the original story.

However, even if he tried to do so, it wouldn’t have worked. Any change that might seem trivial can cause dramatic repercussions.

A gentile flap of a butterfly’s wings can eventually cause a hurricane.

Moreover, he had done a lot of things differently this year as well. It was impossible that Peter Pettigrew would just sit there without reacting. He didn’t do anything silly like in the original timeline. No, he had taken control of Ron. Who knows what kind of conspiracy he’s hiding?

“Professor!” at the thought of this, Evan hurriedly looked at Dumbledore.

“Evan, you can go to my office in a minute. About that question you asked me last time, I have a very interesting idea!” Dumbledore glanced at Evan and said calmly, “You will be interested, I promise!”

“I have to remind you, Dumbledore!” Lucius had a cold smile on his face. He looked at Lupin in a malicious manner. “Before you talk to your students, what we need to discuss first is the werewolf!”

“That’s right!” said Dumbledore happily. “I just want to say this. Do you have any suggestions?”

“I don’t think it’s a suggestion, I think everyone has just heard Mr. Weasley’s accusation. As a parent, I think this dangerous werewolf should no longer stay in Hogwarts. We should immediately get him back to the Ministry of Magic. I think it is necessary to judge his guilt through the Wizengamot.”

“I think the same as you, Lucius!” Fudge agreed. “The current bad situation is enough to start the Wizengamot’s special trial process. I hope you can go back with us, Lupin. We will give you a fair trial. If you can prove your innocence, we will let you go without objection!”

“No, Professor Lupin is innocent and he will not go with you,” Harry shouted hoarsely.

He still refused to budge, and he felt that his tears were running dry.

It was the same for the other young wizards. They clung closely together and stood in front of Professor Lupin making a human wall.

Seeing how they were, Fudge looked back at Dumbledore embarrassingly and asked for help.

Dumbledore had not spoken yet. Professor Lupin who had Harry standing in front of him, gently pushed him aside.

“Professor!” Harry shouted miserably.

Lupin did not turn to look at Harry. He quietly walked beside Fudge. He knew he had to leave and quit Hogwarts. He tried not to let his tears flow out.

Perhaps that’s his fate as a werewolf.

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