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H.P.S.T Chapter 138: Plan Begins

“Don’t make up excuses for that guy, Hermione!” Harry shouted. He felt a blaze of anger burning in his chest. “I’ve seen it long ago. Like Sirius Black, he used to be my father’s best friend, he is still my godfather, but who could have thought that in the end he would sell my parents out to Voldemort? Ron and Black are the same, I always thought Ron was my best friend, but he betrayed me last night and betrayed Professor Lupin!”

Because he was too agitated, Harry’s body was trembling all over.

To his eyes, what Ron did last night was not that different from what Black did to his parents twelve years ago.

He sold him and professor Lupin out to Snape and Lucius Malfoy!

Such a deed is absolutely unforgivable!

“Harry, Black didn’t betray your parents, he…”

Hermione had not yet finished her words, and she was abruptly interrupted by Harry. He said violently, “You don’t know anything, Hermione! Yesterday morning, Professor Lupin told me everything, Twelve years ago, it was Black who sold my parents out to Voldemort. He also killed…”

“Peter Pettigrew!” Evan whispered.

“Yes, that’s him!” Harry moaned, and he turned to look at Evan and continued, “Peter was my father’s good friend before his death. He went to Black to avenge my parents, but he was no opponent for that despicable villain.”

“He’s not as noble as you think,” said Evan slowly. “He did not avenge your parents. In fact, Peter is not dead.”

“What?!” Harry looked up in confusion.

He did not understand what Evan meant. How possible could it be that Peter Pettigrew was alive!

“You heard me well, Harry!” Evan raised his head and looked around. Madam Pomfrey returned to her office. Only the three of them were in the ward. He said in whispering. “Yesterday afternoon, Hermione and I met Sirius Black in Hogsmeade…”

Evan told Harry the whole truth of the incident of Black and Peter.

Now that Dumbledore knows about this matter, there was no longer a need to hide the truth from Harry.

He only had to be careful so that Ron wouldn’t know about it. Now that Dumbledore doesn’t just want them to catch Peter, but also wants them to help Ron resist the Imperius Curse, he felt that it was an impossible mission without Harry’s assistance.

“Peter is still alive; he is actually Ron’s rat!” Harry couldn’t believe it when he heard Evan’s words.

It was absolutely unthinkable and completely different from what he heard from Professor Lupin.

“Yeah!” Evan lowered his voice again. “And he is still controlling Ron. That’s why Ron was acting so abnormal last night and that’s also why he accused Professor Lupin!”

“What?” Harry immediately stood up, and he said eagerly. “It’s no wonder that I have always felt that Ron had something wrong. I remember that he was controlled by Tom Riddle last year. He must have been under Peter’s control all this time. That’s why he sold Professor Lupin out. We must save him.”

Harry had his doubts about what the two said to him, but that was only until he heard that Ron was being controlled.

Deep down inside, Harry never could believe that Ron would betray him.

Everything became clear, Peter is the ultimate culprit. It was him who killed his parents and framed Sirius Black in Azkaban for the past 12 years. Now he has again framed Professor Lupin by controlling his best friend.

It was simply unforgivable. All old and new grudges melt together and Harry felt an unprecedented hatred flowing all over his body.

He must catch Peter Pettigrew. He wants to avenge his parents. He wants to clear Black’s name and he will save Ron.

“Hold on!” Evan hurriedly stopped Harry. “We can’t just rush over like this. It’s very easy to have an accident and give Peter the opportunity to escape. I talked to Professor Dumbledore last night. We’ll catch Peter. But at the same time, we must also help Ron resist the Imperius curse. If he does not wake up on his own, this black magic will affect his soul!”

“What should we do to save Ron?” said Harry eagerly.

“If you simply want to undo the curse, there are many ways.” Evan thought for a moment and continued, “But if you want the cursed man to wake up, there is only one way. That is relying on his own willpower. His willpower must be strong enough.”

“Strong enough?!” Harry repeated his expression, puzzled. “What should I do?”

“I don’t know exactly how to go about it.” Evan sighed. “Perhaps, before we catch Peter, we can try saying something to Ron. Then Ron will have to choose between us and Peter Pettigrew! I believe he can wake up on his own. When the Basilisk was about to attack Ginny last year, Ron broke free of Tom Riddle’s control.”

“Evan, will Dumbledore help us?” Hermione asked worriedly.

“Maybe, he will!” Evan murmured.

In fact, he had no idea about the Headmaster’s plan, nor was he sure what he meant when he said last night “Leave the rest up to me!”

Did he mean that he would protect them secretly? This looks like Dumbledore’s style. In Harry’s first year, to make Harry stronger, he turned a blind eye to all of Quirrell’s abnormal behaviors, but he silently watched over Harry and his two friends without their knowledge.

Dumbledore is not currently in Hogwarts, perhaps deliberately to give Pettigrew a fake sense of security.

“Dumbledore will come out to help us at the crucial moment. Before that, Black and I already made a plan.” Evan looked at Harry and Hermione. “Now, we just need to make sure that both Ron and Peter would be in the Common room.”

“When I left this morning, Ron was still in bed.” Harry said, “Remember that today is the first day of the Christmas holidays. Everyone else is going home for the holidays. There will only be four of us in the Gryffindor Tower.”

They nervously waited throughout the time that followed. The three of them looked over the plan’s details again and again.

Madam Pomfrey examined both Evan and Hermione and waited until lunch, before allowing them to leave.


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